Maienschein Still Investigating Dam Closure

I would like you to know that I have not yet received a response to my letter to Governor Gray Davis regarding the closure of the Miramar Lake dam. My letter stated, "As the San Diego City Councilmember for the Fifth District of San Diego, I respectfully request that you direct the California Department of Health Services to investigate options for providing pedestrian and recreational access across the dam at the Miramar Lake reservoir while still addressing security concerns. I understand the importance of protecting our state’s infrastructure and water supply, but I am committed to maintaining recreation opportunities for my constituents as they request."

I have asked for direction from the state on whether other similar dams are closed, and if recreation at those lakes or reservoirs is restricted. I may also seek the assistance of the California Department of Fish and Game to investigate the issue, as well as security experts. Another option being explored is the effectiveness of forming a citizens’ watch group to help monitor lake recreation and security at the dam.

I will keep you informed about this important issue through the SRCA Newsletter and on the SRCA website at []. Updates will also be given at community planning group meetings and SRCA meetings. Dates and times for those meetings are listed on page 4 of this Newsletter.

Councilmember Brian Maienschein

Dam Gates Set to Open on July 4th

The 25th Annual Fourth of July Scripps Ranch Run and Ride will take place on schedule this year. Like the 24 before it, the course is set to run, or ride, around the lake and over the dam. As most residents of Scripps Ranch know, the dam has become a major point of contention since it was abruptly gated off in the aftermath of September 11.

The Scripps Ranch Old Pros, a community group which supports youth athletics, has hosted the event for the past 20 years. Event chair Allen Flanders says that opening the dam gates was "darn tough." They could not have done it without support from Councilmember Brian Maienschein and a few dedicated Old Pros who worked very hard to make it happen.

The water department will allow a four-hour opening of the gates. The cost of security, to be provided by off-duty San Diego police officers, is very high.

The Scripps Ranch Old Pros invite the community to turn out in large numbers. We should show the water department how we feel about this tremendous recreational facility that has, for the most part, been shut down. Look for the Scripps Ranch 4th of July Run and Ride application in this Newsletter or go to our website at [] for details.

Kevin Clark

Summer Means Symphony in the Park

Eighteen years of Symphony in the Park is a long time. When you are in Hoyt Park enjoying the bands that have been featured over the years, you are surrounded by neighbors. All come to share good music, good friends, good food, and great times the Scripps Ranch way.

Many people there have probably been participating for all 18 years. Some are joining us for the first time. A few people hear about our concerts when they are looking into buying a home in this area. They come to see if what they hear about our community spirit is really true. And it sure is! Many come to hear their favorite bands, to dance to their favorite tunes, or to get lost in the rhythms on a summer evening.

Whatever your reason, the tradition continues on Sunday, June 9. Join us at 6 pm at Hoyt Park, on the corner of Aviary and Canyon Lake.

We just have time before school lets out for the summer to enjoy the best of San Diego’s regional Air Band finalists from community high schools. Come survey the talent, and perhaps you will see some of your own neighbors on stage! Be sure to pack a blanket, low chairs, your dancing shoes, and a picnic basket, or call for a pizza delivery to the park. Get in on 18 years of a good thing.

M’Lu Colbourn

Help Plan the Future

Would you like to help plan the future of Miramar Ranch North? You can have your voice heard by joining the Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee (MRNPC). It’s a great way to get involved with your community and share your ideas.

The MRNPC has five vacancies. If you would like to join this important committee, turn to page 25 for details.

State Route 56 On the Road to Completion

Councilmember Brian Maienschein confirmed that the city of San Diego has successfully completed all its obligations required to complete the construction of State Route 56. All property has been purchased, all participation agreements between the city, CalTrans, and developers have been completed, and construction remains on schedule to open the freeway in July 2004.

Maienschein says that growing up on the I-15 corridor, he remembers all the empty promises made about completing State Route 56. He says now he is proud to be part of the team directing the actual completion of this valuable transportation project.

