Be Part of History

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Scripps Ranch Library, I am working with the library staff to design a time capsule for our community. I am a Scripps Ranch High School senior who is doing this as my Eagle Scout project.

The time capsule will be opened on the library’s 50th anniversary o give the future a picture of how Scripps Ranch, the library, and the world was in 2016. And we want your voice! The time capsule will be filled with letters from Scripps Ranch residents, and that’s where you can help.

If you want to have your opinion or voice in the time capsule, write a letter and send it to [email protected] Any age or idea is accepted! If you can’t think of a topic, here are some prompts:

  • Talk about your favorite pop culture phenomenon.
  • Discuss an annoyance or problem in today’s world you hope will e gone in 25 years.
  • Give your own list of predictions for the future.

If you don’t want to write a letter, you can participate in a surv y to answer some predictions. These surveys are available at the library, or the questions can be sent to you. Just request a form from [email protected]

If you have any memorabilia you think would be a great addition to the time capsule, contact me at the email above. Keep in mind that any object approved for the capsule will not be returned as the box will not be opened for 25 years. I look forward to getting all of your ideas, input, and contributions.

Brett Benzie, Eagle Scout Candidate

Fall Clean-Up Day

As the seasons change it’s time to clean up around our homes! T e timing is perfect for the popular Fall SRCA Clean-Up Day on Saturday Oct. 15. This event is co-sponsored by the Torrey Pines Kiwanis. It runs from 8 am until noon or until the dumpsters are full. The past two years the dumpsters were filled before noon!

The dumpsters will be in two locations: the Business Park on Meanley Drive; and the SRCA Community Center at 11885 Cypress Canyon Road. Please unload your vehicle. No electronics or paint please.

The ONE CELL battery recycling program will have collection boxes for household batteries. For more on this wonderful program, visit

This is our chance to make our homes and community shine! We take pride in the appearance of our home, Scripps Ranch!

Barbara Perkins, Clean-Up Day Chair

Plan Ahead for a Wildfire

Clean-Up Day provides a perfect opportunity for you to get rid of any wood or other “junk” that may be fire fuel around your home. It’s one ay to prepare before the next wildfire hits.

Prior to a disaster you are in control of everything. Don’t wait to e told to leave if you see danger. Authorities have the same problems you do getting in and out of areas and may not be able to get to you. If you choose to stay, don’t expect them to come back for you. Make a plan:

  • Where will you go?
  • Can you get there?
  • What about your animals?
  • Do you have activities for the kids?
  • Do you have medications?
  • Do you have an emergency call list?
  • Let your family know you have evacuated and where you will be.

Sign up for Alert San Diego at The website has many tips to help you be prepared.

Don’t forget to sign up for our Golf Tournament on Saturday, Oct. 2 , with an 8 am shotgun start at the Vineyard Golf Course. For information, please call 201-3711, email [email protected], and visit

Crime Prevention Tips

With Daylight Saving Time ending soon, it will get darker earlier. That provides better cover for criminals to burglarize your home and car. While Scripps Ranch has a low crime rate, we are not immune. There continue to be home and car break-ins and other criminal activity. Here are tips to help you stay safe.

  • Set your alarm—motion detectors help. Do this even if you are ju t leaving your home for a quick errand or to go for a walk.
  • When you drive away from home, make sure the garage door closes. The sensor can send it back up.
  • Post alarm signs or stickers.
  • Don’t leave sliding doors open for pets. Burglars also have enter d homes through doggie doors.
  • Keep side gates locked. Burglars have forcibly entered through back doors and windows.
  • Don’t leave valuables where they are visible from a door or windo
  • When you park your vehicle outside of a locked garage, don’t lea e valuables visible and take your garage door opener with you.
  • Don’t let packages sit on your front porch. If you are not home, a k a neighbor to keep them for you.
  • If a solicitor comes to your door, don’t ignore them—they may t ink no one is home. Tell them through the closed, locked door that you are not interested.
  • If you notice your neighbor’s garage door open for a long time r after dark, let them know.
  • Take notice of what is going on in your neighborhood. If something doesn’t look right, it probably isn’t.< li>
  • Add the police non-emergency line, 858-484-3154, in your cell phone.
  • Most importantly, be a good neighbor and look out for one another.

To reach us, email [email protected] For more information and to sign up for our crime alert emails, visit

Cheryl Shaw, SRCANW Chair

Help Preserve a Ranch Resident’s Legacy

We recently lost a beloved member of our community. Steve Pratt touched the lives of countless kids through his active involvement in youth sports during his 20+ years in Scripps Ranch. He volunteered thousands of hours to our children through his coaching and leadership role in Scripps Ranch Little League, as well as Renegade and Tide travel ball baseball teams. He was also head baseball coach at Scripps Ranch High School for two years.

