Symphony Gives 3 Good Reasons to Rock in July

Get your dancing shoes ready this month as three bands make their way to Hoyt Park to entertain and delight those of you who love to dance. We kick off Independence Day at 10 am with our own entry in the parade. You might spot one or two of your own neighbors going down the parade route as Legal Tender adds great sounds from Red Cedar to Hoyt Park. Don’t be shy to get up and dance with us; it’s been our experience that when Legal Tender is playing you just can’t sit still.

Then be sure to follow the parade right down into Hoyt Park for all the Ranch festivities there. SRCA is hosting an ice cream social at 11:30 am and you can find a good spot on the grass and enjoy one of our all-time favorite bands, The Fabulous Pelicans, at 12:30 pm. Rumor has it we just can’t seem to put on a concert series without them (and it must be true!) Bobby and Caroline have a way of reaching out to people of all ages, so it will be a fun time for the entire family, and a great way to celebrate Independence Day and our incredible neighborhood.

Then, on Sunday, July 23, as if this weren’t enough already, there will be another concert, this time featuring a band new to the Ranch: Breezin, at 6 pm in Hoyt Park. This band is known for variety. You’ll hear jazz, blues, reggae, pop, rock, retro, swing, ballads, and classics. They can play it all, and they have performed all over San Diego. We welcome them for their first concert here and already know you’ll enjoy them.

We hope you join us for all three. Bring your picnic, your blanket, your suntan lotion, your favorite beverage… and of course, your dancing shoes, and we’ll see you there! Concerts are sponsored by the Old Pros and Women’s Athletic Club. They are fully supported by community businesses and residents. Co-chairs for the 2000 season are Cheryl Pritchard at 578-2536 and Phill Hansen at 693-1761.

M’Lu Colbourn

Young People and Curfew

Please be reminded that even in the summer, the curfew for young people remains in effect.

Farmer’s Market Found a Home at Miramar College

After many months of trying, we finally will have a farmer’s market nearby. Beginning July 20, the market will operate each Thursday afternoon from 2 to 6 pm at Miramar College, located off Black Mountain Road just south of Mira Mesa Blvd. If you have any questions, please call Barry at 760-631-0200.

New Playground Equipment at Jerabek Park

The Scripps Ranch Landscape Maintenance District just completed removing the old sand from Jerabek Park and putting in washed silica sand. The new sand pictured below is heathier, a delight to play in, and of course looks much better. We are recycling the old sand into the open space as it was packing down very hard. The project was funded by the Scripps Ranch Landscape Maintenance District, which is supported by your local property tax assessments of about $74 per year.

We have found that this new sand is finer and will spread around more readily. So we will sweep it back into the play area daily except Saturday. But please note. If you run after your child on the concrete sidewalk, you can slip and fall on your pride. We already have had our first slip; so be careful and enjoy!

Bob Dingeman

Scripps Ranch Recreation Center Now Open

Yes, it is true. After many months of anticipation, the Scripps Ranch Recreation Center is now open for use. And within moments of its opening, it received an architectural design award for its creative integration of gym, multi-purpose rooms, and outside spaces.

The 17,000-square-foot rec center will become an important part of the Scripps Ranch community, providing indoor recreational opportunities including basketball, volleyball, badmitton, gymnastics, dance, and arts and crafts. Originally scheduled to open in September 1999, the center also will become an important part of the physical education program for Marshall Middle School students next fall.

Newly hired Rec Center Director Kathy Lawler is in the process of hiring additional staff and defining the center’s program, which will include time for open play, time assigned to specific groups, and City-offered programs. This organization likely will take a few weeks, so please be patient as the center becomes fully operational. The Rec Center phone number is 538-8085, which is listed under Sports in the Directory pages of each Newsletter, and we expect that the center will have email access soon. Questions about programs at the center or its operation should be directed either to staff at the center, or to the Scripps Ranch Rec Council, which meets the second Tuesday of each month at 7 pm at the Rec Center.

The Rec Center is located in the Scripps Ranch Community Park at the intersection of Blue Cypress and Cypress Canyon Roads. McMillin Communities oversaw planning, design, and construction of the center, ensuring that it met the multiple needs of both the city and the school district. RNP Architects under the direction of Ralph Roesling, designed the center and were instrumental in working closely with community members to create a highly functional, as well as artistically pleasing addition to the Scripps Ranch community.

At the dedication ceremony on June 3, Kim Elliott, McMillin vice president and project manager, thanked the many partners in creating the center, and said “We are very proud at McMillin to have been able to provide this asset to the community. It is especially gratifying that it will serve so many children.”

“This project is one of a kind,” said City Councilmember Barbara Warden. “It is a joint effort between the city, the school district, and McMillin.” Warden also praised the McMillin organization for spearheading the project. “No builder is better to work with than Corky McMillin.” City Manager and Scripps Ranch resident Michael Uberuaga also noted, “My grandchild has played in this park and it is indeed a beautiful facility.”

Attending the dedication ceremony were about 100 individuals who worked on design and construction of the building, including SRCA’s representative Wes Danskin, the city’s Director of Park and Recreation Marcia McLatchy, and Thurgood Marshall Middle School Vice Principal David Braun.

