Scripps Ranch High School (SRHS)

New Regulations at SRHS

Scripps Ranch High School interim principal, Dr. Shirley Peterson, opened the school when the year started. We were fortunate to get the wonderful services of an experienced and no nonsense retired high school principal. We met with Dr. Peterson and explained our perception of some of the actions needed to address the identified problems enumerated in our community meeting.

Below is a list of the items that Dr. Peterson reported. The actions are in effect and are most germane to creating the best possible educational atmosphere and to reducing tensions.

A. Lunch hour supervision

This was an area cited as needing greater supervision. Therefore, a total of four full-time supervision aides are assigned to patrol specific areas of the campus during the day. In addition, a full-time school police officer is on duty, replacing the detective assigned last year. Also, other members of the staff and faculty will be on supervision duty during the lunch hour.

B. Parking and traffic

Faculty parking is in the paved parking area on Treena Mesa, opposite the 700 building. Student parking is permitted in the stabilized earth parking area west of Treena and the old faculty parking lot. It is expected that some resurfacing of the student parking lot--using recycled road construction material--will probably occur during the year. All students must have a parking permit.

C. Student parking and vehicles

Students will not be allowed to go to their cars during the day. This is to forestall any potential improper use of alcohol, drugs, etc. Also, in consideration that about 20% of the student population is now bussed into campus and without access to cars, in lieu of lockers that are in short supply, athletes with heavy sports equipment will be provided storage places by team coaches. That way, they do not have to carry the equipment around all day.

D. Student enrollment

The projected total of students will probably be reached, with some fluctuation, during the first weeks of school. As an aside, it will be a full house.

E. Race and Human Relations

Lynwood Taylor of the San Diego Unified School District's (SDUSD) Race and Human Relations Department will be on campus two days a week to address any problems that come up. Group discussions will also be conducted on diversity, tolerance, and relationships.

F. Dress codes

All students were informed of the new dress codes that will be enforced this school year. The codes specify the length of girls' blouses, skirts, and shorts, as well as the fitting of boys' low slung pants. Counselors attended classes during the first weeks of school to explain the rules and the zero tolerance features. To facilitate the efforts, there were pictures and visual portrayals of what is acceptable so the students know exactly what is required. They will sign that they have been informed of the rules, including the zero tolerance policy on drugs, weapons, and other infractions. Parents can help enforce this.

G. Communicating

A specific effort will continue to establish and maintain good and positive communications between the faculty and the students on all of the above.

Conclusion: Many of the areas of concern identified in our community meeting have been addressed, but they need parental support and encouragement for compliance and enforcement.

An Inside Look

[Editor's note: Kate Stanhope, the SRHS Falcon Flyer editor, is writing columns each month to give the community an inside look at some issues at SRHS. This month, she shares students' thoughts on the new regulations.]

"Has the jury reached a verdict?" "Yes, we have your honor. In the case of the San Diego City School District vs. the students of SRHS, we find the defendant guilty on all charges of ditching, hanging out in the parking lot, and many other such activities." "I then sentence the students to complete campus lockdown--all day, every day, forever."

The first day of school is supposed to be one of the few carefree school days for students. So kids like me soak in the exciting, yet unstressed, day of reviewing class syllabi, finding the perfect seat in each class--not right in the front but not all the way in the back is my preference--and meeting the six people who will determine your academic future.

This year a bomb was dropped on SRHS students on the first day. That bomb was notification from the administration that students were no longer allowed to step foot on the two student parking lots or go to their cars during the school day.

This was not the only new motion set forth to increase security and supervision drastically. Added to the campus are four full-time supervision aides who will guard the campus and the parking lots during classes, and help cover the quad with our now full-time campus police officer and a number of counselors and teachers. This year the administration is cutting no corners and leaving no stone unturned to create a comfortable, credible, and completely closed campus.

While the revisions are a welcome and much needed update--between the number of fights and the unfortunate incident at the end of last year between a SRHS female student and a male trespasser, it was clear something had to be done--there are still a few kinks concerning the parking lot rule. Not only students but parents have complained about this move, both sides arguing that students should be allowed to go to their cars at some point during the day. Perhaps they should be allotted a five-minute block at the beginning or end of lunch to switch books, get lunches, and regroup.

Administrators are also arguing there is drug and alcohol use by some students who go to their cars. But students still have backpacks and pockets. So, unfortunately, this is one problem that will never truly be resolved.

