The Final Showdown Tuesday, Oct. 17, at 9 am

The final showdown to determine the fate of the Scripps Ranch business park will occur on Tuesday, Oct. 17, at 9 am at City Council. We need your presence. Call your friends and neighbors, organize carpools, and join us in making sure that the business park is not converted to a sea of apartments.

As you read in last month’s SRCA Newsletter, the developers of the business park have resorted to a deceiving “Friends of Scripps Ranch” mass mailer in a desperate attempt to find a few folks that may succumb to a professional PR spin. The mailer claims decreased overall traffic (ignoring directional gridlock issues), a “new” community park (which already exists and can remain without the apartments), and no mention whatsoever of jeopardizing the last remaining acreage available to relocate the community’s significantly overcrowded middle school.

Scripps Ranch did well at the City Planning Commission hearing in August, but that just set the stage for this final showdown, where the City Council will make the final decision on the rezone application. The City Council chambers are on the 12th floor of the City Administration Building, located at 202 C Street, downtown. Parking can be found at the City and Civic Center parking structure directly north of the City Administration Building or in the ground lot directly east of Sempra’s building.

There will be planned presentations by the Scripps Ranch and Miramar Ranch North planning groups, SRCA, and the SOS Ranch coalition to ensure City Council has accurate information to evaluate. However, there is tremendous power in having the City Council see a large number of concerned citizens in the audience. You won’t need to speak, but we will have a one-time “stand and notice our numbers” moment during the SOS Ranch presentation.

It’s ok to bring children to the proceedings, particularly those of the age that have experienced the beauty of the pond and trees, which this rezone places in jeopardy. In addition, any future Marshall students who will be impacted by the inability to relocate a right-sized middle school are encouraged to attend. This certainly will be an excellent and memorable learning experience in the world of politics and land-use. Boy Scouts will see citizenship in action and can complete merit badge requirements that they won’t soon forget.

So, mark your calendars now for Tuesday, Oct. 17, at 9 am for the City Council “Final Showdown.” You can learn more about the issue by reading last month’s SRCA Newsletter, which also is online at [].

In addition, the SOS Ranch coalition continues soliciting your financial participation to support the legal bills incurred in making certain the community duplicates it’s Planning Commission victory at City Council. SOS Ranch is expending funds to designate the Meanley Wall as an official historical site, so that it and the aesthetic pond and tree area southeast of the Library remain untouched. Please visit our website at [] to learn more, and send your donations toward maintaining our Scripps Ranch quality of life to SOS Ranch, 10495 Canyon Lake Drive, SD, 92131. Thank you!

Eucalyptus on the Mend

The small wasp from Australia which is a natural enemy of Lerp was released in Scripps Ranch this week. As you recall, I had written to the California State Agricultural Department and the UC researchers and had offered that Scripps Ranch was a good controlled area for the release. I am happy to report that we are one of the first areas to have the release of l00 of these wasps, and we hope for the best.

There has been some delays in breeding the wasp and they hope to increase their production to about l,000 a week. Results are encouraging that the wasp is effective, but it will take some time for the wasp to propogate and restore a natural balance again. More information about the wasp and its release is in a San Diego Union Tribune article on Sept. 16.

As we suggested in our previously, do not use insecticides on your trees which could kill this special insect friend. Let us be patient and let this natural partner do its thing for us. We look forward to assisting in any way we can with this program which means so much to Scripps Ranch and all of California affected by the Lerp. About 30% of our trees are eucalyptus so we need the help.

What a pleasure it is to live in a community with a reputation for creative thinking, determined action, and a willingness to go beyond the normal. Let’s keep it up so this new approach pays off.

No Haunted House?

Please let it be known throughout Scripps Ranch that there will be no haunted house this year! We are still looking for new blood to take over this long-standing Scripps Ranch tradition!

Any Scripps Ranch community group or school group who is interested, please contact Linda or Andy Nicholas at 566-3854. The event is not hard to do, but we need a break. Please don’t let this wonderful Scripps Ranch tradition die!

Last Cans for Cubs :(

We regret to report that Saturday, Oct. 7, will be our last Cans for Cubs curbside pick-up. Due to the success of the City recycling program, there have been few cans to pick up, and homeowners find the city-provided blue bins more convenient.

We thank you all for your support and participation in the many years that we have been conducting this program. We will continue our recycling efforts by placing collection containers in areas that do not provide curbside pick-up.

{Ed note: Thank you and all the participating residents for your years of work on this now popular action. You and the Boy Scouts with recycling of newspapers were ahead of your time.]

Fall Garage Sale — Oct. 14

The fall community-wide Garage Sale, sponsored by Prudential Realty, will be held on Saturday, Oct. 14. If you would like to list your house as having a garage sale, please call 653-6440. Signs for individual garage sales, and maps of all the garage sales in Scripps Ranch will be available at the Prudential office located in Scripps Plaza on Hibert Street–the old Boll Weevil building–on Friday Oct. 13.

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity; it keeps your home and the Ranch cleaner. The next community-wide garage sale will be on March 31, 2001.

Fall Cleanup Day — Oct. 21

The fall community-wide Cleanup Day will be held on Saturday, Oct. 21. Beginning at 8 am, volunteers will meet on Meanley Drive off Scripps Ranch Blvd. to be assigned an area, unless you have a particular preference. We’ll have coffee, donuts, and water for our volunteers until noon. Maps of favorite cleanup sites, such as along streets and trails, will be furnished along with bags and pickup tools.

We will have trash bins, a chipper for your greenery, and Goodwill trucks for your donations. No paint or other hazardous materials will be accepted. The Cleanup hours are extended to 2 pm when the dumpsters will be removed. This gives additional time for residents who may be involved in other activities on the Ranch to participate.

