I Hope You Dance

I just got home from the SRCA Community Fair and the first Symphony in the Park concert featuring Rockola--I love that band! Wow, I'm still pumped! What a great day and evening my family and I had. Congratulations to the fair co-chairs, Bev Cassity and Wendy Littooy, and to their committee for doing an awesome job. Also, congrats to the Symphony in the Park folks. Thank you for introducing the concerts to those of us who live north of the lake.

Even before "fair day," I planned to make the theme of my editorial "I Hope You Dance." So, I hope you danced your heart out, and I hope you continue to dance at the rest of the Symphony in the Park concerts this season. Check the calendar on page 4 for the schedule.

I'll bet you know the Leeann Womack song from which I borrowed my theme, I Hope You Dance. It's one of my favorite songs, and I think many of its lyrics are appropriate for graduating students:

I hope you never fear those mountains

in the distance

Never settle for the path of least resis-


When you get the choice to sit it out

or dance

I hope you dance!

So, graduates, my wish for you is that you live your life to the fullest and don't settle for anything less than what you want. Follow your heart and dreams.

One group of Ranch residents who are not taking "the path of least resistance" are the fire folks. First they suffer terrible losses, now many are fighting it out with their insurance companies. Last month, some of them went to Sacramento to fight to change insurance laws so that future fire survivors don't have to go through the ordeal they are going through. Read about their trip on page 9. They're truly amazing people.

One critical issue facing our community right now is that the city may take $840,000 of our community funds. The city manager's budget proposal puts OUR money in the city's general fund to help the budget crisis. The problem is that it is OUR money.

You may be able to help save OUR money. Please see page 29 for details. We need the entire community to let the City Council, mayor, and city manager know this is totally unacceptable.

You'll be glad to hear that our council member, Brian Maienschein, is strongly opposed to the city taking OUR money. Brian details the city budget proposal on page 21, and it has some discouraging news for many communities, including Scripps Ranch. Let your voice be heard before the budget vote.

I want to officially welcome the "new" Council 5 Scripps Ranch representative, Christine Millay. Christine isn't really new; she's been around for months and put in a tremendous amount of time helping our community after the the fire. Christine is dependable, listens, follows through, and cares about Scripps Ranch. We're lucky to have her working with our community.

The 4th of July Parade and Celebration is coming soon--I hope you dance at that event! It's time to enter the parade, so fill out the application on page 6 and send it in now. Don't miss out on the fun!

This is big news in our house--your trash day will change starting the week of June 7. (My son loves to watch the trash trucks). Anyway, trash pickup for all of Scripps Ranch will now be on Tuesday. See page 23 for details.

Our Spotlight on Scripps Ranch this month tells the story of "the inseparable six"--six girls who went through Girl Scouting together! Read this heartwarming story on page 49.

Moms, forgive me for not wishing you a happy Mother's Day last month. So moms...and dads, happy Mother's Day and happy Father's Day to all you terrific parents on the Ranch. I hope you take the time to dance with your kids.

Gloria Tran