Spring Garage Sale and Cleanup

The Spring Garage Sale and Clean Up Days have been scheduled for Saturdays, April 20 and 27, respectively. The garage sale again will be sponsored by Coldwell Banker Realty.

The Spring Clean Up Day is scheduled for Saturday, Apr. 27, from 8 am until the dumpsters are full or 1 pm, whichever comes first. The Kiwanis Club of Scripps/Mira Mesa will be onsite to coordinate. We plan to have Goodwill again for any discards and the City’s chipper truck for brush chipping.

The location for the Spring Clean Up will be at the same as for the past few years: 10300 Hoyt Park Drive behind the Hitachi building off of Scripps Ranch Boulevard. For those interested in participating, contact me at 271-1236 or by email at [[email protected]].

3rd Annual Scripps Ranch Community Faire

Spring is just around the corner and planning for the 3rd annual Scripps Ranch Community Faire is underway. The Faire, sponsored by your SRCA, will be at the Scripps Ranch Community Park on Sunday, May 19.

As the new chairperson of the Faire this year, I would really appreciate feedback from the Scripps Ranch community regarding what you would like to see or do at the Faire. This event is a perfect opportunity to meet your neighbors and spend a wonderful day outdoors with family and friends.

Would you be willing to help this year with the Faire? It takes many dedicated volunteers working behind the scenes to create all the fun events this community has to offer. Our committee is looking for volunteers to do all types of tasks.

We are really excited about expanding the format of the Faire to include more fun activities for children, for example inflatable jumps, slides, obstacle course, clown, face painting, balloons, and llama rides. We’ve already had some suggestions that there should be more food, such as cotton candy, snow cones, kettle corn, hot dogs, and some real “grown up foods” as well.

Hey, put on our dancin’ shoes Scripps Ranch, we’re really gonna have a good time. We’ll be rockin ‘n rollin’ to the beat of the “Bayou Brothers.” They will be playing music for us all during the Faire.

So, even if you are a “Seasoned Scrippy” or “New on the Ranch,” you’ll find all kinds of vendors, organizations, and businesses represented at the Faire. Meet them up close and personal.

Again, we want to hear your ideas. If you represent a business or organization that would like to have a booth at the Community Faire, please call me right away, Bev Cassity at 586-7933 or email me at [[email protected]]. Check out the April SRCA Newsletter for updates.

Walking Club Starts

Walk2Win is a new, goal-oriented walking club in Scripps Ranch that offers training, racing, fitness, and fun! Whether your goal is improved fitness, better health, weight loss, new friendships, or even to race, Walk2Win is designed to help you “win” at your personal goals.

Beginner through advanced walkers will receive quarterly training schedules, coached workouts, and racewalking instruction. Racewalking is a full-body workout that actually burns more calories than running. When done properly, racewalking is low impact and injury free. Remember, you do not have to race to racewalk.

Some of our walkers will be preparing for the Rock `n Roll marathon in June; others will train to improve their walking form and fitness. Coach and founder, Liz Kemp Salvato, is a Scripps Ranch resident with children at Miramar Ranch Elementary. She is a two-time Olympic trials qualifier and record-holder in the 50- and 100-mile walk. She earned her master’s degree in exercise physiology from SDSU and has worked professionally in cardiac rehabilitation, weight management, pre-and post-natal fitness, and corporate fitness. Our group will meet every Sunday morning at 7 am at Lake Miramar beginning Sunday, Mar. 3. To learn more about Walk2Win or to sign-up, you can visit our website at [www.walk2win.org] or call 566-8161.

Will You Support Symphony in the Park?

With this Newsletter, the fund drive to provide for another season of concerts in Hoyt Park has begun. This is a Scripps Ranch tradition that has a seventeen-year history. Each month, from May through September, and again in December, neighbors gravitate to the park at the intersection of Aviary Drive and Canyon Lake Drive to picnic, dance, sing along, and have a good time listening to the tunes of the most popular bands from San Diego.

