Soliciting or Casing?

Unlicensed, aggressive solicitors continue to be a problem in Scripps Ranch. Do not be taken in by these scam artists!

Unfortunately, there have been reports of burglaries following the appearance of solicitors. There is no evidence that there is a connection, but uneasy neighbors feel otherwise. We’ve received emails from SRCA Neighborhood Watch (NW) members who believe the unlicensed solicitors are “casing” their homes.

In April a member told us there appeared to be a church group going door to door. When there was no answer, a group member rattled the door handle as if to check if it were open. The homeowner noted the person was on a phone with a man on the sidewalk wearing an earpiece.

If any unwelcomed solicitor—nonprofit or business—comes to your door, you can tell them through the locked door that you are not interested. You also may want to yell, “Joe, it’s just a solicitor at the door” to make it clear that you are not alone.

The San Diego Police Department has regulations for solicitors. In a nutshell:

  • They must obtain a police registration card and display it on them.
  • They must have a business tax certificate or be employed by a licensed business.
  • It is unlawful for someone to solicit if there is a “No Solicitors” sign.
  • No one may solicit before 9 am or after 8 pm, except by appointment.

If any solicitor comes to your door without a proper SDPD-issued identification permit, please report it as suspicious activity by calling the police non-emergency number at 858-484-3154. Then send the SRCANW an email at [email protected] so we can follow up with police. For more about the SRCANW, please visit

Cheryl Shaw, SRCANW Chair

Plan Ahead

This season’s wildfires are predicted to be worse than those in the past due to the unprecedented drought. We want to ensure that your family is prepared.

Make a Plan: Get a copy of the Family Disaster Plan and Personal Survival Guide from Get your evacuation plan from the Scripps Ranch Fire Safe Council (SRFSC) at the Community Fair on Sunday, May 17, or on our website at

Get a Kit: Gather important papers, prescriptions, baby supplies, pet food, and items you need on a regular basis if you are out of your home for a period of time.

Stay Informed: Register your cell phone and email addresses on so you will be notified in the event of major emergencies.

Zone Zero: Most importantly, look around. Try to avoid needing any of the above items of preparation. Areas that extend outward to 100’ from homes constitute “firebreaks.” Keep these areas clean of fuel. Are “firebreaks” effective? Yes! They are essential to saving neighborhoods from a wildfire’s wall of flame.

There is another danger that also must be addressed by residents. That is the protection of their homes, which we call Zone Zero, from being ignited by windblown showers of flying embers. You will see wood roofs, shingle siding, debris-filled gutters and open vents. Wood decks, patio covers, and wood fences attached to structures act as fuses to homes. Once a house is ignited, the domino effect can destroy many adjacent homes.

It takes more than a firebreak to protect urban communities such as Scripps Ranch. As noted, the SRFSC will be at the Community Fair on Sunday, May 17. Stop by our booth for more information.

Note: Our annual Golf Tournament fundraiser is on Saturday, Oct. 10, at 8 am at the Vineyard in Escondido.

For more about the SRFSC, contact us at [email protected] or 382-7694, and visit our website at

MMS Parent-Paid Bus Program

Registration for the Marshall Middle School (MMS) Parent-Paid Bus Program for 2015–2016 has started. Please register by Thursday, May 14. More information, including registration forms and process documentation, is on the MMS website at

This popular program has been in existence since MMS opened at its current location. The program gets the kids to school safely and on time. It also helps ease traffic on Pomerado Road during the busy morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up times. Sign up now!

2015 Symphony in the Park Concert Dates

Are you ready for another great season of live music in the Ranch? We are working to get our band schedule set but promise another year of great music.

We are a not-for-profit organization that—through your donations—hosts four concerts through the summer and a holiday concert in December. The events are great fun, where family and friends get together to dance, sing, and listen to terrific music. All concerts are on Sundays at 6 pm in Hoyt Park. Concert schedule: June 14; July 12; Aug. 9; and Sept. 13.

To donate, please visit Our website will be updated when we confirm band information. For real-time updates, become a friend on Facebook. Just search for Scripps Ranch Symphony in the Park. Spread the word, invite someone who hasn’t been before, and perhaps consider donating. These concerts rely on your generosity! Thanks,

Kate Northcote

Mother’s Day Shopping at the SR Farmers Market

Mother’s Day gift shopping is easy at the Scripps Ranch Farmers Market. If you are looking for that special gift for that special lady, we have fresh flowers, designer jewelry, clothes, plants, purses, and much more. You also will find cakes, pies, and chocolates. Place your orders early for chocolate-covered strawberries from London Bakery. We even have 12 food vendors for your catering needs.

The SR Farmers Market is open every Saturday, year-round, from 9 am to 1:30 pm. For more information, please visit