SRCA Bob Dingeman Scholarship Applications

Applications for the SRCA Bob Dingeman Scholarship for Community Service are available at the Scripps Ranch High School guidance counselor’s office. Any SRHS senior is eligible for consideration for this scholarship award which amounts to $300 to $500 to be used for college or other higher education of the student’s choice.

This scholarship funded by SRCA is designed to recognize and reward exemplary community service during the last two school years and is awarded at the annual graduation awards night in May.

All applications must be submitted through the counselor’s office and received not later than Sunday, April 1, to be considered. The application should be accompanied by a description of any awards, recommendations, or commendations that have been received as part of the student’s community service. Enthusiasm, initiative, and a positive attitude toward problems and their proper solutions should be seen in the community service that has been rendered.

HodgePodge Arts and Crafts for Kids

On Saturday, Feb. 10, a wonderful event will happen at the Scripps Ranch Library: Hodgepodge! This annual volunteer gift to the community is a great way for children to become involved with art and design. And there are a variety of ways you can help these kids and the whole community. Volunteers are needed for the “day of the event” in order to make it happen. If you wish, you can help behind the scenes.

HodgePodge Arts and Crafts for Kids is a craft faire where the children make 10 10 “keep-able” crafts. The day-long event is divided into two sessions. The first session is for 4 to 7 year olds, and accompaniment by a parent is required. The second session is for 8 to 12 year olds. The fee to attend is $10 with pre-paid registration or $13 at the door. Registration flyers will go out to Miramar Ranch, Jerabek, and Dingeman Elementary schools and to the 6th grade classes at Marshall Middle School. Pre-registration is highly recommended because space is limited!

Here’s the scenario. There will be 10 tables set up with a different craft project at each table. Each table needs at least one “HodgePodge adult volunteer.” This does not mean you have to make the craft; rather we need you at the table to supervise and make sure that all supplies are evenly distributed to all attendees. We had a small problem last year with a few over-zealous parents.

All of the crafts will have been pre-determined and supplies will be available at each table. If you have any fun ideas, let me know. But remember, the kids are making 10 crafts in 90 minutes, so the crafts need to be somewhat easy.

We need help with all shifts, please!

  • Set-up shift: 8:30 to 11:30 am; Includes table set-up, supplies distribution, and making a balloon arch.
  • 1st session shift: 12 noon to 2:30 pm; includes supervising and monitoring crafts with 4 to 7 year olds, who are required to be accompanied by a parent, other than you.
  • 2nd session shift: 2 to 4 pm; includes supervising and monitoring crafts with 8 to12 year olds, who do not need to have their parent attend.
  • Clean-up shift: 4 to 5:30 pm; includes clean-up, boxing the remaining supplies, and vacuuming.

There you have it; not too much work and a lot of learning and fun for everyone! Would you please consider volunteering your time? You may chose any one of the shifts or even work multiple shifts if you want to.

The event is being held in the community room in the Library and of course, the dress is casual. We had a most successful fundraiser last year. Over $1,800 was raised to benefit the Scripps Ranch Library.

Please call Chair Victoria Mazelli at 566-8679 to sign up, offer your suggestions, and (or) ask any questions. Co-chairs for this event are Sandy Rodighiero at 578-3600 and Carol Wood at 578-2717. If you know of any individuals or businesses that would like to help underwrite this event, please let me know and we will send them a request letter. Cheers!

Farmer’s Market Reopens

The Farmers Market will reopen again every Friday from 2 to 5 pm at Miramar Community College. The market will offer fresh fruits and vegetables, pies, breads, tomales, flowers, kettle corn, homemade candy, nuts, honey, eggs, hand-made crafts, and much more. For the next few weeks, they will be featuring big, ripe, and delicious locally grown strawberries. Welcome back and see you there.

Golf Tournament Benefit

The third annual B.H. Gold Insurance Agency Benefit Golf Tournament will be held Sunday, Feb. 4, at Carmel Highlands Doubletree Resort. Scripps Ranch High School baseball program is the beneficiary. The tournament is open to all golfers. Our guest MC is Mr. Jerry Coleman. Dinner is included for the $125 entry fee. Come join the fun as we have raffles and live auction items. We are accepting donations of raffle and auction items.

The tournament is limited to the first 144 golfers. Call Bill Habeger or Mike Urbano at 578-0020, exts. 114 and 128, respectively, to make your reservation.

New Brush Rig

Scripps Ranch is getting the City’s newest brush rig. It was specifically designed for Scripps Ranch and will be the best brush rig in the San Diego Fire and Life Safety’s fleet of brush fire engines. The old brush rig being replaced was the only gas-powered engine in the fleet and could not be used reliably.

The new brush rig will be received in January, and after going through a battery of tests, should be ready for duty about the same time as the new Fire Station 37 on Spring Canyon Road opens sometime in April.

The new rig is all-wheel drive with a short wheel-base for quick turning capability. With good ground clearance, low center of gravity, and a powerful diesel engine, our new brush fire engine should be able to negotiate the local canyon areas with ease.

