Tragic Shooting Highlights Gun Safety

Scripps Ranch mourned the accidental shooting death of 10-year-old Eric Klyaz, a Dingeman Elementary School 4th grader. The tragedy happened on the afternoon of June 4 in the Ivy Hill neighborhood where Eric lived. He was playing with a 9-year-old friend after school when the children found a 9mm handgun in the garage. The gun went off, and a round struck Eric in the chest. He died at Rady Children’s Hospital shortly after the shooting. The friend was not physically hurt.

This tragedy was devastating and brings gun safety to the forefront. There are many resources online, and it’s important for gun owners, parents, and children to take the time to look into this. Answers to specific questions may be obtained by calling the San Diego Police Department Pistol Range at 619-527-6070 or visiting the San Diego Police Department’s website at [].

The California Department of Justice Bureau of Firearms website at [] has detailed information regarding California’s regulations for firearms, storage, and safety devices. Here are six basic gun safety rules:

  1. Always assume a gun is loaded.
  2. Always keep a gun pointed in the safest possible direction, where an accidental discharge will not cause death or injury.
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
  4. Always know your target and your surrounding area.
  5. Know how to operate your gun, and be familiar with safety devices.
  6. Always store your gun safely to prevent unauthorized use. Store guns and ammunition separately. Use a firearm safety device that prevents it from being fired. Store it unloaded in a locked container.

In regards to children, never leave a firearm lying around. Talk to your kids about guns. Answer their questions. Explain the difference between real guns and toys, and teach them what to do if they see a gun.

  • Stop. If you find or see a gun, stop what you are doing.
  • Do not touch! Never pick up or examine a gun it to see if it is real.
  • Leave the area. Immediately walk away.
  • Tell an adult, who will call police and not let anyone near the gun.

As a reminder for gun owners: You may be guilty of a misdemeanor or a felony if you keep a loaded firearm within any premises that are under your custody or control and a child under 18 years old obtains it, unless you stored the firearm in a locked container or locked the firearm with a locking device to temporarily keep it from functioning.

For all firearm owners, please look at the California Department of Justice website at [] for a list of approved safety and storage devices. Never assume that just hiding your firearm is enough. There is too much at risk.

Officer Shannah Kanoa, SDPD Northeastern Division

Don’t Invite Burglars Into Your Home

Summer is here and it often brings an increase in home burglaries. When the weather warms up, more windows and doors are left open. It’s just the invitation a burglar is looking for. Remember, most burglaries are crimes of opportunity. If you leave your belongings unprotected, they have a good chance of disappearing.

If you stopped by our booth at the Community Fair in May (pictured below), you would have seen a community map marked with dots. Green dots marked the location of active Neighborhood Watch groups and red dots marked residential burglaries. As expected, the green dots and red dots were rarely on the same street. By an overwhelming majority, residential burglaries are occurring on streets that have no active Neighborhood Watch group.

National Night Out: Scripps Ranch’s third annual communitywide participation in this event is on Tuesday, Aug. 6, from approximately 6 pm until dark. Plan to make it your annual neighborhood block party! Invite your neighbors, family, and friends to meet in your street, driveway, front yard, or cul-de-sac. Bring your own refreshments, or for more fun make it a potluck. Your group may even get a visit from the police or fire department.

We’ll have more details, banners posted, and flyers available soon. Instructions on how to register your block party will follow in an SRCANW email this month.

If you are not a member of SRCANW, you can sign up at []. Once you sign up, you will receive our emails letting you know of crimes that occur in our community. We work closely with police to verify information and only send out news that is pertinent to Scripps Ranch. Sign up today!

Remember, for emergencies, dial 911. For non-emergencies and to report suspicious behavior, call 484-3154. To reach me, email [[email protected]].

Cheryl Shaw, SRCANW Chair

Fuel and Ignition

Summer has arrived and all of this season’s growth of weeds and wild grasses have dried out. Firefighters call this flash fuel and even a small spark can quickly ignite a fast-moving wildfire.

This is also the season for caution while using power tools outdoors, as they can easily spark a wildfire. Professionals always have fire extinguishers when cutting dried brush and grasses. Also, on hot dry days, brush clearing stops at 10 am.

Roadside fires are common. If you must pull off the road, stay away from dried vegetation! Modern exhaust systems can quickly start a fire—threatening the neighborhood, not to mention your car.

Finally, both the Cedar and the Witch fires started in rural areas and were blown into the city by high winds. However, our canyons and city open spaces also can be origin points for wildfires. We must be alert for potentially dangerous activity along our trails and in our woodlands.

The city brush management crews are back in Scripps Ranch this summer. If you see them, let them know we appreciate their work to protect our homes. If you have questions, you can reach the Scripps Ranch Fire Safe Council at 945-6303.

P.S. We will hold our “Play to Protect” golf tournament on Saturday, Oct. 19. Which foursome will win this year?

Scripps Ranch Spirit Stays Strong

In just a few months, we will mark 10 years since the Cedar Fire. October 26, 2003, is a date that is difficult to forget for many Scripps Ranch residents. While the fire devastated our community with the loss of more than 300 homes, it also brought out the best in our friends and neighbors. Scripps Ranch demonstrated what the word “community” stands for.

The Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA) plans to mark the day with various events. If you would like to help celebrate the incredible Scripps Ranch spirit, please contact SRCA president Bob Ilko at [[email protected]].

SR Youth Goes to City Hall

I do everything I can to encourage young people with an interest in civic affairs and local government, including offering real-life experiences in my City Hall office. One example is a talented young man named Bill Feather, Scripps Ranch native and intern extraordinaire.

Bill is very involved in the Scripps Ranch community as a volunteer and has earned the title of Eagle Scout. He graduated from Scripps Ranch High School in June and will attend City College.

Bill has played many roles in the District 5 office, including preparing mailings about defensible space and fire preparedness, working behind the scenes of my first community forum on infrastructure, helping with my booth at the SRCA Community Fair, and organizing requests and concerns of residents and businesses.

If you know of a high school or college student interested in government, we offer summer internships to qualified students. Please contact Mayra Vazquez at 619-236-6655 or [[email protected]].

We expect to see great things from Bill. Congratulations to all of our graduates and their parents.

Councilmember Mark Kersey

Summer Movie in the Park

Enjoy a free movie with your family and friends on Saturday, July 27, starting at dusk. The event will be held in the Scripps Ranch Community Park at 11454 Blue Cypress Drive. The movie is Madagascar 3, which is rated PG.

Bring your blanket, pillow, or low beach chair to this fun family activity. Come early and enjoy the activities for all ages. This event is sponsored by the Scripps Ranch Recreation Council. For a schedule for all areas of San Diego, visit [].

Symphony in the Park Rocks this Summer!

The first concert this season was incredible. The Ultimate Stones looked and played the part of the Rolling Stones! We also had a performance from Marshall Middle School students, and Gary Seiler was wonderful as our opening band. Thanks again to Marrokal for generously hosting our first concert and congratulations to all the Old Pros scholarship winners, who were recognized at this concert.

For those of you new to the area or who have not heard of our annual concerts, we are a nonprofit organization that brings live music to the community and gives back to Scripps Ranch schools with donations to their music programs. Held outdoors in Hoyt Park, it’s a great time to get together with family and friends and enjoy the atmosphere. Please consider donating if you haven’t done so, as these concerts rely on your generosity each year. To make donating easy, we have a PayPal account at [].

On Sunday, July 14, Symphony in the Park has a Motown/funk vibe with The Detroit Underground playing in the park. This band puts on a great show with its high energy and talented musicians. The July concert is hosted by Collins Family Jewelers, where you get the best of everything in fine jewelry. Thank you, Collins family, for your continued support!

Pazzo’s Pizza also is supporting this concert with a fundraiser on Monday, July 15. Visit our website or Facebook page to download a flier. They will donate 20% of your order when you present the flier.

All our concerts are on Sundays at 6 pm in Hoyt Park, except for our holiday concert, which starts at 5 pm.

Concert Schedule

  • July 14—The Detroit Underground, Motown/funk
  • Aug. 11—Pete Johnson and Jus’ Blues, Baby, plus an opening band
  • Sept. 8—Sirens Crush, current hits
  • Oct. 6—BETAMAXX, ’80s music
  • Dec. 1—Holiday concert

We look forward to seeing you at the July concert. Please remember your low back chairs—to make it easy for everyone to see—and blankets. Please do not bring tarps, as it ruins the grass, and please leave your dogs at home. Thank you!

Kate Northcote

Register Now for YMCA Camps and Sports Leagues

The Rancho Family YMCA’s instructional leagues introduce children to the fundamentals of sports and teach game concepts in a fun atmosphere. The Flag Football league begins Saturday, July 20, and runs through Saturday, Sept. 14, at the YMCA’s Scripps Ranch field. Practices are on Saturday mornings with a game afterward. Programs are for children ages 6–11 and registration is now open.

With summer break in full swing, don’t let children miss out on Summer Camp at the Y. There are more than 40 camps to choose from, including ice hockey, paintball, and archery for children in grades 1–12. Programs run through August. Registration is now open for programs at our Scripps Ranch site, located at 10481 Scripps Poway Parkway, behind Chase Bank. For more information, call 484-8788 or visit [].

Sad Passing

It is with sadness that we report the passing of Steve Berg, long-time Scripps Ranch resident and local business owner. While Steve lost his brave fight with cancer, his ever-present smile, enthusiasm, and love of life was never diminished. Steve passed away on May 30. Graveside memorial services were held at El Camino Memorial Park in Sorrento Valley.

Over the years, Scripps Ranch residents enjoyed Steve’s engaging personality. Whether their encounters were at an event associated with his community service activities, local school functions, planning group meetings, or a chance encounter in the community, he was always gracious. Crossing the threshold of a home where Steve was hosting an open house was an experience to be remembered. He engaged guests at whatever level they desired with his ability to put people at ease.

Steve and his wife, Kris, raised their daughters, Becky and Emily, in Scripps Ranch. Over the years they were actively engaged in many school and community events. Giving back to the community was a family priority and brought them many hours of joy and fulfillment.

Steve and Kris, as real estate brokers, have assisted many families realize their dream of home ownership in the community. As part of Steve’s legacy, Kris will continue with their mission. Steve will be greatly missed.