President's Report

Welcome Home!

It was a real pleasure to help welcome back our first fire family as they moved into their newly rebuilt home. While this is a good first step, the one I am most looking forward to welcoming back is our 312th family. That's when we should really celebrate.

SRCA Membership

Thank you to the more than 1,900 homes who joined the SRCA this year. Your generosity is going to enable the SRCA to continue to provide needed support to the community.

If you are one of the more than 9,000 homes who have not yet joined, please give it serious consideration. Your community needs your support. Joining is easy and can be done either through the mail--just fill out the membership form on page 11--or online at the SRCA website at [].

April SRCA Elections

SRCA elections will be held at this month's general meeting. Please see the next article for more details.

Marc Sorensen, SRCA President

SRCA Elections

The annual meeting of the SRCA will be held on Tuesday, Apr. 13, at the Scripps Ranch Library at 7 pm. Election of district representatives for even-numbered SRCA districts will be held by one vote per household of the district. Appointment of directors to fill vacant slots for odd-numbered districts will be made from volunteers for the position who have attended a meeting and submitted a request for appointment.

Reports will be received from the chairs of all standing committees on their activity for the past year and the plans for the coming year. Projected goals and objectives for the SRCA for the coming year will be discussed for consideration.

This is your time to come and see how you can become a part of the actions happening in our fine community. If you have not joined the SRCA, now is the time to join the finest community coordinating organization in the city.

SRCA Board Opening

The Scripps Ranch Civic Association is a 501c4 nonprofit corporation dedicated to improving the "quality of life" within Scripps Ranch. There is currently one board of directors position available:

Board Representative for District 5: Our "Avenida Magnifica" region is bordered by Pomerado Road and Semillon Boulevard on the south and east, and Scripps Trail on the north and west. It consists primarily of single-family homes, but also includes the Scripps Trail center. This district includes more than 75 homes impacted by the firestorm and possesses the first home rebuilt on Handrich Drive. This is a great opportunity to represent this neighborhood and possibly rename the district in conjunction with its post-fire renaissance.

Qualifications consist simply of being a dues-paying member of the SRCA--only $20 a year--and being a resident of the district. If you're interested in these opportunities to join the SRCA as a volunteer board member, please contact SRCA Executive VP Gordon Boerner at [[email protected]] or 689-2411.

Volunteers Needed

The 4th of July Parade and Celebration Committee has many ways that you can help in the parade--as marshals, judges, vehicle drivers, and so much more. Please volunteer in the largest community celebration of the year and the best parade in Southern California. Call Jany Staley at 695-3211. You will love being part of a wonderful tradition.

Spring Clean-Up Day

Our Spring Clean-Up Day is on Saturday, Apr. 24, from 8 am until 12 pm. We will have two sites--one at the business park in the rear of the Hitachi building, and the other in the Information Center parking lot on Cypress Canyon Road. If you have a group that would like to clean a specific community area, please call me at 566-6083 or Andy Neshat, Clean-Up Day chair, at 619-985-8435.

Our community Garage Sale is scheduled for Saturday, Apr. 17. It will be sponsored by Prudential Realty. For more information, please call 653-6400.

Bob Dingeman

Park Lands

When it rains, we close our playing fields until they dry, otherwise they can be damaged. It always seems we are plagued by people who drive their 4-wheel drive vehicles on our grass fields. That seriously damages the fields. It takes a lot of work to repair the turf, replace the sprinklers, and level off and roll the grounds so they are safe for play.

We ask parents to check on your young pick-up truck drivers and make sure this does not happen. Not only is it expensive but it is a danger to the children. If you see a vehicle drive on a field, please get a description and license number and report it to the police.

A Thank You to SRCA

Dear SRCA:

We have lived in Scripps Ranch for over 18 years, and I don't believe we have ever joined the SRCA for one reason or another. After losing our home during the Cedar fire, it became very apparent what Scripps Ranch and SRCA is all about. The emotional support and compassion received from this community and San Diego was inspirational and will never be forgotten. Despite our previous lack of support, SRCA was there to serve, without question, when the need was greatest. For this, I thank you.

