Contacting the SRCA Newsletter

The SRCA Newsletter staff can be contacted via email at [email protected] or via U.S. mail at: Scripps Ranch Civic Association; 10755-F Scripps Poway Parkway PMB # 613; San Diego, CA 92131. The Advertising Manager can be contacted separately as described below.


The SRCA Newsletter is delivered free of charge by volunteers to all the homes in the Scripps Ranch-Miramar Ranch North area. Approximately 50 copies are mailed to public officials and other interested parties. Circulation is 11,470 as of November 2012. Subscriptions are available for $72 per year.

Article Submissions

Articles submitted for consideration for publication should be short, factual and approximately 250 words in length. Articles may be edited. Please include phone numbers of contact persons mentioned in articles, as well as the name and phone number of person(s) submitting articles. Include the date and day of the week for any upcoming event. Email submissions are preferred.

Submission deadlines vary each month. Check page 4 of the Newsletter for the submission deadline date.

Photo Submissions

Having high quality photos in the SRCA Newsletter is one of our primary goals. To achieve this, we have the following photo submission guidelines.

Hard copy photographs in color or in black and white should be printed on glossy paper by a photo developing and printing company, just as you would process pictures from your home camera. Photo size should be no smaller than 4 inches by 6 inches. We cannot use photographs produced on a computer printer because they do not publish well. Electronic photos in color or in black and white that are submitted via disk or email should be saved at 300 dpi and formatted as an EPS or a TIF format. Size should be no smaller than 4 inches by 6 inches. JPEG is an acceptable format at 300 dpi, but may result in a poorer quality product. Photos of people should be close-up, focusing on faces. Team photos generally do not publish well; multiple rows of individuals are better than 1 or 2 wide rows. Whiter photos are better than darker photos. The SRCA Newsletter staff reserves the right to use, edit, or crop photos. Photos may be used for a specific issue or archived for future use by the SRCA. Not all photos may be published. Photographs cannot be returned. We appreciate your help in making photos an outstanding part of the SRCA Newsletter.

Advertising Submissions

Advertising can be contacted by email here ([email protected])

Please phone the Advertising Manager at 858-271-8523 only between 9 am and 5 pm. Advertising MUST be submitted in digital format (PDF), by the 10th of the month to the Advertising Manager and maybe paid by check or credit card. PDF format is preferred for classifieds, but not necessary.

All advertising is accepted on a space-available, first-come-first-served basis.

As a community Newsletter, we reserve the right to refuse any ad.

Advertising space is limited in each issue. In particular, the number of double, full-page, and half page ads is limited, and the total number of ad pages is limited. A backup list for ads will be maintained. Reservations for space in the next issue of the Newsletter will be accepted, on a space-available basis, beginning on the 1st day of the preceding month. Advertising copy with payment is due on or before the 10th of the month. For example, reservations for an ad in the July issue will be accepted beginning June 1; payment and copy will be due by June 10.

Advertising space can be reserved ahead of time for one issue per quarter. Quarters are defined as January-March, April-June, July-September, and October-December. Payment is due at the time of reservation and secures that price regardless of any subsequent increase in advertising rates. Reservations for the next year are accepted beginning November 1.

Advertising Rates

Monthly ad rates are determined by the SRCA Executive Board; sizes listed below are width by height; no inserts or other sizes are accepted. Classified ads also are published on the SRCA web page and the digital version of the SRCA Newsletter.

The SRCA Executive Board approved Newsletter advertising rates, effective October 1, 2016, as following:

Classified ad, extended obituary $4 per 40-character line
Business cards (3.5 inches by 2.0 inches) $65
Quarter page (3.5 inches by 4.75 inches) $135
Half page – (7.5 by 4.75 inches, or 3.5 by 10.0 inches) $270
Full page (7.5 inches by 10.0 inches) $520
Inside covers $650
Back cover $725
Double page $1,300