Scripps Ranch High School (SRHS)

Class of 2005 PBO

Our membership drive is well underway. We would like to thank the following people for their donations this month: Don and Debi Cerone, Scott and Robyn Rice, Lorraine Lundskog, Sue and Don Ressmeyer, the Robbins family, Wayne and Jeannie Robinson, Steve and Eileen Schallhorn, Sim and Judy von Kalinowski, Jim Euphrat and Kemi Williams, Remmi Molthen, Sam and Maylien Nakamura, Pamela Renkei, Claudia von Wilpert, Mr. and Mrs. Wifredo Carbungco, the Kaye family, Guy and Stacy Lewis, Mary Ann and Larry Mercer, Alexis Parker, and Amy and Oren Patashnik.

Donations can still be mailed to: Parent Booster Organization--Class of 2005, SRHS Foundation, 10410 Treena Street, San Diego, CA 92131.

Karen Johnson, mother of Kellie Johnson, has graciously agreed to chair the junior class golf tournament. This fun event, which will be held in the spring, is the primary fundraiser for their senior class Grad Night. Karen is looking for committee members and other volunteers, door prizes, and sponsors. If you would like to help with time, money, or prizes, email her at [[email protected]].

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, Jan. 7, at the high school's teachers' lounge. Please join us. If you have any questions, email our president, Dixie Hall, at [[email protected]].

Class of 2006 PBO

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, Jan. 7, at the Crown Pointe clubhouse. We are still looking for a fundraising coordinator, but each individual fundraiser will have its own chair.

Come to our next meeting and help us decide what those fundraisers will be and see how you can help. If you want to get updates from the Parent Booster Organization, please send your email address to Linda Scott at [[email protected]].

Marshall Middle School (MMS)

January Events

  • Monday, Jan. 5--Back to school;
  • Tuesday, Jan. 6--Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) meeting, 12:30-2 pm, lounge;
  • Wednesday, Jan. 7--Site Governance, 6:30 pm, lounge;
  • Wednesday, Jan. 14--Seminar parent meeting, 6:30 pm, auditorium;
  • Thursday, Jan. 15--Four-Year Plans, 6-9 pm, auditorium;
  • Friday, Jan. 16--Minimum day, students dismissed at 11:30 am;
  • Monday, Jan. 19--Martin Luther King Junior Day observance, no school;
  • Wednesday, Jan. 21--Four-Year Plans, 6-9 pm, auditorium;
  • Tuesday, Jan. 27--Four-Year Plans, 6-9 pm, auditorium; and,
  • Friday, Jan. 30--First semester report cards sent home.

Instrumental Music Concert

The instrumental music department presented a winter concert featuring the String Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra, Beginning and Intermediate Bands, Lab Jazz Band, Jazz Band, and the Advanced Band. These talented and hardworking musicians did a superb job, and all performed at their very best.

The students were very involved with every aspect of this excellent performance from start to finish, including rehearsing, conducting some of the featured pieces, and introducing each selection. The audience turnout for the concert was tremendous--thanks to everyone who came to support these fine musicians. These young musicians should be very proud of their accomplishments, and we all look forward to hearing their performance at the end of the school year!

Marshall Dance Team

The Marshall Middle School dance team will have its first competition on Saturday, Jan. 10, at Paloma Valley High School.

Geography Bee

As of this writing, 10 finalists for the National Geographic Geography Bee have been identified. They are: Nick Batt, Becky Berg, Jordan Davis, Nikki Fisk, Rui Jin, Josh Lin, Kate Mitchell, Jeremy Patashnik, Ben Wu, and Edward Zhu. A single champion will be selected and provided the opportunity to compete in the state finals with the potential of moving on to the United States Geography Bee Championship.

Four-Year Planning Conferences

The Counseling Office is getting ready for our upcoming 8th grade Four-Year Planning Conferences scheduled for January and February. Most conferences will be held in the Marshall Middle School auditorium from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. Letters regarding specific meeting dates and times will be mailed home to all 8th grade parents in early January.

