MAD Budgets

The annual budgets for our two Landscape Maintenance Assessment Districts (MADs) for fiscal year 2004 have just been completed, in consultation with the Park and Recreation Department. As you recall, both MADs were reapproved in a ballot measure this past year.

These budgets will be submitted to the city for inclusion in the annual budget. With concern about cuts in city services, it is essential that we receive the full measure of services from our MADs and the city. Over the years we have pioneered innovative ways to help the city and, of course, Scripps Ranch.

Every effort is made to ensure that all residents get "their money’s worth" from the assessment dollar in terms of appearance, services, and maintenance. Volunteers to assist in this vital community function are always needed! The city has required each MAD to accumulate five months operating reserve to anticipate possible delays in funding, yet continue operations. Hopefully, this accumulation of funds will be accomplished in fiscal year 2004.

The table below summarizes each MAD budget, which is shown separately because they operate under different charters. Notes are included below for additional clarification.

Scripps Miramar Ranch MAD

  1. The assessment rate includes the Consumer Price Index increase of 3.95%, and this is reflected in mandated city expense increases;
  2. The cost of water, electricity, and sewer increases are shown;
  3. City contributions from the general fund to maintain our playing fields remain the same as last year. We supervise the actual maintenance of Jerabek, Lakeview, and Cypress Canyon parks;
  4. The city charges for "management costs," or "our share of paying salaries for city officials providing management services," increased from $68,200; and,
  5. Special council office monetary contribution for LERP-infested tree removal is not included.

Miramar Ranch North MAD

  1. The two zones for assessment are shown;
  2. This budget reflects only the MAD activities and does not include Mello Roos payments or Homeowners Association payments, which are separate;
  3. Total acreages included in the MAD are now reflected in the budget;
  4. No city general funds are included in this budget, but remain in the Park and Recreation Department budget for the Community Park maintenance;
  5. Billing for water reflects the amount of acres now included in the open space district and the maintenance of center islands, etc.; and,
  6. City management cost increased from $49,044.

Bob Dingeman