After discussing these changes with Vice Principal Duncan MacDonald, it is clear these rules are to create a safe, strict, utopian-like atmosphere of fight-less afternoons and no nice strolls to the gravel lot. SRHS doesn't need to be transformed into the "perfect" school--which is neither possible nor realistic--it just needs to be a strong school.

Class of 2005 PBO

Have you noticed pink flamingos around Scripps Ranch? For $25 you can honor a friend's birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion by sending an entire flock of plastic pink flamingos to their yard for the day. Donations go toward Grad Night expenses. Dates are filling up fast, so contact Carol Williams at 566-2888 or [[email protected]] to book your date.

We are looking for a student to be responsible for updating the Grad Night portion of the website. This is a great Senior Project. If you're interested, please email Dixie Hall at [[email protected]].

Our meetings will be the first Wednesday of each month at 7 pm in the SRHS teacher's dining room. If you are the parent of a senior, please try to get involved and make Grad Night a fun event. If you are not receiving emails regarding the senior class, please send your email address to Dixie Hall at [[email protected]].

Class of 2007 PBO

The time has come to start the Parent Booster Organization (PBO) for the class of 2007! It seems far away, but time will pass very quickly.

Please plan to come to an opening meeting at the Crown Pointe clubhouse on Wednesday, Oct. 13, at 7 pm. Everyone who has a child graduating in 2007 is welcome. If you have questions, please call Dianne at 549-1057.

Cheer Summer Update

Culminating a summer of daytime practices and tumbling sessions, the SRHS cheer squad attended cheer camp in August at the University of California San Diego. Even the sweltering heat couldn't stop 45 cheerleaders from yelling, dancing, and stunting.

The SRHS cheer squad was well represented in the All-American competition, with 24 girls receiving nominations. All-American nominations are based on stunting, tumbling, dancing, and jumping ability, as well as leadership skills and sharpness of motions.

This year the mascot, Natasha McCoy, joined the cheerleaders at camp. The "Falcon" spent her days learning to pump up a crowd. Natasha was given a spirit stick at the end of camp and awarded "Most Improved Mascot."

As in the past, cheer captains were selected at camp. The varsity captains are Amy Whitehurst and Katie Ressmeyer, while Anna Bramwell, Kaylie Wilson, and Courtney Costello will lead the junior varsity squad.

Sincere Thanks to Sister Schools of San Diego

I would like to thank the Sister Schools of San Diego for sponsoring me on a two-week trip to China in June. I was selected as the student ambassador to represent SRHS. Sister Schools of San Diego is a nonprofit group dedicated to promoting cross-cultural understanding by connecting schools around the globe.

Our delegation visited the bustling cities of Beijing and Shanghai and the gorgeous smaller towns of Suzhou and Yantai. I enjoyed visiting the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, and other historic sites, but the highlight of this trip was staying with my host families. The families opened their arms to me and treated me like I was their own daughter. I left their homes realizing that although we live an ocean apart, we have more similarities than we do differences.

We also visited many of our sister schools in Yantai and Suzhou, and we were treated as dignitaries at these schools. I feel so fortunate to have been selected for this trip because I learned so much from all my experiences in China. I now personally realize the importance of building friendships with other countries in order to better our world.

For details on future trips, visit [].

Marshall Middle School (MMS)

Upcoming Events

  • Tuesday, Oct. 5--Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) meeting, lounge, 12:20-2 pm;
  • Wednesday, Oct. 13--Site Governance meeting, lounge, 6:30 pm;
  • Friday, Oct. 22--Picture makeup day; and,
  • Friday, Oct. 29--Minimum day, students dismissed at 11:30 am.

Progress Reports

The end of the first progress report period will be Friday, Oct. 15, and progress reports will be distributed on Friday, Oct. 22. Remember to ask your child to see his or her progress report!

Counseling News

In September the three counselors at Marshall were busy ensuring that all students had appropriate schedules and that classes were balanced. Counselor caseloads are as follows:

  • Julie Becker has students whose last names begin with A-G;
  • Sharon Heuss has students whose last names begin with H-P; and,
  • Ileen Akers, head counselor, has students whose last names begin with Q-Z.

Calls to the counseling office are always welcome. The phone number for the school is 549-8840, and Mrs. Becker can be reached at extension 1209, Mrs. Heuss at extension 1160, and Mrs. Akers at extension 1257.

Counseling Library

In order to support the district's focus on literacy, the Counseling Department has purchased hundreds of dollars worth of books over the past six years with monies received from our most generous PTSA. These books have been used to form a "Counseling Library" that is housed in room 256. We have chosen books on numerous topics that support "emotional literacy" and are relevant to the social and emotional development and well being of our students.