It took a lot of effort including many SRCA letters to get this particular style of brush engine. The two Captains at the Scripps Ranch Fire Station 37, Captain Franklin and Captain Geiske, helped in the design specifications along with Deputy Chief Miller and Battalion Chief Bowlen. The new engine has special features that should be of great benefit to the Scripps Ranch area and the adjacent Federal properties.

Tile a New Fire Station

The captain, paramedics, and firefighters of Scripps Ranch’s own Fire Station 37 invite you to become a part of Scripps Ranch history by designing your own ceramic tile for the new fire station. Your tile, along with other participants (young, old, or in-between), will be installed on the inside wall right next to the big fire engine truck. So each time you stop by the station to say hi, you’ll be able to see your tile. The theme for the tiles is “Fire Safety.” Tiles cost only $8.

There’s still time to create a tile because it looks like the new fire station will be opening later than was expected. So just stop by Clay ‘N Latte and tell them Victoria sent you. They are open 7 days a week at 10175 Rancho Carmel Drive at Ted Williams Parkway in Carmel Mountain Ranch. If you have any questions, please call Becky at Clay ‘N Latte at 487-9293 or our Scripps Ranch volunteer Victoria Mazelli at 566-8679.

Need Volunteers for SRLMD

With the departure of Ralph McCort, the Scripps Ranch Landscape Maintenance District (SRLMD) committee lost one of its longest serving members. We also have had the resignation of two others because of business reasons. We want to replace all three with new volunteers with new ideas and wanting to help preserve the appearance and value of Scripps Ranch.

If you are interested, we meet once a month in a non-threatening manner and discuss what we can do to make the Ranch shine. Please give Chair Bob Dingeman a call at 566-6083 or drop him a line and he will gladly accept your New Year resolution to help out on the Ranch.

Ralph also was a founding member of the RSVP Foundation, so we now have a vacancy for a Scripps Ranch resident in that organization. Here too, you can call 566-6083 to fulfill your New Year’s resolution to help the Ranch or other people.

Tree Forts and Houses –Not in Open Space

Just a reminder that tree forts, tree houses, or other structures cannot be constructed on City-owned open space in Scripps Ranch or elsewhere. The City does not permit such construction because of the potential liability issues that have been raised previously.

When such activity is discovered on the Ranch, we first attempt to contact the individuals and ask them to remove the construction and recycle their lumber. In the absence of finding the owner or anyone claiming the structure, the City crews will remove the construction. Parents, please inform your young “engineers” so that they are not disappointed when their handiwork disappears.

Wall on Spring Canyon

At the Scripps Ranch Planning Group meeting in January, a proposal was made to erect a sound wall or some barrier along Chardonnay Place, parallel to Spring Canyon Road. Making the presentation were homeowners Jim Siselwitz and Jim Manion. One decisive rationale for such a request is possibly to mitigate road noise coming from traffic on Spring Canyon Road. The proposed wall perhaps could be six-foot high and about 900 linear feet long. An alternative of increasing the landscaping along Spring Canyon Road did not appear to be an acceptable solution. This matter was referred to City staff member Mr. Kevin Guy, so that the city could do an initial evaluation of the request.

Providing a Water Supply in Case of Emergency

The San Diego County Water Authority began developing plans in the early l990’s for emergency or alternative sources of water for San Diego in the event of major disruption of our present supply sources. Initially, this plan called for construction of aqueducts in trenches as is the usual procedure, and the EIR completed in l996 was certified.

When the plans were changed to include a connection to the Miramar Reservoir, the concept of drilling a tunnel was advanced as more cost effective and less disruptive for the community.

For the open trench technique to be used, Scripps Poway Freeway could have been partially closed for months. We all know how much traffic moves there now. The traffic probably would just have been diverted into our residential streets. We have done this before years ago when Pomerado Road was closed for widening, but it is not an ideal solution and has many adverse side effects.

Late in the year 2000, the Water Authority began drilling test borings to identify the subsurface composition, down to about 300 feet. This data will determine the rock conditions if the tunnel project is approved and built. This emergency storage project will increase the amount of water available in an emergency and is part of a $l.65 billion project.

The results of the drilling and a decision on the construction method to be used will be made in early 200l. Any impact on residences as well as residents will be published at that time. Few, if any impacts have been foreseen as the depth of the boring will be sufficiently deep to to preclude noise, vibration, land subsidence, and so forth.

The impacts, however, will be considered and Scripps Ranch informed. The Emergency Storage Project phone number is 877-426-2010 where additional information can be obtained.

Community Fair Planning Has Started

The second annual Community Fair to be held on Sunday, May 6, at the community park is now being planned. Wendy Littooy, SRCA Chair of the event, would like your suggestions for a theme, food, music, and other entertainment. Also, she’d like to know if you would like to help out in either planning or on the day of the event.

Does your community organization plan to be involved? If so, doing what? Mostly the Community Fair canvas is blank and we can have the fun of filling it in. Call Wendy at 635-6722 with all your wild, crazy ideas. We might just do them. But make the call now!

Last year we had music by The Heroes, an astro jump supervised by WAC, tables with information, a birthday cake since it was our birthday, and room to throw a frisbee. This year will be special because ….