Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG)

At its December meeting the Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG) heard updates from Chabad and Western Pacific Housing (WPH). At the time of the meeting, Chabad had not submitted its application to the city, and the city's first round of comments had just been sent out regarding WPH's proposal.


Chabad, in planning its submittal to the city for a Community Plan Amendment, presented a concept that proposes 360 multifamily for-sale condominiums. The proposed units, if approved, would be placed on the east and south portions of the 27-acre private school campus site. Any approval would necessitate a rezoning of the property upwards from 1-4 dwelling units per acre to more than 11 dwelling units per acre.

The proposal envisions three- to four-story attached condominiums and no park space. The proposal would also require an underground parking garage and soccer play field where the former portable classrooms once stood. Comments from the SRPG were that market-rate housing was not appropriate, as this site has historically been entitled to educational uses. Chabad, should they decide to continue, planned on submitting an application to the city in February, at which time the City's Planning Commission will decide whether to amend the Community Plan.

Western Pacific Housing

Western Pacific Housing (WPH) provided an update to their proposed development. Following the city's approval to initiate a Community Plan Amendment with specific conditions to which city staff is to evaluate the project, WPH is asking approval for a maximum of 814 age-restricted (55+) dwelling units ranging from independent living to assisted care. The proposed density is 20-55 dwelling units per acre--64 acres--and no public parkland.

Proponents are promoting a half-acre commercial center that would be directly west of where Chabad's portable classrooms once stood. A public "loop" road is being proposed that would connect Pomerado Road at Chabad Driveway to the southeast corner of the relocated Marshall Middle School site.

San Vicente Pipeline Update

The San Vicente Pipeline Final Subsequent Environmental Impact Report is being delayed by the San Diego County Water Authority. There is a possibility that the Authority will purchase the land that St. Gregory's was going to purchase in StoneBridge Estates and make that a mining shaft site. It is also believed that the Poway Unified School District will not have an elementary school as planned, which leaves open issues as to traffic, parkland, and whether the Precise Plan needs to be amended.

Special Meeting

The SRPG, in response to the devastating October fire, thought it was prudent to seek a "hold" on any new development proposals until the community can assemble a plan regarding the rebuilding of the homes. City staff was instructed to arrange a meeting with the SRPG to explore options and return with recommendations at a special meeting on Thursday, Jan. 8, at 7 pm at the Scripps Ranch Library. The meeting is open to the public.

Bob Ilko, Chair

Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee (MRNPC)

Firestorm 2003

Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee (MRNPC) members wish to extend our warmest wishes to all our friends and neighbors who lost their homes. While the homes in our planning area were not damaged during the firestorm, we will continue to volunteer and provide whatever assistance is needed to rebuild Scripps Ranch. To all the firefighters and police who put their lives on the line, a heartfelt thank you!

Special thanks to our councilmember, Brian Maienschein, and his staff, especially Clint Carney and Christine Millay, for their dedication and long hours in getting and disseminating crucial information. In this time of need, our council office put the interests of Scripps Ranch above their own personal needs and, as in the past, exhibited what public service means. Scripps Ranch sends a thank you to Brian, Clint, and the rest of the staff.

A huge thank you to the SRCA and its webmaster, Greg Minter! Greg put in countless hours keeping the website current. The SRCA officers and district reps mobilized, and Project Phoenix, a special committee, was formed to assist homeowners in the rebuilding process.

If you aren't a member of SRCA, now is the time to join. The $20 dues are used entirely within the community. Rebuilding is going to take time, and the SRCA wants to assist all the way to the end. Go get your checkbook and write that check!

Finally, thank you, Scripps Ranch. You are amazing. You have volunteered, donated, comforted, and shown the world what community means.

Street Changes

You may have noticed changes at the Spring Canyon Road/Scripps Ranch Boulevard intersection. There are now two left turn lanes from Spring Canyon onto Scripps Ranch Boulevard. The far right lane is the through lane that continues straight. Traffic engineers are going to put more white painted arrows in the left turn lanes to provide earlier notice.

Also, white trap reflector dots will be placed to separate the left turn lane from the right through lane. A lane usage sign that shows two left turn lanes is now on the traffic light; another one will be placed in the median to alert drivers. This change is on an interim basis. However, a final decision about whether it will be permanent is expected soon.

Stop Sign

A group of Miramar Ranch North residents requested the city install a stop sign at Spruce Run Drive and Wills Creek Road. Unfortunately, the intersection did not meet the city traffic engineering requirements. However, the code does allow the residents to petition the planning group, and, if the planning group believes the sign is warranted, it can request it be installed.

Pump Station

The Water Department has been working with our committee to landscape and beautify the unsightly building. They presented renderings of a possible wall. We are encouraged that, with their cooperation, the site will be an asset to the gateway.


AT&T Cell Antenna

AT&T made a presentation concerning a proposed cell antenna in the Ivy Ridge area. The Ivy Ridge Homeowners Association reportedly has no objections. The city does not want the antennas to be placed on open space. They have asked AT&T to look at placing the equipment and antenna at other places like the Marketplace.

AT&T reported this would require them to build a 50-foot mono palm and place it in an area where it would stick out like a sore thumb. The MRNPC approved a motion stating we did not want the mono palm. The committee has asked AT&T to come back with a list of possible sites and an analysis of feasibility, both aesthetically and functionally.

Il Bruchetta/ Gateway

An informational presentation was made by the proposed partners of a possible sit-down restaurant at the Gateway. Presently, the building is under construction. Il Bruchetta would like to request a permit variance from retail to restaurant. Additionally, there is a parking space deficit for a restaurant. The plan is only in the initial stages and will go to the city.



During our November meeting, Mike Cooke joined the committee. There are now three vacancies. If you would like to help the community, we can use you.

Meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month at 7 pm at the Information Center, located at 11885 Cypress Canyon Road. If you wish to receive a meeting agenda, please contact Bill Bernard at 549-0979.

Bill Bernard, Chair

Cingular Cell Antenna

Cingular is proposing 12 antennas on the Weatherhill Water tower. Verizon has antennas--4 of 12 approved--with equipment by the existing tank pump. The Water Department told them that it was on a case-by-case basis as to whether it would be mounted on the tank. The Water Department does not want them on the tank, and wants free standing units instead.

Another concern is the equipment shed did not fit in with the neighborhood. The MRNPC asked Cingular to come back with more options, such as: move the equipment shed as far from houses as possible; change to match existing houses and stucco wall; and, clarify the Water Department's stance on putting antennas on the tank.