Speed Monitors

As we all know, speeding on Scripps Ranch streets is a big problem. There are two speed monitors used in the Scripps Ranch and Mira Mesa areas. One was purchased by the SRCA, the other by the city. The speed monitors alert you to how fast you are driving.

The Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol (RSVP) sets up the monitor on streets where there have been complaints. You may have seen these monitors. They digitally tell you how fast you are driving as you pass by.

Recently the RSVP set up the speed monitor at the following locations. Next to each location is the number of vehicles monitored and, out of those vehicles, how many were speeding.

  • Ironwood–122 monitored, 62 speeding;
  • Scripps Lake Drive–57 monitored, 15 speeding;
  • Aviary–31 monitored, 13 speeding;
  • Scripps Trail–77 monitored, 59 speeding;
  • Timberlake–102 monitored, 61 speeding;
  • Negley–38 monitored,10 speeding.

At some locations, the monitor has been set up more than once and RSVP will continue to do so. If you would like to have it posted on your street for speed monitoring and control, please call the San Diego police storefront at 538-8120.

SRHS Student Gets Honor

Governor Gray Davis has announced that Cindy Nguyen of Scripps Ranch High School is one of two students statewide selected to represent California in the 39th session of the National Youth Science Camp. Cindy was chosen from a field of 40 applicants whose high school academic backgrounds demonstrate a profound interest in science. She will graduate from SRHS and has excelled in her studies.

Cindy has received many awards for her exemplary performance with the Air Force Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps. She has also demonstrated a dedication to her community through volunteer work.

The National Youth Science Camp annually invites 102 student delegates– two from each state and the District of Columbia–to a four-week summer forum. The camp is held near the National Radio Astronomy Observatory at Green Bank, WV. Delegates exchange ideas with leading scientists and other professionals from academic and corporate worlds.

Backyard Fox

We know we live in an area where there are wild animals. We see them once in a while, but they usually run off so quickly we do not have an opportunity to take pictures of them. On the morning of April 10, a grey fox was in the backyard of Ewald and Eva Dassler. Eva grabbed her camera and took a few shots of the animal before it jumped on the fence and disappeared.

Since Eva took the pictures, the animal has come back every day. The Dasslers say they know when the fox comes because the crows announce the visit. They live on Pointed Oak Lane in La Quintana. They do not have any pets, so the fox was probably just crossing through their property in search of food.

Al Rojales of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s San Diego office says that grey foxes are common to this area. They do not usually get near humans, in fact if you make noise, most times they will run off. You or your children should never approach a wild animal. You can never tell if it is sick or has rabies.

You can tell the difference between a fox and a coyote by its size. A fox is usually no bigger than a house cat and it climbs well. Therefore, fences do not hinder the animals.

Al says that in order to deter the grey foxes and other wild animals from coming into your yard, do not leave food or water out, even for your own pets. Watch your young children as they play outside. Keep your small pets indoors since foxes prey on them. Also, be sure your pet’s vaccinations are up-to-date.

Al says you do not need to call officials if you see a fox. In fact, he says they are good to have around since they eat rodents and other vermin. However, if a wild animal causes a problem, such as attacking your pet or digging up your yard, call the Fish and Game Office in San Diego at 467-4201.

Pollution Prevention

Many of you who visited the Information Center booth at the Scripps Ranch Community Faire last month received information on the city’s new Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program. Others may recall seeing the public service announcements, featuring little yellow ducks, on television.

The information represents the city’s initial efforts to tell the public about a health and quality of life issue. Many of our beach and bay closings have nothing to do with sewer spills. In fact, they are caused by industry, commercial establishments, and some of us, putting materials into the city’s storm drain system that do not belong there.

Our storm drain pipes and channels are designed to carry only rainwater. Storm water is not treated by wastewater treatment plants. What we place in our gutters and storm drains ends up untreated in our local waterways.

The problem is especially acute during rainy weather. The runoff picks up automotive fluids, brake dust, leaves, grass clippings, pet waste, pesticides, fertilizers, mop water, and dirt and flushes it down to our beaches and bays. In the near future, we will all be asked to, among other things, change the way we wash our cars, fertilize our lawns, care for our pets, and clean our sidewalks and driveways.

