Trails Being Finalized

The SRCA Trails Committee met at Jerabek Park on Jan. 8 to finalize the list of trails that will be on the revised map. There are 32 trails in greater Scripps Ranch that will be identified. When issued, the new map will show all the new and modified trails. One problem with access and property ownership is still under investigation, but this will not delay the map.

We are in the process of obtaining City volunteer (Park and Recreation Department) status for the committee members. A training program for trail maintenance and building is being set up for anyone who wants to get involved in trail work.

Next meeting will be Saturday, Feb. 5th at 9 am at Lakeview Park. New volunteers are welcome. Please call me at 271-1242 if you would like to become involved.

Marshall Club Rescued by Precedence Entertainment

The Thurgood Marshall Babylon-5 RPG Club wants to thank Precedence Entertainment ( for saving the club. Over Thanksgiving weekend, Ms. Retter’s classroom was robbed. In addition to a school laser printer and the teacher’s own PC and cordless phone, the miscreants took the Bab-5 club’s entire set of collectible game cards, worth approximately $700.

At the time, replacement sets were not to be found in San Diego, so Ms. Retter contacted Precedence Entertainment via email to ask where she could purchase the replacement cards. Instead Richard Don of Precedence Entertainment called to confirm our address so he could send us, free of charge, a display box of starter decks and two boxes of booster packs, worth more than $250. Now we can play again. Thank you, Precedence.

Voting and Forum

SRCA will hold our usual Candidate’s Forum before the November election so you can meet and question the candidates at that time. Plan to attend. We have Tony Krvaric as the chair. Tony is not yet a citizen, but making democracy work for his adopted home. He is a Swedish citizen so we must be doing something right; now it is up to you.

WAC Scholarship

The Scripps Ranch Women’s Athletic Club is offering a $500 college scholarship to any qualified senior female. Applicants must be a Scripps Ranch resident for the past two years, have a 3.0 grade-point average, and submit a written response as to how athletics have helped them achieve their personal goals. The deadline is May 1, 2000. For an application, please call 693-1600 or contact the counselors at Scripps Ranch High School.

Scripps Ranch License Plates Still Available

Show your pride in our fine community by securing “Scripps Ranch Country Living” license plates from the Cub Scouts. Cathy and Tom Sayers have taken on this volunteer sales effort from Debbie Glaesner. They can be contacted at 549-8292. This fund-rasing activity has become a tradition even though our community certainly is beyond “Country Living” with all we have now, but we still feel it is part of the unique and special ambience we all cherish and want to preserve.

Beware: Coyotes, Mountain Lions, and Rattlesnakes

If you are a new resident, you may think that the Scripps Ranch “Country Living” signs you see are more wishful thinking than reality. In many ways they probably are. But in one very real sense, they are not. Coyotes, rattlesnakes, and to a much lesser extent mountain lions live amongst our 10,000 homes.

Each of these critters is inherently shy and tends to avoid humans. So it might be years before you see one. But they are ever present, and can pose a threat to your pets. Many a family dog or cat has disappeared, sometimes right in front of a horrified owner. Laws and prudence dictate that dogs be walked on leases and kept in yards. No family pet is a match for an animal that hunts for a living.

Coyotes, possums, raccoons, and skunks love food left outside for pets. They will be sure to mark your house on their fast-food map, and return often. Coyotes have been observed watching family dogs from a distance, waiting for a small pet to make a mistake and run in their direction. Rattlesnakes have been found in the parks, under houses, and in the open space. They are hard to spot, often lethargic in the cool morning or evening air, and don’t appreciate being picked up by children. Small ones are just as willing to bite as large ones.

With a little knowledge and a watchful eye, you and your children and pets can enjoy the open space that entreated you to move here. Teach your children how to respond to wild animals; they live here too and provide a wonderful balance to the hardscape of our community. I won’t forget the first time I saw a silently flying owl swoop past me up by Semillon Road, or stopped the car to show my daughter a coyote with a beautiful coat and a sideways gait jogging toward the lake across Timberlake Drive. Be aware and enjoy.

Neonatal Care Quilts

My name is Katie Longo, and I am a Senior Girl Scout working on my Gold award. For my project, I am organizing a series of workshops to make quilts for the neonatal unit at Children’s Hospital, and I would like your help.

The quilts are small and simple to make, and the more people we have to help, the more quilts we will be able to give to the hospital. Donations of fabric–large pieces of dark fabric with little pattern and other fabric of any size or color for the front–and batting will be greatly appreciated. This can be brought to the workshop or dropped off in advance at Amidon Quiltworks located at 12625 Danielson Court, Ste. 111, Poway, or at my home located at 10394 Barrywood Way in Scripps Ranch.

The first workshop is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 12, from 2 to 5 pm. I hope you will assist me with this project. If you have questions, my phone number is 578-0686.