Students as well as parents are welcome to check out a book on the topic of their choice. Students will be encouraged to discuss with their counselors any feelings their reading evokes.

The following is an alphabetical list of general topics covered by the almost 100 books in our library: abuse, physical and sexual; adoption and foster children; African American education; AIDS; alcohol and drugs; anger management; Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder; boy issues, physical and emotional; bullies; depression; disorders and diseases; divorce; eating disorders; feelings and emotions; friends and relationships; for fun; gay/lesbian/sexual orientation issues; giftedness; girl issues, physical and emotional; grief and loss; laziness; organizational skills; parents and parenting; perfectionism; self-esteem; sexuality; shyness; success; suicide; teen issues; and, teen pregnancy.

Student Support Groups

Marshall counselors, in cooperation with counselors from Harmonium Inc., a community counseling agency, will co-facilitate our first round of student support groups during the fall semester. If your child is interested in joining a weekly support group for boys called, "It's a Guy Thing," or a group for girls called, "Girl Chat," be sure to contact Julie Becker at 549-8840, ext. 1209, as soon as possible! Topics discussed may include self-esteem, relationships, academic stress, newcomer issues, attention-related difficulties, and others.

GATE Testing

GATE testing for all interested 7th graders who meet the requirements takes place during the first semester, date and time to be determined. Letters explaining the process and requirements will be sent home to all 7th grade families.

Sixth graders new to the district may also be tested at this time. For questions, please contact Gloria Vega, counseling secretary, at 549-8840, ext. 1207.


The 2004-2005 Associated Student Body (ASB) leadership class is excited to usher in a new school year. We commenced our summer meetings in August to prepare for the new student orientation, get acquainted with one another, and brainstorm ideas for the school year. Our elected student leaders are enthusiastic about providing exciting activities for our Marshall Mustangs. If you have any questions, call Denny Morrow, ASB advisor, at 549-8840, ext, 1304.

Magazine Drive

Our annual Magazine Drive began in September. The Magazine Drive is our only fundraising campaign, so we encourage all families in our community to participate.

Media Center

The Marshall Library Media Center is open from 7:10 am to 3:10 pm, Monday to Thursday, and until 2:30 pm on Friday. Students can check out library books, use reference materials and computers, as well as work on homework and projects.

Each student was issued textbooks during the first week of school. Most of these textbooks may be left at home, as many classrooms have class sets. Please make sure that books left at home are kept in a safe place. It is wise for students to put their name inside the front cover of the book since students sometimes get together for homework and may mix up their textbooks. We are very lucky to be able to provide class sets of textbooks due to the generous support of our PTSA.

Each textbook has a unique bar code number. Your student must return the same book at the end of the school year that was issued in September to clear their textbook record. Removal of the bar code will result in a $5 fine.

It is sometimes necessary to issue books that are not in perfect condition. Please have your student check their books carefully for any damages--writing, torn pages, and such--that are not already noted and stamped in each book.

A charge will be made for damages not noted in the textbooks. Parents might like to keep a record at home of the textbooks issued. Most of our textbooks cost approximately $50, so to avoid paying for lost or damaged books, be careful!

A set of most of the textbooks used at Marshall are kept at the Scripps Ranch Library. These textbooks are for reference only. Volunteers are welcome to assist with a variety of library activities.

Robo Expo

On Thursday, Oct. 7, the San Diego County Office of Education will offer an expo to explore resources for robotics teaching and learning opportunities for grades 5-12. It will be at the San Diego County Office of Education, 6401 Linda Vista Road, from 5 pm until 8 pm.

The Robo Expo is sponsored by the San Diego Science Alliance. Exhibitors plan to demonstrate their programs and how schools and individuals can become involved. Exhibitors on site will include:

  • Botball Teams;
  • Legoland FIRST Competition Team;
  • Mars Exploration Rovers, JPL;
  • NOMAD Project, Neurosciences Institute; and,
  • Spawar Robotics Structure.

For more information, please visit [].

Elementary Schools

Dingeman Elementary

Super Pledge Drive

During September we ran our Super Pledge Drive. By next month, we should have an idea of how the drive went. This is a great way to support our community. With the budget cuts, every bit is needed.

Our principal wants to remind everyone that with dramatic cuts in our budget, this will certainly be a year in which we must think and act in new and creative ways to keep our school clean. Please encourage your children to take pride in their school. We must be vigilant not to walk by a piece of trash and assume someone else will pick it up. Together we will make a difference.