If you are a Scripps Ranch resident, a community business owner, or, if your business thrives on the loyalty of Scripps Ranch residents–then you may want to support this community event. This tradition that so typifies Scripps Ranch can only continue with your support. This month you will find the Symphony in the Park donation envelope in the centerfold of the SRCA Newsletter. Please use it to give your support.

You can show your support in a number of ways:

  • Family Friend – $25;
  • Friend of Note – $50;
  • Business Friend – $125;
  • Patron – $500; or
  • Benefactor – $1,000.

Every donation is appreciated.

Please help by using the enclosed envelope to send in your donation and bring another year of music, dancing, picnics, and fun to our community. With your support, we’ll see you on Sunday, May 19, for our first concert when we kick off one more season of music, fun, friendship, dancing, sunshine, and blankets on the grass. You won’t be disappointed–unless you don’t find that envelope and send it today. All donations must by received by April 1.

Scripps Ranch GIS

A Geographic Information System (GIS) computer has been set up for general use in the Scripps Ranch Information Center. The computer is directly connected via private intranet to the SanGIS city and county databases. The system focuses on the Scripps Ranch area including portions of Mira Mesa, Sabre Springs, and Rancho Penasquitos. The system also has direct hot links to other government GIS databases such as SanDAG and ARJIS.

Many layers of map data are available for display, such as streets, plots, parks, open spaces, political districts, and public facilities such as schools, libraries, hospitals, recreation centers, police and fire stations, etc. Detailed information regarding any specific location can be accessed by a simple click on the displayed map. The system is useful in determining the information desired for large hard-copy maps that can be ordered from SanGIS.

There is no cost for on-line use of the system. However, there is a charge for the printed hard-copy maps that can be ordered and paid for at the Information Center. Payment currently must be made by check, but acceptance of credit cards is being explored. Training in use of the system will be provided by SanGIS based on demand; sign up at the Center or at [www.scrippsranch.org].

4th Annual Wine Tasting

On Saturday April 27, from 6 to 8:30 pm, meet your friends and neighbors at the Scripps Ranch Swim and Racquet Club for an evening of fun! Taste a variety of wines and beers; enjoy great food and music, and bid on your favorite live and silent auction items. All this for a donation of $20!

Taste a variety of specially selected Merlots, Cabernets, Chardonnays, and specialty beers. Enjoy great food from our restaurant sponsors and some talented Scripps Ranch chefs.

This event is the major annual fundraiser for Scripps Ranch High School girls athletic teams including field hockey, soccer, and softball and is put on by the parents’ booster club.

Tickets are now on sale and available at the Scripps Ranch Swim and Racquet Club located on Aviary Dr. near old Vons or by calling Donna Gaynor at 578-7355.

EBS Farmers Market and Spring Canyon Park Usage

Over the last couple of months the EB Scripps Elementary School Academic Fundraising Partnership (AFP) and the Scripps Ranch Recreation Council have been working to allow park usage and the EBS Farmers Market to co-exist with respect to the EBS parking lot.

The issue was that the Farmers Market is a good and worthwhile activity, but it was fully occupying the school’s parking lot, which is needed to support safe community usage of Spring Canyon Park, especially during Saturday mornings when the park is heavily used for youth league activities. During non-school hours, the parking lot is controlled by the City Park and Recreation Department.

When the City entered into the joint-use agreement with the school district to allow EBS to use Spring Canyon Park for a playground as well as part of its traffic flow, the school district assigned use of the school parking lot to the City Park and Recreation Department. In effect outside of school hours, the parking lot was not the school’s to use. Anyone who has been to Spring Canyon Park on a soccer or Little League Saturday understands how inadequate and unsafe its parking is. This was an important factor in allowing City park land to be used to facilitate the off-street traffic flow solution that is currently in place at EBS.

With the opening of the Farmers Market, all the available parking that was negotiated for Spring Canyon Park became virtually unusable for the park. Luckily the market opened in between seasons so we had an opportunity for the Recreation Council and the market to meet and work out a solution that will benefit both.

