Scripps Ranch Attack

It was a frightening night on Moselle Street on Nov. 5 when Scripps Ranch resident Tommy Leets allegedly ran down the cul-de-sac with a hammer and knife, smashing car windows and banging on doors. Officials say it started when Leets, 28, armed himself with a knife inside the home he shares with his parents, who tried to disarm him. He allegedly attacked them, but they were not seriously hurt.

At Leets arraignment the deputy district attorney said as Leets approached one neighbor, the neighbor armed himself with a handgun and told Leets not to come closer or he will shoot. When Leets continued to approach, the neighbor shot him in the neck. Leets suffered non-life-threatening injuries. He appeared in court a few days later and pleaded not guilty to five counts of assault with a deadly weapon. The deputy district attorney said that mental health issues were involved, and the parents want to get their son help. The neighbor who shot Leets was not charged.

Tragic Accident

While accidents are not new on Spring Canyon Road, one at the end of October was deadly. A man walking a dog on that street just east of Sunset Ridge Drive was hit and killed by a car. It happened on Friday, Oct. 30, at about 8:45 pm. The driver stopped and was not cited. Police say neither speed nor alcohol were a factor.

The driver was traveling eastbound in the lane closest to the curb when the pedestrian crossed the street from the south to the north, according to police. It is a dark area and there are no stop signs or traffic lights on that section of the street.

The man killed was identified by the Medical Examiner’s Office as 49-year-old Stephen Fisk. He lived in Clairemont and has a brother who lives in Scripps Ranch. His pet also was killed.

The city has done speed surveys on Spring Canyon Road and, as a result, wanted to raise the speed limit from the current 45 miles an hour to 50 on some portions and 55 on others. The Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG) recommended twice in the past 10 years not to raise the speed limit. Both the SRPG and the Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee oversee parts of Spring Canyon and review speed limit issues. Pursuant to the California Vehicle Code certain streets get speed surveys every five to seven years, so another one will be done in the future.

Neighborhood Watch: Keep Holidays Crime-Free

While you may shop online or at the mall for your holiday gifts, burglars shop in our houses. Here are tips to help safeguard your home.

  • Don’t put your Christmas tree with its gifts in front of a window where someone may be tempted to smash the window and take the packages.
  • You may not be able to lock a window if you run an exterior extension cord through it to power your light display. Have an exterior outlet installed by a licensed electrician.
  • Don’t leave an answering machine message that says you are away.
  • If you leave town, ask a neighbor to keep an eye on your home. Also contact the Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol for a vacation house check. Visit
  • After the holidays don’t advertise the gifts you receive by piling empty boxes next to your trash cans. Break down the boxes and place them in non-clear garbage bags for pickup.
  • Mark new gifts with your California driver’s license or ID number.

For questions about the Scripps Ranch Civic Association Neighborhood Watch (SRCANW) program, email us at [email protected] To join NW and get informative emails and crime alerts, go to Here’s wishing you and yours a happy holiday that is joyful and trouble-free.

Cheryl Shaw, SRCANW Chair

California Hero: Cheryl Shaw

State Senator Joel Anderson helped author a resolution that named every September “California Heroes Month.” It’s an effort to recognize the unsung heroes who contribute to our community without expectation of reward. These heroes and their good deeds inspire others to step up to help their neighbors in need.

Cheryl Shaw, chair of the Scripps Ranch Civic Association Neighborhood Watch, was nominated and selected as a California Hero. Several years ago Cheryl admirably volunteered to chair the Neighborhood Watch program, which at the time was a new SRCA committee. She helped the program grow from a handful of people to more than 2,400 with 100+ block captains. The SRCA Neighborhood Watch program is now the largest in San Diego County and continues to improve every day. Congratulations, Cheryl!

Keeping SR Fire-Safe

Scripps Ranch, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways: great community, caring residents, country living with lots of trees. Contrary to some beliefs, the SR Fire Safe Council does not want to cut down all eucalyptus trees. Our concern is with dead, dying, and dangerous trees.

We would like to see as many of those removed as possible, but primarily we want to work with the community to help understand the need to get rid of shake-shingle roofs, add defensible space, and install eaves that embers cannot get into. These are all things that will help protect your home and our community.

That is one reason we hold the annual Wildfire Preparedness Expo and our Golf Tournament, our only fundraiser. Watch for details for the Golf Tournament in the spring and the Wildfire Preparedness Expo in the fall. Visit and “Like” us on Facebook.

A Musical Welcome to the Holiday Season

Bring your hot chocolate and snuggly blankets and rock out at Hoyt Park for our Holiday Concert on Sunday, Dec. 6, at 5 pm—one hour earlier than our summer events. Come enjoy the park that will have a festive feel. We hope a special visitor joins us…“ho, ho, ho!” This concert is sponsored by Sharp, San Diego’s health care leader! Thank you for your support to help keep music alive in Hoyt Park.

Symphony in the Park is a not-for-profit group that relies on donations and the hard work of Symphony in the Park Committee volunteers. If you haven’t donated this year, please visit Happy holidays!

A Special Community

Since I moved to San Diego in 1995, I have been looking for a place to live that has a real sense of community. In early November, when I fell and hurt my arm while walking my dog, I knew I found it. Unable to walk home, I thought if I could make it to the Scripps Ranch Library, I might find someone to help.

As it turned out, members were just arriving for a meeting of the SRCA Newsletter Committee. The first person I approached, Gloria Tran, stayed with me until the ambulance arrived—yes, the arm was broken. Jany Staley [SRCA secretary] took my dog home for me. I cannot thank them enough for their kindness and help. Scripps Ranch is truly a wonderful place, a wonderful community.

Jane Howell, SR Resident