Community Searches for Missing Man

The Scripps Ranch community came out in force to help find a missing resident, 85-year-old Taiheng Sun. Mr. Sun has Alzheimer’s disease and walked away from his StoneBridge Estates home on Thursday, June 15, at about 6 pm. San Diego police and the Sheriff’s Department conducted a massive search the following day but did not find Mr. Sun.

On Saturday, June 17, the Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA) organized a search to help find him. Working with law enforcement and complementing their efforts, SRCA president Bob Ilko put together a search committee. The SRCA posted a request for volunteer searchers on its Facebook page and sent an email to SRCA members. There was a resounding response: 220 volunteers; 39 search areas; and 1,600 missing person flyers delivered to Scripps Ranch and Poway homes.

The SRCA Community Center on Cypress Canyon Road operated as the hub, where volunteers gathered and received their assignments. Unfortunately, as of press time, Mr. Sun had not been located. As always, the SRCA will post updates on its Facebook page. Search “Scripps Ranch Civic Association.”

Neighborhood Watch: Protect Your Belongings

Vehicle break-ins are on the rise again in Scripps Ranch. The Scripps Ranch Civic Association Neighborhood Watch (SRCANW) program tracks crime trends in our community. It seems that despite the warnings and common sense, people continue to leave valuables in plain sight in parked vehicles that are locked and unlocked.

In fact, 17 of these crimes were reported in the last two months—April and May—alone, and not all vehicle crimes are reported. It only takes seconds for a thief to open an unlocked door or smash a window to steal your personal property. Here are tips to avoid becoming a victim:

  • Don’t leave valuables in your car, even if they are out of view. This goes for house keys as well. Thieves know to check under the seat, in the trunk, glove compartment, console, and under blankets or towels. They are experienced at finding the goods.
  • Don’t pull into a parking space and then hide your purse in the trunk. Someone may be watching. If you must leave your purse behind when you get to your destination, put it in the trunk before you get there. There’s still no guarantee that it will be there when you get back, but your chances would be much better.
  • Don’t leave mail or financial papers in your car. This makes it easier for a thief to steal your identity.
  • If you use a portable GPS device, don’t leave the empty mount where it is visible.
  • If you leave charging cables plugged in, be sure the end that connects to your electronic device is visible or a thief may think you are hiding a phone or iPod.
  • Don’t leave a garage remote opener in your car unless your car is inside a locked garage.
  • Always lock your vehicle and set the alarm.

Remember, for emergencies, dial 911. For non-emergencies and to report suspicious behavior, dial 858-484-3154 or 619-531-2000. To learn more about the SRCANW program and sign up for our crime alert emails, please visit It’s easy to start a Neighborhood Watch group on your block. Our website has all the information you need. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]

Cheryl Shaw, SRCANW Chair

Rattlesnake Safety

Scripps Ranch has many beautiful open spaces, trails, and parks. As the weather warms up, these natural features can contribute to an increase in rattlesnake sightings. Scripps Ranch residents already have called in nearly 30 rattlesnake reports to the County Department of Animal Control since the beginning of the year. This is the second highest concentration of calls in Council District 5, and rattlesnake sightings are expected to increase in the coming months.

If you come across a rattlesnake or hear its warning rattle, stand still until you find where it is, then calmly walk away. Call the Animal Control’s 24-hour dispatch line at 619-236-2341 and they will remove it.

Animal services ask that, if possible, you keep an eye on the rattlesnake from a safe distance so you can direct the officer to it. The good news, according to Animal Control, is that rattlesnakes cannot crawl as fast as you can walk. Learn more about rattlesnake safety at

What should you do if you get bitten by a rattlesnake? The County of San Diego Department of Parks and Recreation has the following tips:

  • Stay calm.
  • Immobilize the bitten area.
  • Do not apply a tourniquet or constriction band.
  • Do not apply ice to the wound.
  • Do not attempt to cut the wound or suck out the venom.
  • If soap and water are available, wash the skin over the bite or use an antiseptic wipe.
  • Remove jewelry and tight-fitting clothes in case of swelling.
  • Call for help.
  • Get medical attention as soon as possible.

For more information, please go to

Have a safe summer, Scripps Ranch.