Because there are so many people and corporations to thank for their kindness, financial contributions, gifts, and discounts we received after the fires, we thought a contribution back to the community would be appropriate. As a pay forward for the generosity experienced from San Diego and Scripps Ranch, please accept the enclosed $500 contribution as a very small token of our deepest appreciation.

What a nicer world it would be if we could all experience this compassion and selflessness without the tragedy of a, let it begin with me. Thank you, Scripps Ranch. Sincerely,

Pam Trimble, Dakota Property Management President

SRCA Membership Drive

Join more than 1,900 of your friends and neighbors and send in your SRCA membership. We want to thank all who have joined, and it's not too late. Just fill out and mail in the form on page 11. A special thank you to our Corporate Members and Community Pillars.

Corporate Members--Gold, $500
  • Coldwell Banker Associates Realty, Rick Hoffman
  • Scripps Ranch Swim and Racquet Club
  • Dakota Property Management
  • Filippi's Pizza Grotto
Corporate Members--Silver, $250
  • Legacy Fibers International
  • Diane Brauker
  • Rick Engineering
  • Ron and Ruth Leonardi
  • Manuela Whalley
Corporate Members--Bronze, $100
  • Anthony and Mary Beecher
  • Frank and Paulette Deniston
  • Anthony and Kris Fillius
  • Rick and Sandra Hester
  • Victor and Suzanne Jones
  • Bud and Susan Semon
  • Postal Annex, Robert and Camille Smith
  • Raymond and Patricia Newton
  • Alan Redmon
  • Ron Williams
  • Re/Max United
  • Re/Max United, Fred Christiansen
  • John Grim
  • Best Deal Plumbing Heating and Air Inc.
  • Clay and Rose Riffle
  • Amanda Sims
  • Miramar College
  • Sidney Spector
  • Prudential California Realty, Greg Van Slyke
  • San Diego Door and Window
  • Stephen and Susan Rosen
  • Scripps Poway Orthodontics
Community Pillars
  • Thomas and Ellen Adamson
  • William and Sandra Adsit
  • Jose and Shannon Alatorre
  • Eliot and Sharon Alazraki
  • Andrew and Denise Allen
  • Edward and Kelly Allison
  • Leonard and Aida Alvarez
  • Angela Amoroso
  • Conrad and Janie Anderson
  • Beverly Anderson
  • Robert and Therese Armstrong
  • Timothy and Roberta Armstrong
  • Mark and Jackie Baird
  • Frank and Elissa Barber
  • Paul and Debra Barnett
  • Barbara Barrow
  • Perry and Pamela Beaird
  • Tom and Lila Behr
  • Steven and Kristi Berg
  • William and Joanne Bernard
  • Rick and Joyce Berzle
  • David and Deena Birnbaum
  • Gordon and Leigh Boerner
  • Ronald and Karen Brassfield
  • Craig and Winnie Bratlien
  • Erik and Keil Breisacher
  • Mark and Anastasia Brewer
  • Martin and Jacquelyn Brown Jr.
  • Barry and Bonnie Brueseke
  • Curt and Marcia Bryan
  • Mark and Laura Campbell
  • William and Wanda Campbell
  • Richard and Julia Carson
  • John Cary
  • Mike and Beverly Cassity
  • Robert and Madelynn Cavanagh
  • Ray and Shelley Chalupsky
  • Larry and Kimberly Chan
  • Kyle and Nancy Chandler
  • Shirley J. Chaney