The recreation center includes a full gymnasium with striping for basketball, volleyball and badminton, and a community multipurpose wing that houses classrooms, a full kitchen with passbar to an outside patio, and centralized office space. The classroom space can be divided up into different size class areas for meetings or recreational activities.

Built of multi-hued concrete block with colorful stone accents, the building, shown on the cover of this Newsletter, features a dramatic arched roof and a 3-story-high tower, a pedestrian breezeway that leads visitors through the center to the park, and structures designed to create shaded outdoor spaces.

Free Dog Wash to Benefit Canine Companions

Paw print your calenders once again on Saturday, July 15, for this very popular event! From 9 am to 3 pm, the Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) volunteers will be on hand to suds up your pet with great pet soaps from HydroSurge and fluffed dried with towels donated by Mission Linens. For the great people who bring their pets by, there will be coffee from Starbucks and bagels from Bruegger’s while you wait.

Those participating also will be eligible to win a certificate at Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza. There will be a raffle table as well as an information booth with CCI pups in training for petting and cuddling! Pets will receive tennis balls donated by PetCo and biscuits and bandanas donated by IAMS.

CCI is a non-profit organization that enhances the lives of people with disabilities by providing highly trained assistance dogs and ongoing support to ensure quality partnerships.

Don’t miss this event, it’s a great time for all! For more information or to volunteer, please call Jonna Lanigan at 586-0259.

Reviving the Chinese American Club

We are reviving the Chinese American club with a summer social at the end of July 2000! Please call Ruth Lim at 693-1962 or Linda Wu at 689-8191 for information or if you would like to join us.

Ruth Lim

Honoring RSVP Members

The Scripps Ranch Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol (RSVP) was organized five years ago with a grant from the SRCA of $5,000. Since that date, it has grown to 60+ members who patrol the streets of both Scripps Ranch and Mira Mesa. They also provide vacation checks, visit people who are shut-in their homes, provide patrols for our library and schools, and provide other valuable services. They are an extension, and a very valuable extension, of the Police Department who cannot perform these services for individual citizens.

The following members of the patrol have been honored by the RSVP Board of Directors headed by Marvin Miles and Secretary Bob Dingeman for their years of service.

  • Five years: George Angell, Nate Burns, Larry Fromwiller, Charles Miller, Jim Bown, Jim Hearn, Wally Williams, and Arnie Fluster;
  • Four years: Norm Linsky;
  • Three years: Flo Distabile, Dale Iwig, Emma Minch, Tom Davis, Robert Long, and Henry Ossi;
  • Two years: Jim Creswell, Art Foster, Dick Martel, Ralph Weismann, Oliver Cromwell, Vern Hudson, and Ken Olinger;
  • One year: Bernabe Paragas, Betty Jones, and Robert Runyon.

Assistant Administrator Larry Brady was honored for 5 years of service. Our thanks to all, who were awarded new name tags with appropriate service stars.

Bob Dingeman, Secretary


Join me in thanking a wonderful couple, who I saw the other day in one of our local parks, making a difference on the Ranch! I approached them to get their name, but they preferred to remain anonymous.

On their daily walk, they carry empty grocery bags (and no, they did not have a dog) and a “long-reach, trash-pick device,” and they collect trash dumped by others along their walking route. Then they carefully deposit it at a trash can. What an excellent example of volunteering while exercising and making a difference in our community! Makes me proud of having these “Ranchers” for my neighbors, wherever they live!

Luis Biaggi

Killer Bees?

We recently received a call from a concerned mother who had been chased by bees for about one-quarter to one-half mile while she was walking around Miramar Lake. She is fine, but concerned that the bees might have been the Africanized, much more agressive strain. We have referred the matter to the City and County and will report back to you what we find out. In the meantime, caution in the open spaces is warranted.

1st Annual Community Fair

The first annual Scripps Ranch Community Fair held in May at the Scripps Ranch Community Park was a great success! The weather was perfect, entertainment by The Heroes was fantastic, and the cake and drinks were served all afternoon. Several community organizations had information booths, the fire department arrived with their trucks, and the two Astro jumps were constantly filled with kids.

Thanks to everyone who volunteered their time to make this happen! A special thanks to:

  • Pam Montenelli for arranging for, delivering, and cutting the cakes for 700+ people;
  • Dave Berry for arranging for and hanging banners; the McMillin Companies for donating the soft drinks;
  • the Womens Athletic Club for supervising the Astro jumps all day;
  • our own Engine Company #37 for bringing their fire and paramedic trucks and showing the kids all their gear; and
  • the Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol for managing the traffic flow.

Thanks also to Bob Dingeman and Wes Danskin who provided the guidance and support to make this happen.

Our first year’s festivities started at 1 pm because we wanted to ensure all the families could go to church, or finish their early morning softball games, before heading out to join us for music and dancing. Rented generators supplied the electrical power for the music and Astro jumps, and eight 2-ft. by 3-ft. cakes and hundreds of cans of soda provided the caloric energy needed to dance until 5 pm. The firefighters taught us about first aid, and the children taught us about creative play and dancing barefoot.

We plan to make this an annual event, with improvements every year! What should we plan to do next year? Maybe try adding a bar-be-que and crafts? How about a hay ride? If you have suggestions for next year, please let me know at 635-6722 or via email to [[email protected]].

Wendy Littooy