Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG)

San Vicente Pipeline Update

At the SRPG's January meeting the San Diego County Water Authority (SDCWA) updated the progress being made with McMillin Homes about the San Vicente Pipeline. The SDCWA is seeking to acquire a six-acre site on which St. Gregory's Church holds an option to develop a school.

At the time of the meeting there was no meaningful due diligence as to whether the church would find a suitable alternate site in StoneBridge Estates. It was not known at the time whether a private institution could enter into a joint-use agreement with the city for the eight-acre park that the StoneBridge Estates project requires. It was not clear whether the community would be asked to give up park acreage. Also, McMillin's request for a substantial conformance review by the city was denied, as a Conditional Use Permit and a Planned Development Permit are required.

When the Stonebridge Estates project was approved, it was planned for a public school--in the Poway Unified School District--and a private school. In conjunction with the Miramar North Planning Committee, the SRPG requested that the SDCWA not certify its Environmental Impact Report (EIR) until after negotiating with McMillin and the community so that the school, park, and institutional acreage can be decided. The SDCWA staff rejected our request.

It was the SRPG's position that upon completion of the pipeline construction in 2009, that the former St. Gregory, now SDCWA site, should be a community park. The SRPG had strenuously raised concern that the SDCWA site could be used as a storage yard.

Cooperatively between McMillin and the SDCWA, proposed CC&Rs were drafted and provided to the SRPG as a way to restrict use of the property. The CC&Rs were vague--prevention of a private nuisance--as opposed to the SDCWA not doing specific activities.

The SRPG recognizes that CC&Rs are enforceable by specific individuals in civil court. The city of San Diego does not enforce CC&Rs. There was also concern that the CC&Rs could be changed or terminated by private agreement, to which the community would not necessarily be given notice of in advance.

The SRPG at the SDCWA's January 15 meeting again requested a continuance of the certification of the EIR, as McMillin's representative stated at the hearing that negotiations to purchase the St. Gregory site were not complete. McMillin reserved its right to object to the EIR should the negotiations fail. The SRPG stated on the record that the EIR is flawed as to traffic, dust, noise, and vibration. The EIR also failed to evaluate a reasonable alternate site west of the St. Gregory site, as well as the cumulative impacts caused by the construction.

County Supervisor Pam Slater voted against the community's position and in favor of certifying the EIR. A lawsuit objecting to the certification of the EIR, should one go forward, must be filed within 30 days of the SDCWA's decision.

Other SRPG News

A traffic count was taken by the city regarding Avenida Magnifica, Mesa Madera, Tribuna, and Ironwood. A recommendation should be provided soon.

Cooperative efforts between the Legacy HOA, the SRPG, and McMillin continue as to monitoring and adjusting improvements to Pomerado Road east of Spring Canyon Road. Most, if not all, construction to Pomerado Road should be complete by the time you read this.

As for the Western Pacific Housing project, now that the Planning Commission initiated the Community Plan Amendment and the city is processing the first submission, the SRPG will begin reviewing the proposal. The project is located between Chabad, AIU, and the military housing south of Pomerado Road. The plan calls for 814 age-restricted (55+) condos and apartments.

An initial report was given to the SRPG with options about implementing a "temporary hold" on new development in Scripps Ranch due to the city updating its General Plan and the October fire. In essence there are three options

  • Voluntary agreement;
  • City Planning Department recommendation; and,
  • Council office initiation.

A subcommittee recommendation should be ready at the next SRPG meeting on Thursday, Feb. 5, at 7 pm at the Scripps Ranch Library. If you have any questions, please email me at [[email protected]].

Bob Ilko, Chair