Acts Of Kindness

Isn't February supposed to be a slower paced month? After all, it's the "month of love," filled with acts of kindness. This February, there's no time to relax, with fun things to do and lots of news.

The big news is the city's new building codes. The City Council approved a citywide ban on wood shake or wood shingle roofs for new construction, and Class A roofs are now required. The council was also set to vote on new brush management guidelines. See page 9.

Some fire-affected families have chosen their builder, while others are still deciding on one. Wherever you may be in the process, don't miss our Special Report on page 12. It's a look at some of the options available to homeowners.

The fire brought out the best in our community. As destructive as the fire was, amazing acts of kindness captured the heart of Scripps Ranch. The SRCA will recognize those who gave their time and energy to help their neighbors. Don't miss our annual--albeit a bit later than usual this year--Recognition Night on Tuesday, Feb. 10, at 7 pm at the Scripps Ranch Library. Join us as we celebrate our wonderful community.

In the aftermath of the fire, many residents felt they weren't doing enough to help their neighbors who lost homes. So, two Scripps Ranch ladies started a project from the heart--a Scripps Ranch cookbook sent as a gift to fire-affected families. They are also using it as a fundraiser. On page 49 see why this act of kindness became so special.

Another successful undertaking to help fire-affected families is Miles of Smiles. Spearheaded by Dingeman Elementary School, this project is helping families replace something so precious--memories and pictures.

It would not be such a success without the help of Hewlett-Packard. They provided all the equipment and supplies needed to make copies of photographs. Kudos to HP for their act of kindness.

One act of kindness you can do for Scripps Ranch is to join or renew your SRCA membership. That's because your dues go right back into your community. Just fill out the form you got in the mail or the one on page 7, or join online at [www.scrippsranch.org].

This month, we say goodbye to two beloved firefighters from our Fire Station 37. Captain Robert Hartnett and engineer William Trevino are retiring. Please read Captain Hartnett's heartfelt thank you to Scripps Ranch on page 21.

With all due respect, and I adore Capt. Harnett, but I think he has it all wrong. We should be thanking them. Not only did they make our community safer, but their acts of kindness helped make Scripps Ranch special. I know the community, and my son--the future firefighter--will miss them dearly. Thank you, Captain Hartnett and William!

In other community news, a resident asks whether Scripps Ranch High School should install artificial turf. See what SRHS has to say on page 29 and make up your own mind.

Congratulations to the Scripps Ranch Theatre (SRT) as it celebrates its 25th year. Don't miss their opening play this season, Killjoy. Details on performance dates and times are on page 65. This is an adult-oriented play, so leave the kids with a babysitter for this one.

Here's something for the kids--HodgePodge. This fundraiser lets them make arts and crafts, and benefits the library. Sign up early, as this event sells out. The information is on page 21.

My favorite story this month is a random act of kindness one man does for his neighbors every morning. Bill Drake's secret good deed is revealed to the entire community on page 23.

Since February is the month we celebrate love and caring, wouldn't it be nice if we all followed Bill's example and committed a random act of kindness this Valentine's Day!

Gloria Tran, Editor