There have been some important changes in high school graduation and college entrance requirements that you need to be aware of. Please plan to attend this very informative meeting with your son or daughter.

Learning Contracts Parent Meeting

The Learning Contracts Parent Meeting was held in December. Learning Contracts were reviewed with parents or guardians, and suggested supports and interventions were discussed. If you received a letter of invitation and a copy of your child's Learning Contract in the mail but were unable to attend the meeting, a final "makeup" meeting is scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 10, in the auditorium, from 9 to 10 am. Your attendance is most important, as all contracts must be signed by parents.

Fall Semester Ends

Fall semester ends on Friday, Jan. 23. Students will bring report cards home on Friday, Jan. 30. Please remember to ask your child for his or her report card!

Student Support Groups

Marshall counselors, in cooperation with counselors from Harmonium Inc., a community counseling agency, will co-facilitate our second round of student support groups during the spring semester. All students will hear a brief explanation of our student support groups and will receive a parent permission slip in their advisory classes.

Topics discussed may include self-esteem, relationships, academic stress, divorce, newcomer issues, grief and loss, social skills, attention-related difficulties, substance abuse, and many others. If your child is interested in joining a weekly support group for boys called "It's a Guy Thing," a group for girls called "Girl Chat," or a "Coed" group, be sure to sign and return the parent permission slip. If your child does not have the parent permission slip, you can contact Julie Becker at 549-8840, ext. 1209.

GATE Makeup Testing

Makeup testing for any 7th grade student who missed the October GATE test will be held on Monday, Jan. 26. Please contact Gloria Vega, counseling secretary, at 549-8840, ext. 1207, if you are interested in having your child tested. Remember, to retest, students must meet certain district-determined criteria.

Scripps Ranch Women's Club Donation

The students and staff want to thank the Scripps Ranch Women's Club (SRWC) for their most generous donation of $1,000 for a new trophy case for our school. When Marshall first opened in 1998, the first donation we received was from the SRWC for the same amount. We purchased the trophy case that now stands in our front office. It has been full for two years now, so we are in great need of a new one. We are very fortunate to have such great support from our community.

News From the Nurse

In the last month a large number of students have been seen in the nurse's office for complaints of stomachache, headache, sore throat, and dry persistent cough. These symptoms are sometimes accompanied by a fever and other times there is no fever. In order to decrease the transmission of this virus, good hand washing is essential. Coughing "into the elbow" rather than into hands also helps decrease the spread of disease. The following is a guideline for school attendance when sick:

  1. Students with a temperature of 100 or higher should remain at home until the temperature is normal (98.6) for a 24-hour period, without the aid of fever reducers such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen;
  2. Students too ill to participate in normal activities should be excluded from school whether or not the child has a fever; and,
  3. Students with vomiting should stay home until symptoms are gone for a 24-hour period.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding student health, please do not hesitate to call the Health Office.

Elementary Schools

Dingeman Elementary

Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a wonderful winter break. Now the children are back, and Dingeman Elementary School is jumping with energy and enthusiasm again!

Project Miles of Smiles

By the time this article is printed, Dingeman will have hosted the first weekend of photo replacement at our school. Friends and families of the fire victims came and copied pictures to replace the ones lost in the firestorm. We encourage everyone to forward this information to grandparents, other family members, and friends who might have candid shots of birthdays, sports, and holidays. There will be two more weekends where Dingeman will host this event. The dates are:

  • Friday, Jan. 9, 3-8 pm;
  • Saturday, Jan. 10, 10 am-4 pm;
  • Friday, Feb. 6, 3-8 pm; and,
  • Saturday, Feb. 7, 10 am-4 pm.

As photos are copied, volunteers will collect and file them along with the school and sports pictures we collect. The file will be under the family's name. Once the project is complete, the entire packet will be given to each family.

Forms were sent out to Scripps Ranch fire victims back in November. These forms will help our committee of volunteers replace as many of their professionally taken photos as possible--school portraits, team sports pictures, family portraits. If you received the form, please take some time to fill it out and send it back in the self-addressed stamped envelope that was enclosed.