We welcome scout groups, local clubs, and of course, groups of neighbors to participate. If you have a favorite spot to help beautify, please let us know in advance so we don’t assign it to someone else. Also, if you can’t physically help at this time, please help us spread the word and remind your neighbors.

Please remember that the cleanup is over when the bins are full, or at 2 pm. Please do not leave items outside the bins, as it is illegal and we must pay to have it removed. Make sure you take advantage of this free service provided by SRCA and the Kiwanis Club. The next community-wide cleanup will not be until April 7, 2001.

Symphony in the Park Gives Thanks for Your Support

The entire Symphony in the Park Committee would like to extend our thanks to all of those in our Scripps Ranch community who somehow supported this year’s concert series. Without the generous support of so many people who have helped us with their donations of time, money, and talent we would not have been able to host these concerts.

We are grateful for the financial contributions we received from our benefactors, patrons, and families. The money we gathered between February and April made it possible to contract with our bands, and with the sound and lighting company, and to provide restroom facilities at the park. Monetary donations from as little as $25 to as much as $1,000 gave us a budget with which to work.

The support of the SRCA and the Parks and Recreation always has been vital to our ongoing concerts. Year after year they have helped us through planning, staging, coordinating, and maintaining these concerts. We always find them to be agreeable and excited about our commitment to this community.

We are indebted to the individuals who live on the outskirts of Hoyt Park who put up so graciously with the people, the cars, the traffic, and the noise generated by each concert. We know how fortunate we are to have such great neighbors living near the site of these concerts, as they have activity around their homes from early in the morning to way after dark.

We thank photographer Marty Mann, from the Scripps Ranch Old Pros, who very generously took outstanding photographs of our concerts this year. You’ll be seeing some of his work in future issues of this Newsletter.

And of course, our thanks would not be complete without including the families who attended the concerts. It made our efforts worthwhile when we looked out across the park and saw so many friends and neighbors enjoying themselves at each concert. That’s what this has all been about…coming out for awhile to enjoy this fantastic community we all call “home.”

As I write this we are about to leave for the last concert of the summer. School has begun again, the weather is showing signs of cooling, and there won’t be another Sunday quite like this for a long time. It has been a fun season with some old bands, some new bands, and a lot of terrific music and dancing.

We’ve enjoyed rock and roll, jazz, a little blues, some reggae, and fantastic renditions of the Star Spangled Banner from each of our bands–did you get goose bumps like I did? The picnics were the best, the smiles were plentiful, and the community pride has been right up there where it always is.

Thank you, neighbors. Once again, together we’ve made something special happen here in Scripps Ranch. Mark your calendar now for our special Christmas Concert when you can sing along and show your holiday spirit. We’ll be in Hoyt Park again on Sunday, Dec. 3, at 5 pm. Sing with you then!

Scripps Ranch Art Club

Join the new Scripps Ranch Art Club. The first meeting will be Monday, Oct. 23, at the Scripps Ranch Community Recreation Center, 11454 Blue Cypress Drive, at 7:30 pm. All interested art lover’s are encouraged to join us! Meetings are free. For $30, you can become a member and receive a newsletter, a membership card good for art-store discounts, and be eligible to show your work at yearly art shows.

Cathy Carey will lead the meetings with discussions about all aspects of art, including: using different media, demos in all media, use of materials, talks about famous artists and art movements, such as California Impressionism and Plein air painting.

The first meeting will involve information on the new club and a talk on Monet’s gardens in Giverny France, where Cathy recently spent a month painting. For information, please call Cathy at 578-9906.

Komen Race for the Cure

Once again the friends of Scripps Ranch will run/walk a 5K on Sunday, Nov. 5, in Balboa Park for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure to help raise money and awareness for breast cancer.

Did you know that breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths among women ages 40-59, that during this year, 182,800 women will be diagnosed with the disease and 40,800 women will die from it, and that 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime? Also did you know that most women who are diagnosed early will survive the disease?

We in Scripps Ranch are very fortunate in the many things we have and yet all of us have been touched through relatives, friends, or personally by this horrible disease. Why don’t you come run/walk with us on November 5 and help us eradicate this life threatening disease. Please call Cindy at 578-5258 for more information or to sign up.

A Water Tunnel Under SR

The County Water Authority unveiled a plan at the SRCA meeting to construct a new aqueduct under, not through Scripps Ranch. Yes, the plan is to bore hundreds of feet beneath the homes of Scripps Ranch from about the intersection of Pomerado and Spring Canyon Roads in order to deliver water to Miramar Reservoir. This method would not tear up our local streets, but it does raise many questions about posible impacts on homes. This is not part of the expansion of the Water Treatment Plant which we have reported in detail. Stay tuned for more information in a future Newsletter.

Campfire Cookbook

I’m a Senior Girl Scout and I have created a Campfire Cookbook for my Gold Award project. The cookbook is available on the internet at [].

The cookbook includes snacks, main dishes, and desserts divided by ability level for Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, and older Girl Scouts. It also includes activities to do while the food is cooking and graces to use before eating. I hope you enjoy the recipes.

New Playgroup Forming

Come join a new Scripps Ranch Playgroup for babies born June 1999 to January 2000. This is a great way for you and your child to make friends and to enjoy talking with parents of similar-aged children. Our first get together will be on Thursday, Oct. 5, at 11 am. For details, please call Stacey at 695-0332 or Carron at 695-1628. See you there!

Art Class at the Rec Center

The Scripps Ranch Community Recreation Center is now offering classes in art for children and adults. Classes are 1 hour in length and are on Wednesdays. All materials are supplied; students must bring their own canvas. The instructor is well-known artist Cathy Carey. Call the Rec Center at 538-8085 to sign up.