Councilmember Mark Kersey, District 5

Get Rid of Brush Now

It’s a scary thought, but a dire fire season is predicted in San Diego County. Conditions are far worse than they were last year due to the heavy grass, trees, and brush from all the rain we had this winter.

How can you help and what can you do? All the greenery that suddenly sprouted and then died needs to be moved off your property. Don’t just cut it and let it lie there. Get rid of it. Fill up those green trash cans with them.

The county is depending on all of us to do our part. Take the necessary steps to get your home ready: thin out the brush; mow tall grass; clear dead and dying trees and vegetation; and don’t forget to clean the leaves off your roof and out of your gutters. Get rid of flammable debris around your house. Be proactive.

Remember you need 100 feet of defensible space. If firefighters have to choose between saving a house with good defensible space and one that does not have that, they will work to save the one with the defensible space. Do your part to help save our beautiful city.

While you prepare the outside of your house to hopefully withstand a fire, be sure to prepare for the worst case scenario. Make a home inventory and document all of your possessions before a fire occurs. This is one lesson learned from the devastating Cedar Fire in 2003 that destroyed more than 300 Scripps Ranch homes. Here are tips to help you:

  • Video or photograph your electronics, appliances, and workout equipment. Note the number of TVs, computers, tablets, printers, and so forth.
  • Video or photograph contents of drawers and closets.
  • Save receipts for major purchases. Store key documents in a fire-proof case. Keep a home inventory video offsite or on a web storage site.
  • Describe your home’s contents in the video. As you narrate the video, include the price paid, the year you bought the item, and where you purchased it.
  • Remember to video or photograph everything in your garage.

The Scripps Ranch Fire Safe Council website at has more information about preparing for a wildfire and what to do if you are ordered to evacuate. If you have any questions, call 201-3711 or email [email protected] We are here to help.

Also, don’t forget to sign up for our Golf Tournament on Saturday, Oct. 21.

Report Traffic Concerns

Speeding and other traffic concerns are among the top issues facing our community. Now there’s an easy way to report your neighborhood problems to police. Go to the San Diego Police Department’s website at Look for the blue buttons on the right-hand side under the Twitter feed. One of the buttons is “Citizens’ Traffic Concerns Report System.” Click on it and fill out the form online. It’s that easy.

Symphony in the Park

We are off to a great start! Special thanks to Marrokal for sponsoring our June concert. Congratulations to the Class of 2017 and to the scholarship recipients.

On Sunday, July 16, at 6 pm in Hoyt Park, Siren’s Crush will entertain us with current and classic dance music. This concert is brought to us by longtime sponsor Collins Family Jewelers. The sound is underwritten by U.S. Bank. Please bring low chairs but no tarps. Also, please leave Fido at home.

Check out our website at and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. You still can donate by check or PayPal. Thank you and see you in the park!

Phoebe Carroll, Symphony in the Park

Shop the Farmers Market This Summer

From all of us at the Scripps Ranch Farmers Market to all of you in the community, we hope you have a safe and wonderful 4th of July. We are here for you to pick up your organic summer fruits, fresh produce, bakery goods—Gluten- free, organic, baked goods—and food. We are a one-stop shop for parties and picnics!

We are open every Saturday from 9 am to 1:30 pm in the Innovations Academy parking lot, at the corner of Scripps Poway Parkway and Spring Canyon Road. We have been serving Scripps Ranch for almost 16 years, with a portion of proceeds benefiting children’s education. Visit for more details.

New Scripps Ranch Business: Bluebell Boutique

Scripps Ranch resident Kari Berger recently opened an online boutique specializing in American-made casual contemporary fashion for women. Bluebell Boutique is the result of Kari’s desire to find clothing made in the USA due to concerns about the working conditions of factories overseas.

It was difficult to find stylish clothing at an affordable price, but she was sure she wasn’t the only woman who wanted to support American fashion manufacturing without compromising her own style or going bankrupt in the process!

She runs Bluebell Boutique from her Scripps Ranch home while parenting two young boys. While Bluebell Boutique currently sells on Facebook at, Kari plans to expand to pop-up locations in Scripps Ranch and other neighborhoods in San Diego. To reach Kari, email her at [email protected]