If you did not receive the form, you can download a copy from the SRCA website at [] and send it back to the address at the top of the form. Please include your original address on the form as well. We hope to send each photographer one list of the families who need replacement, instead of having the photographers field several individual requests. Thank you.

We want to extend a huge thank you to the following parties for helping to make this project work:

  • Hewlett-Packard, Rancho Bernardo--They loaned us 10 scanner-color-copier units, all the photo paper and ink needed, and HP volunteers are present at all the photo days;
  • Creative Memories Consultants-- Donated albums;
  • Office Depot, Carmel Mountain-- Donated the envelopes and address labels for letters sent to families;
  • Marshall Middle School Parent Teacher Student Association-- Donated all the postage on the letters sent to families;
  • Canyon Springs Church--Paid the advertising fee in the SRCA Newsletter; and,
  • Masterpiece Cookie Dough-- Donated 5% of their profits from our fundraising sales to "Project Miles of Smiles." This amount was over $1,000--that is great!

Several photographers have been so wonderful with their services as well. Many have said they will replace whatever they have negatives for at no charge. All of us are proud of how our school has stepped up in this difficult time. Dingeman is about community!

Cookie Dough

Our cookie dough fundraiser was a great success! When all the orders were tallied, we raised approximately $7,500 for our school!

Scripps Ranch Women's Club Donation

Dingeman would like to thank the Scripps Ranch Women's Club for their generous donation of $1,500 to our school. These funds will be used toward replacing the carpet in our multipurpose room. Thank you for being so generous!

Upcoming Events

  • Monday, Jan. 19--Martin Luther King Junior Day observance;
  • Thursday, Feb. 12--Staff development day, no school;
  • Friday, Feb. 13--Lincoln Day observance; and,
  • Monday, Feb. 16--President's Day observance.

Jerabek Elementary

Holiday Spirit Effuses...

December was a wonderfully busy month at Jerabek. Our Holiday Gift Shop was a great success as it served more than 1,000 shoppers! The children shopped with enthusiasm as they carefully scrutinized the merchandise and thoughtfully considered each purchase in terms of the recipients.

Accolades to Debbie O'Toole who organized this successful event--it could not have been done without her and more than 50 volunteers, which she says could easily have been doubled. A special thanks to Amy Ephraim, Mary Waltari, and the tremendous effort of the Family Faculty Organization (FFO) board!

The holidays are a time people face both with anticipation and anxiety--trying to make them so special each and every year. However, this year we know that for fire victims there was more anxiety than normal.

While we could hardly begin to replace all of the holiday items that were lost, there were plans that allowed people to express caring and the holiday spirit. New holiday items were generously donated throughout the community, and it was a great opportunity to share in true giving and receiving without commercialism. Thank you to Monica Wixted for taking the lead on this project!

The Holiday Ornament Fair at the Scripps Ranch Library was another thoughtfully organized event. Thank you to Lisa Yoshitake and the many who volunteered. Families who lost their homes in the October firestorm were treated to a festive atmosphere and camaraderie as they munched homemade cookies and created new special holiday ornaments.

Commitment of Educators Shines Through Students

Our community of learners is exceptionally strong and extremely successful due to the support of families and the whole-hearted teaching of our great team of educators. Jerabek teacher Phyllis Porter encourages her students to apply themselves to their potential and enter their writing in a variety of contests offered to students across the country. The following students from Miss Porter's class recently received recognition and prizes for their excellence in writing.

Kevin Young was awarded first place--a $50 check--in a Weekly Reader essay contest "Operation Tribute to Freedom." The contest was for grades 3 through 12. Not only did Kevin achieve first place for his grade level, but received first place overall through all the grade levels--more than 8,000 essays were submitted nationwide. His prize is a trip to the Pentagon to become a "kid correspondent" in July 2004. Kevin will work for the Weekly Reader. Awesome job, Kevin! Here is his essay.