Bye Bye Birdie

Scripps Ranch High School will be presenting the rock ‘n roll love story Bye Bye Birdie on Feb. 23-25 and March 2-4. All performances are at 7 pm in the high school auditorium. Cast, crew, and orchestra number almost 100 members, including 10 theatrical parents and teachers. Marjorie Treger will be directing, with musical assistance by Nancy Shirley and choreography by Rob Beus.

Tickets are available in advance at the financial office, 621-9020, or in room 105 for $5 with an ASB card and $7 without an ASB card. Tickets also will be available for $8 at the theater box office before each performance. There is no reserved seating and the box office opens at 6:15 pm.

The performance on Friday, Feb. 25, is a gala, which includes a reception with the cast on stage after the show. Gala tickets are $8 in advance and $10 at the door. In addition, there will be a matinee for elementary schools on Friday, Mar. 3, at 9:30 am. Student tickets for this special field trip opportunity are $2; adults are free.

Scripps Ranch Shirt Sales

The Scripps Ranch Girl Scouts would like to thank those of you who purchased sweatshirts, T-shirts, and golf shirts. The money raised each year from the sale of these shirts is put back into our Scripps Ranch community. A few years ago we bought and planted 6 trees in Jerabek Park. We are hoping to help update some of the tot lots with our profits from the past few years.

A special thanks to Champion T-shirts for working with us for the past 5 years to keep our costs to a minimum so that this service project is possible. Thank you to both Vons for allowing us to display our shirt samples in their stores during the month of November. If you missed our sale, look for the Scripps Ranch shirt sale again in the fall!

Overseeding Grass Areas

This is the time of the year when the Bermuda grass browns off, and we overseed the grassed area of Scripps Ranch with rye grass to green up the park fields. The signs you see saying “Keep Off” are there to allow the grass to reseed.

We will remove the signs as soon as possible. Thanks for respecting the signs. The better grass helps us all year long by providing sturdier turf for our heavy use during the year, and it looks better.

SR Information Center Director Named

Clay Bingham has been named director of the new Scripps Ranch Information Center. Clay came to the SRCA meeting in January, introduced himself, and told us some of his goals for the new center. He is a strong supporter of bringing the City out to the community and feels that the neighborhood service centers are an excellent way to do this. Welcome aboard Clay; great to have you working with us.

The Scripps Ranch Information Center will provide office space for a neighborhood service center staff member, a park and recreation department staff member, a part-time City council office, and an SRCA office. The Center also will have at least one meeting room for community use and will be able to provide information about the City as well as Scripps Ranch. Surrounding the Center will be a landscaped pocket park, similar to others on Spring Canyon Road.

If you are interested in helping to ensure that the Scripps Ranch Information Center becomes an outstanding community resource, please contact Dave Settles, chair of the SRCA Information Center committee, at 547-9798.

Spring Garage Sale and Cleanup Days Set

The spring community-wide garage sale sponsored by Coldwell-Banker will be on Saturday, Apr. 15. The following Saturday, Apr. 22, will be the spring cleanup sponsored by SRCA and the Rotary Club. You will want to mark these important dates so that you can plan for them.

As usual, the garage sale will have pre-registration, and maps will be handed out on the day of the sale. The maps show each of the registered garage sale homes. In addition, each registered home receives a sign to post on the adjacent street highlighting their house. We are attempting to arrange for adequate pickup of unsold items by one or more of the resale benefit groups like Goodwill.

The cleanup day will be similar to other years with free dumpsters, a chipper for your greenery, and a truck to collect your discarded, but usable goods. No paints, solvents, rock, or heavy construction debris can be accepted.

This is another place where your SRCA membership dollars have a positive affect. The city has cut back on the number of free dumpsters that they provide so SRCA pays for the additional tipping fees which generally run about $300 per dumpster.

Planning Group Elections

Both the Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG) and the Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee (MRNPC) have elections in March. The planning groups are chartered by the San Diego City Council to advise them on matters of land use. The MRNPC and SRPG cover the area north and south of the lake, respectively.

If you are interested in making an impact on the planning and land use in Scripps Ranch, in affecting how traffic moves through the area, in what kind of development occurs in areas surrounding the Ranch, then this is the place to be. For more information, please contact Linda Sloan, chair of SRPG, at 271-0637 or Pat Bonaguidi, chair of MRNPC, at 695-0848.

Christmas Tree Recycling–A Real Success

The City has again presented the Scripps Ranch Civic Association with a certificate of appreciation for the fine job of recycling our Christmas trees. We collected an estimated 10,000 trees at Hoyt Park as our single collection point for the Ranch. This exceeds our all time high.

At times the trees covered the entire block, but the City provided quicker collections so it did not pose an eye sore or a fire hazard. Thanks for your cooperation and assistance. We will have final clean up this week. Next year, we will again seek a second site north of the lake as we had last year.