  • Tom and Bonnie Chapman
  • Gary and Stacy Chiang
  • Russell and Kathleen Christiansen
  • Thomas and Cathleen Christianson
  • David and Dori Clapp
  • Robert and Mary Lu Colbourn
  • Curtis Coleman Co.
  • Dan and Vicki Collins
  • James and Patricia Collins
  • Gloria Comfort
  • Alan and Susan Conrad
  • John and Deborah Cooper
  • Bill and Liz Cowling
  • Chris and Beth Cox
  • David and Georgia Critchlow
  • Timothy and Theresa Cronin
  • Robert and Marybeth Cunningham
  • Michael Czysz
  • Michael and Hilary Dabasinskas
  • Christopher and Sue Davey
  • Phyllis Davis
  • Steven and Sherrilyn Dean
  • Sundy and Noida Del Rosario
  • Richard DePhilipps
  • Francis and Leslie Devaney
  • John and Becky Diebold
  • James and Caroline Dixon
  • Thomas and Kay Douglas
  • Stephen and Lynne Doyle
  • Douglas Ebert
  • John and Carol Edelstein
  • James and Kemi Euphrat
  • Jesse and Gillian Evans
  • Bob and Shirley Evatt Jr.
  • Michael and Janet Fagan
  • John and Kathleen Favour
  • Don and Kathy Faye
  • Frederick and Laura Fehl III
  • Gary and Linda Feldman
  • Rudy and Joanne Feldman
  • Ellis and Judith Fisher
  • Todd J. Fisk
  • Walter and Prue Flicker
  • Gregory and Monica Foerster
  • Jeffrey and Rebecca Forbes
  • Bobbi Forcier
  • Rabbi Yonah and Leah Fradkin
  • Chris and Diane Francolla
  • Bill and Jeannie Franzblau
  • Matt and Jacqui Friedenberg
  • David and Kim Frink
  • Mel and Deborah Gafner
  • Charles and Vina Galetto
  • Andrew and Dorothy Gallagher
  • Arnold and Joan Gass
  • Jim and Joan Gerber
  • Stephen and Tracie Glass
  • Robert and Timi Gleason
  • Andrew and Lewis Golden
  • Tom and Susan Golden
  • Richard and Jill Goldman
  • Thomas and Shannon Gorrill
  • Ronald and Lisa Gorski
  • Jerry and Holly Gray
  • Peter and Connie Griffith
  • Daniel and Cathy Gross
  • David and Donna Gustafson
  • Peter and Lynn Hamilton
  • Daniel and Laura Hammang
  • Richard and Betsy Hanbrich
  • Richard and Gail Harriss
  • Roger and Jane Hayes
  • Garry and Sharon Hays
  • Jeff and Tracy He
  • Martin and Patricia Helsing
  • George and Tove Helsten
  • Jerry and Patricia Hemme
  • David and Anne Henderson
  • Pete and Thalia Henning
  • Tim and Noelia Henning
  • Karla Hertzog
  • Glenn and Judy Hillegas
  • Stephen and Elizabeth Hinkle
  • Harold and Catherine Hoch
  • Claude and Diana Holifield
  • Edward and Ann Holler
  • Dan and Lori Horwitz
  • Cliff and Sharon Hu
  • Steve and Bonnie Huggard
  • Jon and Marcia Ingersoll
  • David and Janet Isaman
  • Annette Jackson
  • Karl and Monica Jacobson
  • Stan and Kim Jones
  • John and Deborah Joyce
  • Jose and Elizabeth Jumayao
  • Paul and Sally Kimpel
  • Paul and Debbie Klingenberg
  • Joseph and Christine Kloberdanz
  • Zeke and Ellen Knight
  • John and Lenore Knutzen
  • Steven Kondratick
  • Scott and Janeen Kozak
  • Jack and Kathy Kriz
  • Michael and Eva LaMar
  • Mike and Chris Landry
  • William and Pam Larimer
  • Frank and Carol Lazarus
  • Kevin and Anna Lee
  • Tom and Peggy Lee
