A Community's Resolve

The resolve of this community never ceases to amaze me. Can you believe less than two months after the firestorm, one family already has started to rebuild their home?! So many other families have completely cleared their lots. Also, the generosity hasn't stopped. Scripps Ranch--and more specifically its residents--are incredible.

There is lots of news to tell you about, both fire related and not. We'll start with the fire news. If your home was damaged or destroyed by the fire, you need to register with FEMA and the Small Business Administration (SBA) by Friday, Jan. 9. This is important, so please see the details on page 9.

Many people say the type of roof you have may have played a role in whether or not your home was destroyed. Oren Patashnik, a resident of one neighborhood, wrote a report about the roof types of the homes that burned in his area. The results may surprise you and make you take a second look at your roof. Read the report on page 9. Thank you, Oren, for sharing your information.

This month's Spotlight on Scripps Ranch is written by an 11-year-old fire victim. Lauren writes about that awful day her home burned and adjusting to her new life. But, beyond the heartbreak, her resolve is inspiring. See page 47.

Lauren's mom, Vicki, wrote a thank you to the many, many people and the community that helped them. It is representative of all the people who helped not just Vicki's family, but all the families. And it's a tribute to the resolve of the people in Scripps Ranch.

Lauren's story is an example of the stories we are looking for to include in a community book about this tragic, yet historic, event. Everyone has a story to tell. Please share yours. Just email it to [[email protected]].

As soon as the fire hit Scripps Ranch, the SRCA mobilized and started to help the community. There is still a lot to do and the SRCA plans to help fire victims until each home is rebuilt.

Now, the SRCA needs YOUR help! Please resolve to join or renew your membership. Your dues, along with your generous volunteer spirit, strengthen the fabric of our community. We need that added strength for both the rebuilding of Scripps Ranch and the many other projects we face. On page 5, SRCA President Marc Sorensen details how you can help!

One important project facing our community is the new middle school. The committee working to achieve the best campus possible for our students updates the progress on page 31.

Another project you need to know about is the undergrounding of overhead electric wires on Scripps Lake Drive. The project began over the holidays and will continue into the summer. Details and a map are on page 23.

Although the city has cut back the Christmas tree recycling program, we still have one site in Scripps Ranch--at the Community Park. See page 7.

The thank you's continue this month. Look for them in the Fire News section. I would personally like to thank our printer, Western Press, for their generous donation and their dedication. On the Monday after the fire, while they were printing the November Newsletter, we made changes to include a new cover and the Special Edition insert.

Western Press donated their time and materials for the reprint and insert, and managed to get the Newsletter out on time. Thanks to Jack, Brenda, Paul, and Nick Hurley, as well as to Colleen Bezaire for their hard work each month.

It has been so hectic that I haven't had time to make any New Year's resolutions. However, may I suggest that Scripps Ranch resolve to carry the kindness, caring, and giving shown after the firestorm into the new year. Here's to a healthy and happy 2004!

Gloria Tran, Editor