Let's Eat

We will have our first Dingeman Family Dinner Night at Pat & Oscar's on Tuesday, Oct. 12. Flyers will come home in the kids' backpacks the Friday before the event, or you can get them in the office. Please remember to bring them with you to dinner. This is a fun way to support Dingeman and let your kids eat dinner with their friends. Thanks to Pat & Oscar's for hosting us!

Gift Wrap Sales

Our next fundraiser coming up in October is Gift Wrap Sales--just in time for the holidays. Sales will run from Tuesday, Oct. 12, through Saturday, Oct. 25. Mark it on your calendar; each year the selection gets better and better!

Jerabek Elementary

Family Nights

On Wednesday, Oct. 6, 3rd graders are invited to join their parents for Family Science Night at 6:45 pm, hosted once again this year by Vicki Conlon--who also teaches hands-on science lessons in our classrooms. She could always use more volunteers to help the evening run smoothly, so let her know if you are available. Family Math for 5th grade is set for Thursday, Oct. 14, at 6:45 pm.

Super Pledge Drive

The need for funds is hotter than ever this year, what with the statewide budget cuts. If you haven't already, please join your neighbors in supporting the Super Pledge Drive. This summer alone, the Family Faculty Organization (FFO) had already collected 15% of the dollars they hope to use for Jerabek's special programs. Wow! If everyone helps, we will exceed our needs in no time at all!

Fundraising Events

There are other chances to help Jerabek stay on course financially. The Innisbrook Wrapping Paper Sale runs from Monday, Oct. 4, through Monday, Oct. 18. Remember, the holidays are just around the corner.

The Scholastic Book Fair is set for Monday, Oct. 18, and Thursday, Oct. 21. What a quick way to get your gift shopping done! While at the book fair, stay for the annual Kiwanis Spaghetti Dinner on Thursday, Oct. 21. It is always a tasty way to meet and greet Jerabek families.

The eScrip campaign continues. If you haven't already done so, please renew your membership by Monday, Nov. 1. This re-registration needs to be done every year. Just go to [] and click on "Yes, Renew," or call 800-801-4973, whether or not you are new to the system.

During just the month of May, Jerabek earned $1,550 from Vons shoppers who were signed up for eScrip. If we continue, we could earn more than $18,000 a year just by buying groceries! If you shop at Macy's, Jerabek really wins. Thanks to Cindy Weinstein for her endless work with this fundraiser!

Literacy Run and Walk

Get ready for the 6th Annual CUSH Legs for Literacy 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run. It is on Sunday, Oct. 17, at Miramar Lake. It starts at 8 am for the 1-mile fun run and 8:30 am for the 5K. Although it costs $20 per adult and $15 for students and children, our school earns a whopping $15 for each adult registration, and $10 for each child. If you have questions, call Kaye Coates at 693-0706.

One Year Ago

Lastly, Tuesday, Oct. 26, will be the first anniversary of the Cedar Fire, which took the homes of more than 100 Jerabek students and personnel. Scripps Ranch has rebounded in a positive manner! Please take a moment this month to tell your neighbors, firefighters, police, and local military personnel how much you appreciate their dedication and spirit!


Thank you to Angie Mangione and her crew for throwing a great "Rock and Roll Back to School Party" for the staff in September. It had bar hops and girls in poodle skirts.

Also, thanks to Bruegger's, Souplantation, and Starbucks for their generous donation toward our Welcome Back Volunteers Breakfast.

Final Note

FYI, Halloween falls on a Sunday this year. Have a "BOO"tiful October.

Miramar Ranch Elementary (MRE)

Halloween Carnival

The popular Halloween Carnival is Saturday, Oct. 30, from 12 to 5 pm. The theme this year is "Old Fashioned Fun." This year there will be a DJ playing lots of popular music. There will also be many fun contests, along with performances by local dance, gymnastics, and martial arts groups.

Old favorites like the dunk tank, bake sale, cake walk, and a scarier-than-ever haunted house will also be there. Don't eat before you come because there will be lots of fantastic food. The Book Booth promises to have the best selection ever. Also bring your checkbook, because the silent auction baskets will undoubtedly be the best in Scripps Ranch. And if that is not enough fun for you, the San Diego Blood Bank will hold a blood drive that day. How fun is that!

eScrip is Easy!

Another great fundraiser, and one that takes absolutely no money out of your pocket, is eScrip. To participate in this program, you must register your credit card. Even if you have participated before, you have to re-register your card.

When you use your registered card at participating stores, a donation will be made to the school of your choice. Participating stores include Vons, Pavilions, Henry's, Baja Fresh, Office Max, and others. To register, go to [] and follow the instructions. This fundraiser has been a good source of funds for the school.