  • John Legrand
  • Wesley and Deborah Leighton
  • Thomas and Carol Leighty
  • Michael and Anne Lew
  • Gregg and Janel Lichtenstein
  • Parker and Karyn Linekin
  • William and Katherine Livesay
  • Phillip and Judy Lobred
  • Wellington Loh
  • Neil and Mary Jo Longo
  • Mark and Rosalie Luciano
  • William T. Luckow
  • Jeremiah and Loretta Lynch
  • John and Marjorie Lyons III
  • David and Elizabeth MacVean
  • John and Linda Maguire
  • Walter and Eugenia Maksimow
  • Russell Mangerie
  • Julie Gioia and Maria Marquez
  • John and Deborah Maxon
  • Roger and Doris McIntyre
  • Ailene E. McManus
  • Marvin and Pam Miles
  • Warren and Helene Millard
  • Mark and Anna Mitchell
  • Ralph and Cora Mitchell
  • Tony and Kerry Montalvo
  • Robert and Laura Montgomery
  • Peter and Lorraine Moore
  • Gunnar and Colleen Mossberg
  • Joseph and Susan Mullane
  • Frank and Rosemary Muller
  • Jeffry and Linda Mullvain
  • Peter and Merrill Nanigian
  • Lon Nesseler
  • Richard and Diana Nicastro
  • Matthew and Bee Nicholson
  • Ruth Nissley
  • Helena Noll
  • Charles and Paula Norris
  • Chris and Julianne North
  • David and Teresa Nott
  • Matthew and Katherine Nowak
  • Barry and Joy O'Malley
  • James and Kathleen Omsberg
  • William and Debra O'Toole
  • Nathaniel and Linda Oubre
  • Tyler and Allison Owen
  • Bill and Debbie Padoll
  • Mark and Sandra Palandri
  • Uma Shanker and Asha Palepu
  • Rick and Lynn Parke
  • Janet Patay
  • Roy and Anita Peace
  • Paul and Kim Pearigen
  • Robert and Jane Petering
  • Carl and Maureen Peters
  • John and Nancy Petit
  • Jed and Sandra Pettey
  • Doug and Laurie Pettit
  • Steven and Rebecca Phillpott
  • Paul and Kristin Pieroni
  • Todd and Kathleen Pinkowkski
  • Frances E. Plumley
  • Eugene and Diane Polley
  • David and Rebecca Polster
  • David and Dona Porreca
  • John and Sandra Price
  • Milo and Janet Prodanovich
  • Paul and Lynne Pyka
  • Peter and Lynne Raudaskoski
  • William and Cathy Ripka
  • Mike and Sue Rist
  • Jim and Jeanette Roache
  • Richard and Lauren Rossin
  • Jeff and Karen Ryan
  • Donna Sandsmark
  • Michael and Margaret Saydah
  • Charles and Theresa Scherl
  • Robert and Elizabeth Schruender
  • Carolyn Schuett
  • Robin and Leslie Seaberg
  • James and Janet Seaton
  • Ronald and Patricia Sellers
  • Peter and Michele Shea
  • Roy and Emiko Silliker
  • Mark and Lynne Silverman
  • John and Kathryn Sinclair
  • William and Carmen Sitz
  • Sarah Slaughter
  • Jay and Penny Smith
  • David and Rachel Sona
  • Robert and Annette Sorensen
  • Christopher and Donna Spence
  • St. Gregory The Great
  • William and Jany Staley
  • Steve and Ella Steinberg
  • Dave and Janet Stormoen
  • Daniel and Katie Sullivan
  • Michael and Dawn Sullivan
  • Scott and Tanja Sutton
  • Robert and Ellen Svatos
  • Jeff and Rachel Theilacker
  • Cynthia Thomas
  • Katrina Thompson
  • Ted and Gayle Thompson
  • Ann Thompson
  • Brett and Wendy Toerien
  • Michael and Beca Tomcho
  • Edward and Jamie Tonkon II