Steve (above) was not just a coach. He influenced kids in a much more significant way. He taught our kids not just to be better athletes but to be better people, to compete with character, show respect to teammates and opponents alike, and how to harness the mental and emotional strength needed to succeed.

Steve tragically passed away in June at the age of 50, just six months after being diagnosed with brain cancer. He brought a tremendous amount of energy and passion to his coaching. His engaging personality, quick wit, and sense of humor made him feel like a close friend to everyone he met.

Our goal is to help maintain Steve’s legacy by creating an endow d scholarship fund. If we are able to raise $25,000, then we will be able to grant scholarships annually in perpetuity to local athletes who exhibit Steve’s values on and off the field. We can think of no better way to ensu e that there is an annual reminder of the tremendous impact he had on our children, community, and everyone who knew him.

We have established a GoFundMe page at to facilitate contributions. Steve’s motto was “Refuse 2 Lose.” t was displayed proudly on his personalized license plate and was a guiding force in his coaching career, as well as his personal and professional life. We have designed a special Refuse 2 Lose T-shirt in Steve’s memory. Everyo e who donates at least $100 gets a free T-shirt.

In Steve’s memory and in recognition of the positive impact he had n our children, please provide your financial support to help us reach our goal. If you would like further information, please contact Dan Bailey or Rob Babbush at [email protected]

Stay Active with Family Fun

School is back in session and programs are in full swing at the Scripps Poway YMCA. Archery classes are the perfect way for the whole family to stay active during the fall. Classes meet once a week in the evenings and cover the basics of archery while participants compete in a friendly competition! Aim for fun and you will certainly hit a bulls-eye!

Looking for more outdoor activities for your family? Our pee-wee sports classes are a perfect introduction to sports for your preschool child. Pee-wee classes are parent-child participation based.

For more information on sports, archery, and many other programs at the Scripps Poway YMCA, please visit or call 484-8788.

Donate Your Candy

Halloween is such a fun time for kids, dressing up and going trick-or-treating. But what do you do with all that candy? Throughout San Diego, dental and medical practices will help make good use of those treats. The offices will give the kids a prize if it is part of a school fundraiser or $1 for each pound of candy. The treats then are sent to our troops overseas via Operation Gratitude.

One office holding its 6th Annual Candy Buy Back is Scripps Pediatric Dentistry.

  • 9840 Hibert Street B-4, next to Trader Joe’s
  • Tuesday, Nov. 1–Thursday, Nov. 10, Monday–Friday, 8 am–5 p

If you have any questions, call 693-5677.

Another Season of Concerts

Wasn’t this about the best Symphony in the Park series yet? So ma y Journey lovers were rocking to DSB in September. Thank you to our concert sponsors: Associa, N.N. Jaeschke, and Associa On Call. This was our last summer concert of the year. We return on Sunday, Dec. 4, in Jerabek Park to welcome the holiday season.

The Symphony in the Park Committee has produced these concerts since 1985. We never charge admission, and we try not to bug you about money at the concerts. Our goal is to provide a happy, musical gathering place for our community.

Even so, concerts are not free. You make them possible through your donations—friends, friends of note, business friends, patrons. Unlike ma y community concert series, your committee is all volunteer. If you have enjoyed our schedule this summer, please take a minute to go to and make a donation to keep the music flowing.

Thanks for all the fun this summer. We love to see you up and dancing.

Phoebe Carroll, Symphony in the Park

New Scripps Ranch Business

Home Helpers Home Care

Home Helpers Home Care is the nation’s leading franchise n comprehensive care for seniors and individuals needing recuperative care and continuing assistance. Home Helpers is located in our special community of Scripps Ranch, but also serves Poway, Carmel Mountain, Rancho Peñasquitos, Mira Mesa, Escondido, La Mesa, El Cajon, and other areas. When Scripps Ranch resident Chris Paley first met Brent Kline in middle school, they were kindred spirits who quickly became close friends and have remained so for almost 30 years. Chris and Brent have both been successful in their individual careers but dreamed of having their own business that would not only benefit the community but also teach their children the valuable lessons in caring for others.

Home Helpers Home Care offers free in-home consultations and works with each family to create a flexible, affordable care plan based on an individual’s needs. Services could include personal care such as bathin , medication management, and care management, as well as respite care, meal preparation, light housekeeping, companionship, and transportation.

Brent and Chris said providing a service that allows seniors to stay in their home with dignity and independence is a big part of what sets Home Helpers apart. Please call 218-6090 if you have questions or would like a free consultation. Visit to learn more about the services.