Save Those Box Tops

To raise money you can also clip box tops from many General Mills foods and turn them in at the school. There is a collection box outside the office. General Mills donates money to the school for each box top. This is another way to raise money that doesn't cost anything.

Entertainment Books

The Family Faculty Association (FFA) is selling Entertainment books. Please call DeeDee Burns at 549-3830 if you are interested in purchasing either the smaller Values book for $20, or the larger Entertainment book for $40.

Welcome to MRE!

Finally, we should all welcome the new Miramar Ranch teachers: Cherrylyn Bondoc, kindergarten; Julie Callahan, 1st grade; Heidi Brown, resource specialist; and, Janet Mitchell, peer coach.

Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary (EBS)

Upcoming Events

  • Friday, Oct. 1, through Friday. Oct. 8--Academic Fundraising Partnership (AFP) Innisbrook Gift Wrap fundraiser;
  • Tuesday, Oct. 5--AFP meeting, 6:30 pm, EBS library;
  • Tuesday, Oct. 5--Cub Scout Round-up, 6:30 pm, multipurpose room;
  • Thursday, Oct. 7--Governance Team meeting, 8 am, EBS library;
  • Friday, Oct. 8--School picture day;
  • Friday, Oct. 8--Mascot Day; and,
  • Friday, Oct. 29--Federal survey cards distributed.

Parent Involvement Makes EBS Everybody's Best School!

Thanks to all the parents and families who turned out at the Back to School Lunch held in the park next to the school in late August. With estimates coming in at more than 250 attendees, it appears the event was a huge success!

Donations came in from several area sponsors including:

  • McMillin Realty
  • Arco
  • Sav-on drugs
  • McDonald's
  • Scripps Ranch Farmers Market Jumpers

Thanks to these organizations for their generous contributions. Also, thanks to Kidsville and the onsite nurse who donated supplies and time, as well as the enrichment programs who were there to pass out valuable information about their before- and after-school programs. The Super Pledge Drive and sale of EBS spirit items were also successful and generated additional funds needed for this school year.

What makes EBS special is the parent volunteers who plan these events and work tirelessly to bring everything together. The planning, coordination, money, time, and effort involved are much appreciated and help the school in so many ways.

This is just the beginning of the school year, so be sure to get involved and sign up to volunteer in some way during the year. Even a little time here and there goes a long way.

Thanks again to all those involved--EBS couldn't do it without you!

Other Schools

Alliant International University (AIU)

New Leadership

Dr. Geoffrey Cox, the former vice president of the online education firm UNext and president of Cardean University, has accepted the position of Alliant International University interim president. He began his work at AIU's San Francisco offices in June.

Dr. Cox brings to the job excellent financial skills and a deep understanding of accreditation processes, having served as vice provost for financial affairs for Stanford University for nearly two years. He also served on the board of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) for five years.

Dr. Cox's current appointment is expected to carry the university through the next two years. The board will conduct a search for a permanent president.

There is also new leadership at the Scripps Ranch campus. The interim provost and vice president for academic affairs, Dr. Rodney Lowman, will spend several days each week at the campus.

Prior to his position at AIU, Dr. Lowman served as the dean of AIU's California School of Organizational Studies and AIU's acting president prior to Dr. Cox's appointment.

Mountain Lion Athletics

The AIU men's cross country team season is in full swing. AIU is in the process of defending its preseason National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) 10th place ranking after competing at Fullerton, San Diego State, and Stanford in September. The effort to bring AIU its first-ever national title is being led by senior harrier Josephat Keino, a three time NAIA All-American and a runner-up at the national championships for the NAIA in 2003.

For the 2004 season, the Lady Mountain Lion cross country team is primarily composed of first time competitors. Leading the way are: Julianna Juhasz, a freshman from Hungary; Marina Quinez, a freshman from Spain; Anastasia Gorskaya, a sophomore from Russia; Elenora Maciocco, a freshman from Italy; and, Nedja Dali, a senior from Sweden. Laura Sanders, a senior from California, is the lone returning harrier.

The Mountain Lion men's and women's tennis teams will compete in tournaments throughout California this month. Both teams will defend their 2003 NAIA top 20 national rankings.

In October the Lady Mountain Lion volleyball team will host some home matches in the Sportscenter. The Point Loma Nazarene Sea Lions travel across town on Thursday, Oct. 7, and the Lancers of California Baptist University visit on Friday, Oct. 29. Matches begin at 7 pm. For more information, visit [].