Pack 614's

Summertime Fun

What better way to start the summer than to participate in the Torrey Pines State Beach cleanup in June! That's what some of our scouts did to kick off our planned summertime activities. This was a great way to promote our boys' awareness of the need to protect our precious coastal and ocean resources.

Several scouts will attend the San Diego Riptides Arena Football game at the Sports Arena on Saturday, June 26. And with the 4th of July just around the corner, Pack 614 scouts will proudly march in the SRCA Parade. What a great way to honor our wonderful country!

We hope for a big turnout at the San Diego Food Bank on Saturday, July 10, from 9 am to 12 pm. We will help them sort food. The Food Bank is in a new location--on Distribution Avenue off Miramar Road in Mira Mesa. This is a great opportunity for us to give back to those in need in our community.

On Sunday, Aug. 22, from 4 to 6 pm there will be another chance to help clean up the beach at Torrey Pines State Beach. Our cub scouts can earn the summertime activity pin by participating in three of the above activities.

We wish everyone a wonderful summer. Scouts, mark your calendars for our fall campout at Indian Hills from Friday, Oct. 8, through Sunday, Oct. 10! Yes, the Marshmallow Monster hike and those spooky, kooky jack-o-lanterns are back!


Pack 616 Eco-Challenge!

The playground of Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary School was filled with cub scouts and their families as the dens took this year's Pack 616 Eco-Challenge! Piranha Creek, the Circle of Life, Hot Lava Carry, Jungle Toss, and the Alligator Pit were just some of the events experienced by our hearty adventurers. Each den even created its own "Hummer" during the adventure.

More than 60 cubs and their family members volunteered to place flags at each of the gravesites at Fort Rosecrans Cemetery over Memorial Day weekend. Thank you to everyone who participated, and special thanks to Assistant Cubmaster Eric Sarbacker for organizing this fun and meaningful experience.

Our pack has more than 19 days of Cub Scouting already planned for the summer. We are excited about the Cub Scout Day Camps, Webelos Resident Camp, graduation with the infamous "Cub Cooker," swim party with our friends from Pack 1216, the 4th of July Parade, and the Padres games at the new PETCO Park. We hope you all have a wonderful summer!

Boy Scout Troop 616 Earns Honors

Troop 616 held its spring Court of Honor in May to honor those scouts who have earned awards, merit badges, and rank advancements. Here is a list of scouts who advanced in rank: Kyle Denis, Chris McGinn, Kurt Newcomb, Brian Parme, Nathan Steinberg, and Kevin Young all received their Scout rank; Nick Keiper and Michael Wear advanced to Tenderfoot; and, Michael Zablit advanced to Star. Congratulations to all of you!

White water rafting on the Kern River was the exciting outing of the month. Led by Mr. Honeycutt and Mr. Norrell, a group of scouts went white water rafting for about five hours on the northern part of the Kern River. The boys had a blast shooting the rapids--Tombstone, the Wall, Big Daddy's, Powerhouse, and Mr. Honeycutt's favorite, Limestone.

Each scout had a different position in the raft and they had to make sure they were listening to instructions at all times. They rafted on level-four currents, which was pretty big for beginners. So if you did not listen, it could become pretty dangerous. Some scouts even went swimming in the 38-degree water!

For those who were not able to raft, there was good trout fishing that kept them occupied for several hours. Overall, it was a very fun and successful trip, and everybody really enjoyed it. Thank you, Mr. Honeycutt and Mr. Norrell, for taking the boys up there.

Russell Greenfield, Troop Scribe

Troop 663 Welcomes Summer and New Scouts

Ah June, that wonderful time when school finishes and the weather gets warm again. However, there is no rest for the boy scouts of Troop 663. As always, we've been very busy the last couple of months, camping, hiking, and doing community service.

We received another generation of new scouts--29 total. We welcome the brand new Fire Fox Patrol with members Nick Altieri, Andrew Griffin, Kyle Luvisa, Derek Ma, Brendan Mitchell, Brett Snow, Jared Wassenar Hathcock, and Jack Winters. We also welcome the Shark Patrol with members Grant Collins, Casey LMar, Kenneth Manyari-Magro, Ben Meis, Daniel Peters, Sean Rowland, Thomas Valente, Jake Vildibill, Taylor Walker, and William Watson.

We also had new scouts inducted into the existing Rattlesnakes: Connor Emmert, Alex Ranum, Adam Richardson, and Michael Rogers; as well as into the Moose: Alex Campbell, Tyler Beatty, and Darryl Lam. These new scouts have swelled our membership to 71, an incredible number to be sure.

The troop enjoyed the annual Tenderfoot Camp in May. We had a good turnout, and the new scouts who attended were rewarded with the majority of their tenderfoot requirements completed. The campout was crowned with two games of nighttime "capture the flag."

A small group of scouts went backpacking in the Noble Canyon area in early June. Though we were attacked by swarms of ants, it was an enjoyable experience for all who went.

You may have seen some of our scouts on TV during the beginning of the Suzuki Rock and Roll Marathon. A small group, led by Mr. Kulischak and Mr. Engle, woke up before dawn to officiate at the start line, and then helped clean up afterward. This summer brings camps and the Silver Moccasin backpack, so stay tuned.

Dane Lighthart, Troop Scribe