New Senior Old Pros Softball League Starting

The new Scripps Ranch Old Pros Senior Softball League is for ages “50 and over.” Games will be on Sunday mornings. The teams will be selected by a total random draw. Your current skill level is unimportant. We are making this a “Let’s have some fun” league.

The current 3-pitch (your own team pitches to you) rules will have some modifications. Please direct any questions to, and ask for an application from, Reg Cauble at 566-0824.

Pippi at Junior Theater

Three Scripps Ranch youth are in the cast of Junior Theater’s production of Pippi Longstocking. The rising stars are Mikhaela Beaudet-Debus, Adam Carver, and Meagan Rossin.

The musical production is based on the character Pippi from children’s literature. Pippi has more than nine lives and more street smarts than many adults. She brings laughter, mischief, and adventure into the lives of everyone around her.

Performances are held at the Casa del Prado theater in Balboa Park and run from Friday, Feb. 25, through Sunday, Mar. 12. Show times are 7 pm on Fridays, and 2 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Admission prices are $5-7 for seniors and children under 14, and $7-9 for adults. Please call the box office at 619-239-8355 for ticket purchases. The goal of Junior Theater is to develop creativity self-esteem, and enjoyment of the theater arts.

How to Say What Greeting Cards Cannot

Everyone has had to sidestep delicate matters at one time or another. Is there a friend or family member who suffers from halitosis (bad breath)? Or possibly, a business client who needs to change deodorants. Does a supervisor or teacher have a serious dandruff problem? It’s easy to send a card to congratulate someone or to send good wishes. But, how do you discuss unpleasant situations?

Caring Letters is a new business in Scripps Ranch that offers a unique service to help solve these difficult, but common problems. Caring Letters will tactfully assist in these difficult situations. They will send a carefully and delicately worded letter that will not offend and will bring attention to this problem. The recipient will understand that someone who cares has found a sensitive way to avoid hurting their feelings, while at the same time, informing them. The name of the person who orders the letter is never revealed. That person’s anonoymity is always preserved. This is to minimize any embarrassment or hurt feelings. Caring Letters can be found at [].

An Inspired Magazine

A Scripps Ranch resident thinks you might be tired of 24-hour news about sex scandals, ethnic cleansing, and school shootings. Perhaps you would like to read about something more substantial than celebrity hair-dos? Inspired Magazine, a new Scripps Ranch-based magazine does just that by focusing on good and positive news.

Publisher Jim Hester says that, “We intend to, as the old song says, `accentuate the positive’ and show you that the world is not quite as bleak as some would have us believe. The magazine is based on the belief that there is more good in the world than bad and that people have more in common with each other than they have differences.”

You can check out the prototype issue at []. Whether the magazine continues will depend on the responses received. Jim notes that “Despite warnings that there is `no market for good news,’ we believe there is and are determined to make you smile, to make you think, and, most of all, to inspire you.” Jim is an attorney, businessman, college professor, published author, and former Green Beret officer.

[Ed note: Thanks Jim for taking the gamble. We need examples of the positive to use as role models for our children and ourselves.]

CC&R Chair Needed

Do you like to help preserve the appearance and quality of life of Scripps Ranch? Do you enjoy working directly with people for a common and good solution? Are you comfortable researching City ordinances? Then heading up the SRCA Covenants, Codes, and Restrictions (CC&R) committee is for you.

We do not try to be vigilantes and have never taken a resident to court; rather we work for a proper, practical solution. As a general rule, we have been able to secure excellent cooperation from residents. We find that over 80% of the reported problems are solved as soon as the resident receives a letter from us reminding them of the rules and requesting their compliance.

The work of the CC&R committee takes the place of the many architectural committees formed in our different neighborhoods and assists residents when they want to modify their homes, etc. to ensure compliance with good common-sense rules, City codes, and neighborhood CC&Rs. The end result is a fine community in appearance and value. If you are interested, please call Bob Dingeman at 566-6083 and we can mentor you into the job. You will find the work and results most satisfying.

Road Rage Inquiry

If you were a witness last August to an act of road rage on Pomerado Road between a late model black/purple car and a white sedan, please contact Rita at 695-6835.

People Notice Crime

“As a Ranch resident for 13 years, I was recently sadly disappointed by the behavior of a car full of teenagers. As I waited for the light to change at the corner of Avenida Magnifica and Pomerado Road, I witnessed through my rearview mirror one of teens roll down their window and throw into the street a bag of fast food trash and drink cup. They were driving an older model Volvo wagon with license plate 3TMW___. The parents should know and these teens peers should let them know that behavior like that is not acceptable.”

[Ed note: We received this as part of a crime report. The full license plate number was recorded.]