I am a 10-year-old boy living in the United States of America--a country that stands for freedom. Today, I woke to the chirping of birds. On the other side of the world, another boy is waking up to the frightening sound of blasting bombs.

It was time to go to school so I chose to wear a T-shirt and shorts because I could make that decision. On the other side of the world, a young girl had a choice, too. She could wear a veil or get whipped.

Then I went to school to learn about our world, including math, English, history, and science and technology. I was learning how to make the world a better place. On the other side of the world, a boy was learning how to fight in combat and survive or be killed. For the girl, school was not allowed. But she wanted to learn. So she went to school in secret, but was taking a big risk.

After school, I went to play soccer and visited with all of my friends. On the other side of the world, the boy and girl went and tried to earn some money or went to look for food and water for their family.

At night, as I slept in my nice, warm bed, I dreamed of a world filled with freedom for the little boy and girl on the other side of the world.

Natalie Diebold and Chrys Nguyen were each awarded second place for their movie reviews in the Paper Mate "You Write the Movie Review" contest. Each won a writing journal and assorted Paper Mate products. Way to go, Natalie and Chrys!

Back to School and More Cool Dates--Please Take Note!

You still have time to linger in your pajamas, play with your new toys, and catch up with friends and family--school will be back in session on Tuesday, Jan. 20, following Martin Luther King Junior Day. There are some important dates coming up, so take note!

  • Wednesday, Jan. 28--2nd grade Family Science Night, 6:45 pm, Jerabek auditorium;
  • Thursday, Jan. 29--Pizza will be sold after school to benefit the 5th grade promotion event. Please consider this an easy lunch option for your hungry Koala; and,
  • Wednesday, Feb. 4--5th grade Family Science Night, 6:45 pm, Jerabek auditorium.

Happy New Year! Will 2004 be the best year yet for our Jerabek Koalas? Please stay tuned.

Miramar Ranch Elementary (MRE)

Everyone at Miramar Ranch Elementary School would like to wish the Scripps Ranch community a happy New Year. Last year was eventful and traumatic. Let's hope 2004 is a little less so!


Miramar Ranch Elementary School (MRE) is happy to announce the reception of a $3,600 grant from Las Patronas. Las Patronas is a La Jolla-based charitable organization that raises money through annual events and then gives away the money to needy causes. The money will be used to purchase three computers. Wells Fargo also contributed $1,000, which will be used to purchase computers as well.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to both Las Patronas and Wells Fargo Bank for their generosity and investment in our children. Parents, please consider, to the extent possible, utilizing and supporting our sponsors, or supporting Las Patronas by buying tickets to their fundraisers. Their primary fundraiser is the Jewel Ball.

The following people spent a lot of time putting together the presentation for Las Patronas and deserve a big thank you: Lori May, Ruth Braun, Lorelei Olsen, and Val Acciani. Lori Vecchio and Lynn Todd did the paperwork for both grants.

As mentioned in earlier Newsletters, MRE held another gift wrap sale. I am happy to report that the effort brought in about $13,500! All I can say is either a lot of wrapping paper was purchased by the community or MRE sold some very expensive paper! I hope it is the former.

Thank you to everyone who purchased paper and chose to support your local school. The money raised will help fund a lot of programs. Thank you to Debbie Principe and Julie Stern who did another awesome job putting it together. If anybody still wants more gift wrap, it is possible to order year round. It gets sent directly to your house, and the school still gets 50% profit. The website to order online is [] and the school number is 103384.

Also on the fundraising front, Sue Hunt and Michelle McAllister did a great job with the first cookie dough sales. About $3,750 was raised. This will be used to buy three more computers. Quite an impressive effort for our first try.

An example of how the Scripps Ranch community sticks together can be shown by the book drive the Family Faculty Association (FFA) held for families who lost their homes in the recent fire. ViaSat Corporation in Carlsbad donated seven boxes of books.