The plan is to move the Farmer’s Market, to the greatest extent possible, onto the school site and off the parking lot, as well as to mark and enforce the driveway between the park and school parking lots as a loading zone only. This plan should allow at least 100 parking spaces at EBS to be freed up for both park and market parking and provide a safe drop-off area for children who are using the park. Any portion of the parking lot determined to be needed for the actual Farmer’s Market will be removed from the joint-use contract, to allow the market to maintain some control of this area while freeing the City from any liability or maintenance issues. If the Farmers Market does require use of any of the EBS parking lot, the plan is to place the Dingeman school parking lot under joint usage to replace the lost parking.

The Recreation Council would like to thank the EBS AFP, EBS school principle and the City Park and Recreation staff for working with us to achieve a solution that will allow the Market to continue to provide a needed service to the community while still allowing the residents safe access to a heavily used park.

Study for a YMCA on the 4-acre Recreational Parcel

A joint subcommittee with representatives from the two planning groups [Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG) and Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee (MRNPC)], the Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA), and Scripps Ranch Recreation Council (SRRC) has been meeting since September 2001 to determine what recreational use should be made of the newly acquired 4-acre parcel.

After developing a list of both short-term and long-term uses that are potentially feasible, the subcommittee polled the greater Scripps Ranch community via a survey. Results of that survey are summarized on page 25 and are described in more detail on the SRCA website [www.scrippsranch.org].

Councilmember Brian Maienschein, informed the subcommittee that there is a high level of interest between the YMCA and the City of San Diego in developing the parcel. The City is interested in helping the project at the outset, which may include program studies and architectural drawings, and the Y has indicated an interest in helping with funds at the back end of the fundraising effort.

Based on the results of the survey, and the criteria for the parcel adopted by the subcommittee, each group (SRPG, MRNPC, SRCA, and SRRC) has approved a recommendation to have the City and the YMCA initiate a detailed evaluation assessing the feasiblity of using the site for a Y. This evaluation will identify what programs and facilities are desired, and will analyze funding requirements and sources.

If the evaluation determines a YMCA facility is feasible for our community, both a long-term and a short-term plan will be developed, with input from residents. These several steps, including a public forum, will take about 6 months.

Child Safety

In light of the child kidnapping in our neighboring community of Sabre Springs, child safety has been of great concern for many Scripps Ranch parents. San Diego Police Community Relations Officer Steve Higuera offers tips to keep your children safe.

As soon as your child can articulate a sentence, they can begin to learn how to protect themselves from abduction and exploitation. Children should be taught the following skills.

  • If you get separated from your parents in a public place, don’t wander around. Go to a checkout counter, security office, or the lost and found.
  • Don’t listen to people who ask you for directions, ask you to help look for a lost puppy, or who say your mom or dad is in trouble and they will take you to them.
  • If someone tries to take you somewhere, get away from him/her and scream.
  • Use the “buddy system” and never go places alone.
  • No one should ask you to keep a special secret. If he/she does, tell your parents or teacher.
  • If someone wants to take your picture, tell him/her “no” and tell your parents or teacher.
  • No one should touch you in the parts of your body covered by a bathing suit, nor should you touch anyone else there.
  • You have the right to say “no” to someone who tries to take you somewhere, touches you, or makes you feel uncomfortable in any way.

If you would like a group presentation on how to keep your children safe, call the Mira Mesa/Scripps Ranch Police Storefront at 538-8135 and ask for Paddy. Both parents and children can participate in this program.

Bsmart Internships

An exciting internship program is ready on-line to take applications from interested students. This program provides employer-paid work-based learning experiences during which a student accomplishes real work. Participating employers offer guidance, supervision, and evaluation of the intern’s work.

The internship program connects high school and college students to industries in the region that will offer future career opportunities, makes the connection between school and work, and helps the intern develop marketable skills for future employment. Internships are available in many fields. Qualified applicants are not guaranteed an internship, but every effort will be made to ensure at least one interview with an employer.

] for more information or to submit an application on-line. The program is supported by the school district and community colleges. All questions concerning the program should be emailed to [[email protected]] or call Mary Bostwick at SRHS at 621-9020, x132.