Neighborhood Watch: Home Burglars Get Bolder

You were probably as alarmed as we were by the five burglaries that took place in Scripps Ranch all within a one-week period, especially if any of those crimes occurred close to your home. All the burglaries took place during the day. In all but one, entry was made from the side or rear of the home. Locked side gates and alarms may have prevented these cases. In any event, burglars seem to be getting bolder or more desperate. Please consider forming a Neighborhood Watch (NW) on your street and learn how to safeguard your home.

According to the San Diego Police Department website, NW has become one of the most effective means of fighting crime in our communities. This is because you and your neighbors are the ones who really know what is going on in your area. You are most likely to be the first to see a crime occur and call for help. And you are in the best position to:

  • Report code violations, unsafe street conditions, and other issues that degrade the quality of life in your area
  • Take property owners to small claims court to abate nuisances
  • Keep your block clean and free of graffiti
  • Provide a safe environment for your children

The success of Neighborhood Watch depends on your involvement. Our goal is to have every home in Scripps Ranch involved in an active Neighborhood Watch program with neighbors on their own street. It doesn’t take much to get a group going, however, someone needs to volunteer as block captain.

These people organize their neighborhood group or block. They maintain a current roster of residents, distribute information received from the SRCANW, and hold an informal block party or meeting once or twice a year. A meeting can be held in a home, backyard, garage, driveway, or cul-de-sac. Keep it as simple as you’d like. You round up the neighbors and we’ll do the rest!

We are here to help you have a successful NW program. Our website has downloadable resource materials, and there is a “fill in the blanks” invitation that you can distribute to your neighbors. We provide the handouts for your meeting. Ideally, our San Diego Police Department community service officer, Christina Santos, will attend and bring you the latest neighborhood crime stats.

To show you how much we appreciate our block captains, the SRCANW holds an annual Block Captain Thank You Party. Although it is mainly a social event, we will have a short presentation by our own SDPD officers. We appreciate your volunteer efforts on behalf of our community. The party will be this month, so block captains, look for an invitation in your email soon.

To join SRCANW and receive our neighborhood crime updates via email, go to and complete your registration. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

Cheryl Shaw, SRCANW Chair

Be Careful in Canyons

We have received a few emails and calls about residents walking behind homes adjacent to canyons. In some parts of Scripps Ranch the land immediately behind homes is private property, belonging to a homeowners association, and in others it is owned by the city.

Residents have concerns about not knowing if the person behind their home is a resident out for a walk or a burglar casing homes. Homeowners associations can limit access and some have posted signs. Please be mindful where you walk.

Lessons Learned

We learned many lessons from California’s worst-ever fire season. Beginning on Oct. 8, 2017, more than 100 wildfires broke out in Northern California and Orange County. Two months later, a second series of fires began in Southern California, engulfing more than 280,000 acres in the course of a month.

The drought exacerbated fire conditions by increasing dry, vegetative fuel availability. There are lots of lessons to be learned by both first responders and residents. We all have to work together to help make our neighborhoods safer during those scary times. One of the most fun things you can do is attend our Wildfire Community Preparedness Day.

  • When: Saturday, May 5, 10 am–2 pm
  • Where: Scripps Ranch Fire Station 37, 11640 Spring Canyon Road
  • Why: Learn more about fire safety in a fun environment

The kids will have a blast meeting our firefighters, touring the station, and sitting on a fire truck. In the meantime, you can learn more about smoke alarms, get your fire extinguisher serviced, and learn how to use it. We look forward to seeing you.

One more bit of advice, sign up for AlertSanDiego to receive critical notifications during all types of emergencies, from fires and earthquakes, to hazmat spills and SWAT incidents in your community. Go to For more information about the Scripps Ranch Fire Safe Council, visit, email us at [email protected], or call 858-201-3711.

Symphony in the Park Concert Schedule

You know summer is right around the corner when the Symphony in the Park Committee shares its concert schedule! The first concert is only a month away, and already people are getting excited about this longtime Scripps Ranch tradition. All concerts are in Hoyt Park starting at 6 pm, except the Holiday Concert starts at 5 pm.

  • June 10—DSB, the next best thing to Journey! Sponsor: Marrokal Design and Remodeling
  • July 15—The Heroes; Sponsor: Collins Family Jewelers
  • Aug. 12—Band to be announced; Sponsor: Anderson Heating, Plumbing and Air
  • Sept. 9—Band to be announced; Sponsor: Scripps Rock Dental
  • Dec. 9—Holiday Concert; Sponsor: Sharp

We thank all of our sponsors, including:

  • Band sound sponsor: U.S. Bank
  • Face painting sponsor: Mission Federal Credit Union

Symphony in the Park is a 501(c)(3) charity that depends on the generosity of sponsors and residents. Your contribution is tax deductible, so please visit to continue the music in the park. We also make donations to the music programs at all Scripps Ranch schools and provide performing opportunities for young musicians.

New Tool for City Events and Activities

City of San Diego staff is utilizing a new tool called Street Events and Activities Search (SEAS) to plan and coordinate projects throughout the city. Its Citizen View application enables you to access useful information regarding work in the city’s rights-of-way and at public facilities.

One example in Scripps Ranch is the Miramar Clearwell Improvement Project. SEAS Citizen View lists where the improvements will take place, an estimated timeline, its status, and other details. Another example of information found on SEAS Citizen View is special event permits throughout the city, such as the SRCA 4th of July Parade permit.

I drafted the city’s Open Data Policy with the help of local tech experts because the city’s data belongs to the people of San Diego. I am committed to making the data available online in searchable formats with tools like SEAS Citizen View, where the public can easily access it.

The program is best used with Chrome or Firefox web browsers. I encourage you to explore it at and share your feedback with me at [email protected]

Mark Kersey, City Councilmember