Recognizing the community pride and involvement of our Scripps Ranch residents, city staff at the Information Center will be happy to arrange presentations on the city’s Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program for your group or organization. Call us at 538-8200. Informational brochures are also available at the center.

Clay Bingham, Center Manager

A New Face at the Information Center

At the Information Center, we say goodbye to community service center specialist Deloris Allen-Beltran. Deloris has been an important member of the center staff. She was friendly, helpful, and always went out of her way to serve the community. She is moving to a center closer to her home.

As we say goodbye to Deloris, we say hello to Mike Young. Mike has been with the city program for over four years and is extremely knowledgeable. He excels in the area of customer service and was awarded the City Manager’s Customer Service Award for 2001. This award is a big honor, with only 1% of city employees receiving it.

Mike is a leader in the program, and assists with the training of new specialists. He will be a great addition to the Scripps Ranch team and is really looking forward to working with the community. Stop by the Information Center and welcome Mike.

Jerabek Art Show

Jerabek Elementary School’s Art Corps program will have a special Art Show at the Information Center. It is on Saturday, June 22, from 10 am to 3 pm. Don’t miss the students’ works of art!

Lakeview Park Benches

New park benches and tables have been installed at Lakeview Park to replace the ones broken and destroyed by vandals. This was done at the direction of Councilmember Brian Maienschein and with the assistance of resident Linda Roth and others.

Linda worked with Councilmember Maienschein and his staff to order new benches and have them installed. They also worked to ensure the park is protected and locked at appropriate hours. This is a great example of a community taking back its park and restoring its beauty for everyone to enjoy.

Successful Fundraiser

A total of $125 and 29 books were donated to the Scripps Ranch Friends of the Library at a special salute to mom that was hosted by the Scripps Ranch Marketplace in May. With the donation of either a book or $5, visitors received a free photo with mom.

Back on the Ranch

The Scripps Performing Arts Centre (SPAC), the oldest Scripps Ranch children’s dance and performing arts studio, returns to Scripps Ranch on Monday, June 10. The new studio is located across from Scripps Ranch High School.

The move brings the studio and children’s dance company back to the heart of Scripps Ranch after a two-year hiatus in Miramar. Angela Amoroso, founder and artistic director of the 14-year-old company, says the new space gives the company room to grow for many years.

For more information, call 586-7834, visit [], or drop by the new studio at 9920 Scripps Lake Drive, suite 104. A free class is offered for new students in either tap, jazz, ballet, pre-pointe, or pointe dance classes.

SPAC and its students have raised $17,000 for the Scripps Ranch Library from their various productions.

Starring Roles for Dingeman Students

The Scripps Ranch Performing Arts Centre (SPAC) announces Danielle Amato and Rachel Irelan will share the role of Princess Golah in this year’s production of "Earthkalah."

Eleven-year-old Danielle is a Scripps Ranch resident and a 6th grader at Dingeman Elementary School. She has been dancing with SPAC for seven years.

Rachel is 10 years old and a 5th grade student at Dingeman. She has also been with SPAC for seven years.

The girls are returning veterans of the production. Their hard work and dancing experience has led them to their significant roles.

"Earthkalah" is an original fairy tale explaining the environmental concerns that face our planet. It is a narrated dance concert extravaganza featuring ballet, jazz, karate, and a sign-language interpreter. It was written in 1988 by Artistic Director Angela Amoroso.

Tickets are now on sale. Performances are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, June 28, 29, and 30, at the SRHS theater. Tickets may be purchased by calling 586-7834. Tickets will be available the day of the show, space permitting, at the Scripps Ranch High School theater. Prices are $10 for advance tickets, $12 the day of the show.

Proceeds from "Earthkalah 2002" go toward a new scholarship fund at SRHS for graduating seniors looking to pursue a future in environmental studies and the arts. Recipients for the new scholarship program will be selected by Super*Kids. If you would like more information, call 586-7834 or visit their website at [].