Library Closing Temporarily

Our library will close for approximately two weeks beginning on Tuesday, Feb. 21. During this time Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) equipment will be installed and all books, and materials in the library’s collection will be tagged. This updated technology will increase efficiency and allow staff to interact more with library patrons and provide more programs. Also, RFID allows for a more accurate inventory of the library’s collection. We will reopen Saturday, Mar. 4, at 9:30 am.

We definitely realize the library closure will be inconvenient for many, but the update is sorely needed and will vastly improve customer service. The Community and Seminar rooms will be open for all regularly scheduled events and classes in those spaces, and the courtyard will be accessible as well. Children who visit our branch after school still will be welcome in the courtyard, and Homework Help will continue as usual.

The “library” side of the building—holds, books, circulation desk, and the children’s room—will be unavailable during the closure. All programs and classes scheduled for the library section of the building or the children’s area will be cancelled during the project.

Holds will be shipped to another library for pickup during the closure. Please call us at 538-8158 to confirm the location. Our phones will remain open during the closure, so call us if you have questions. You can find more information about the project at Thank you for being such a wonderful community. We are proud to serve you here at the Scripps Ranch Library.

Trevor Jones, Branch Manager

New Developments in Apartment Proposal

Voice of Scripps Ranch (VOSR) is a coalition of San Diego residents for the reasonable use of the San Diego Unified School District property at the Innovations Academy site—also called the Scripps Mesa Conference Center—at the corner of Scripps Poway Parkway and Spring Canyon Road. The district proposes using the property for a joint-occupancy project with the Monarch Development Group that includes: a four-story, 264-apartment complex; STEAM lab; commercial space; and community garden. The environmental review process is underway and continues for several months.

What’s Happening Now: A Notice of Preparation (NOP) was posted on Jan. 6, 2017, to solicit input on the scope and content of the draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR). See The district is the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) lead agency requesting input regarding the preparation of an EIR to analyze the impacts of the proposed apartment complex development.

This notice began the 30-day period to collect comments. It ends on Feb. 6, 2017. Public scoping comments can include issues on the potential environmental impacts of the project, policy issues, potential mitigation measures, and a range of alternatives to evaluate in the EIR.

Environmental issues can include: aesthetics; air quality; biological resources; cultural resources; geology and soils; hazards and hazardous materials; hydrology and water quality; land use and planning; population and housing; public services—fire, police, schools; noise; parks and recreation; transportation and circulation; and utilities and services.

All residents are encouraged to read the NOP posted on the website noted above and submit comments. If residents fail to raise an issue to litigate during the comment period, they will forfeit their chance. Also, residents will fail to obtain standing to challenge the issue in court under the CEQA. District environmental review information should be posted at

Next Steps: After several months the district will publish a draft EIR containing collected input, analysis, and mitigation measures. The publication of the draft EIR begins another 45-day comment period, including a public hearing for residents.

Finally: A final EIR will be published at a later date. It will include all public comments and responses to the draft EIR. The school board eventually will vote to certify the final EIR and on the entire project. We encourage all San Diego residents to participate and stay informed by visiting

Disturbing Email: The district apparently thinks the Scripps Ranch project is a slam dunk and an employee even joked about it an email from Feb. 2016. That was right after the school board preliminarily approved the project. A district employee suggested, in a “phony” letter from Mayor Kevin Faulconer to Scripps Ranch residents, that the “city” will build a 163-story tower on the IA site. An image was included in the email.

The email was obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request filed by VOSR. We find this offensive and disconcerting. Scripps Ranch takes the proposed school district apartment project very seriously. A copy of the email is posted at A top district administrator called SRCA President Bob Ilko to apologize for the email.

Lorayne Burley, Voice of Scripps Ranch

Neighborhood Watch: Scripps Ranch Crime Stats

I’d like to share information from the San Diego Police Department’s online crime statistics for the first 11 months of 2016 in Scripps Ranch. As of press time, December numbers were not available. There were 23 residential burglaries or attempted burglaries, 26 car thefts, and 63 car prowls.

If you receive the email alerts from the Scripps Ranch Civic Association Neighborhood Watch (SRCANW) in which we report neighborhood residential burglaries, you may have noticed that most have something in common: an open invitation to criminals. An open window, unlocked door, and even a doggy door have been the means of entry. Enticement such as a visible purse, wallet, or laptop has been motivation for a burglar.

The same goes for your vehicle when it is not locked inside your garage. Locking your car is a no-brainer, but if you leave a purse, phone, GPS, or package in sight, chances are high you will wake up to a broken car window and your items gone.

These are crimes of opportunity. Reduce your chances of becoming a crime victim and use common sense. Form a Neighborhood Watch group on your street. Just get your neighbors together for a block party, and we’ll provide the speaker and handouts. It’s easy to do and provides peace of mind. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] and visit

Cheryl Shaw, SRCANW Chair

Keep Your Home Safe

Having a working smoke alarm in your home decreases your chances of dying in a house fire by 50%. You should have a smoke detector in every bedroom and the halls leading to the bedrooms. Also install alarms in the living room, den, family room, near stairways, and in the garage. Be sure to check the batteries regularly.

The Burn Institute of San Diego offers free smoke alarms and installation for qualified seniors 62 and older who own their own home in San Diego County. Contact Austin Duran at 541-2277, ext. 13, or [email protected] for more information on the program.

The other “must” for every home is a fire extinguisher. The number depends on the size of your house and if it is multilevel. If you only have one, put it in the kitchen. Most home fires occur in the kitchen, and quick access to a fire extinguisher can mean the difference between a messy cleanup and losing your home.

Fire extinguishers also need to be serviced once a year, and be sure you know how to use them. For any questions on how to keep your home safe, you can always reach the Scripps Ranch Fire Safe Council at [email protected]

Symphony in the Park

We are getting ready to make more music in the park! It hardly seems possible that summer is on our minds before we tuck away our sweaters, but that is how the music happens. Since 1985 the all-volunteer Symphony in the Park Committee starts listening to bands, getting sponsors, donors, patrons, businesses, and friends enrolled, and planning the million little tasks that make our concert series special!

Concert after concert, we fill Hoyt Park with friends, neighbors, and great music. Did you know there are more than 12,000 households in Scripps Ranch? Wow! Our goal is to get everyone involved in supporting the concerts and rocking the park.

This is your first 2017 invitation to contribute. We accept tax-deductible contributions through PayPal at We never charge admission, but please help us pay the bills and support our school music programs. It is an entertainment bargain. We look forward to another great summer!

Phoebe Carroll, Symphony in the Park

YMCA Sports Leagues

Youth sports leagues are underway at the Rancho Family YMCA. They are great ways to keep children active while learning new skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship. The Rancho Y offers soccer, basketball, and flag football leagues for ages 4 to 14.

We understand that your young athlete may find a different sport interesting for a few weeks at a time. We offer a variety of sports classes that enable your child to experience a sport in a shortened session. Our sports classes introduce the basics and refine fundamentals in younger levels, and teach strategies and build endurance in advanced classes. For more about programs at the Scripps Poway site or becoming a volunteer coach, visit or call 484-8788.