Thanks go to parent Nancy Holder, many publishing companies, and authors that have been donating hundreds of beautiful books for the children and their parents. We have established a special book drive library where the families can shop and replenish their book shelves. In December the books went directly to Jerabek and will eventually go to other areas of the county.


The FFA, along with some members of the Site-Based Management Team, is looking at solutions to our traffic problem at the school. The situation is pretty awful. We hope that some parent-to-parent appeal will make things safer for everyone, especially the kids.

Since I was asked to mention this topic, I will take this opportunity to add my two cents. As someone who runs past the school some mornings, I can honestly say that passing the school is the most "exciting" part of my run. I usually feel I have about a 50-50 chance of getting nailed by a car. And I consider myself to be an experienced street crosser! I feel sorry for the students who have to navigate past the cars everyday. So, drivers, please drop off your child in a safe spot--not in the middle of the street.


Third grade teacher Geff Wilcox's class has been studying the author Chris Van Allsburg. They found out that he starts his books by drawing pictures. They have read eight of his books!

Math trivia alert: Did you know that 987654321 123456789 = 8? That's what an idle person with a calculator can discover!

Lori Erlenbach is organizing a playgroup for students entering MRE kindergarten in the fall of 2004. That would be the class of 2017, I think. Please call her at 566-2804.

Students Who Care

"Students Who Care" provides students of Miramar Ranch Elementary School with opportunities for community service in order to learn about local as well as global needs and experience the joy of serving others. This year's first project, the Thanksgiving Food Drive, was kicked off at the Halloween Carnival with great success. By the end of the carnival, two large bins were overflowing with food donations to benefit St. Vincent de Paul.

Special thanks to Mrs. Thomas' 5th graders who made posters to advertise the event. Their artwork was beautiful. Stay tuned for information about the next "Students Who Care" project planned for Valentine's Day.

Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary (EBS)

Upcoming Events

  • Every Saturday--Scripps Ranch Farmers Market, 9 am-1 pm;
  • Every Thursday--After-school pizza sale to support 5th grade promotion;
  • Monday, Jan. 5--School resumes;
  • Monday, Jan. 12--Academic Fundraising Partnership (AFP) meeting, 6:30 pm, EBS library;
  • Wednesday, Jan. 14--Cub Scouts, 6-8 pm, multipurpose room;
  • Thursday, Jan. 15--SSC/Governance meeting, 7:30 am, EBS library;
  • Tuesday, Jan. 20--Character Education meeting, 6:30 pm, EBS library;
  • Wednesday, Jan. 21, through Friday, Jan. 23--GATE testing;
  • Friday, Jan. 23--Fire drill;
  • Friday, Jan. 23--Fall semester ends; and,
  • Friday, Jan. 30--Mascot Day.

A Principal Says Goodbye

Dear Penguins,

Somewhere today in San Diego there is a mentor principal who is traveling to schools to meet the principals he will teach. As he drives from one school to the next he is thinking about Thanksgiving and all the things he is grateful for...and about his colony of penguins at E.B. Scripps.

When he thinks of "everybody's best school," he thinks of the "EBS spirit"-- teachers, parents, and students developing passions, sharing with one another, and the strong sense of belonging to something very special. EBS brings to his mind the neighborhood in which he grew up, with supportive parents and families keeping an eye on all children, not just their own. So, too, teachers and staff keep an eye on all children. They work in a school, not just a classroom.

Similarly, the students are expected to care for the entire school community. Adults and children alike believe they belong to something very important. And it is this feeling of being members of the EBS community that inspires children, parents, and teachers to work their hardest and do their best. After all, they know that everyone on the "Ranch" will take pride in their accomplishments.

This principal is thankful for the opportunity to help create this special place to spend the day. He is thankful for the opportunity to work with smart, enthusiastic teachers and parents who separate the ordinary from the extraordinary and who also pursued a vision to create this world-class school. Most importantly, he is thankful for the 500 penguins who come to school ready to learn with excitement and commitment to be their best...birds like no other! This principal is grateful indeed.

You are loved,

EBS--(Still) Everybody's Best School!

EBS doors, open hearts, open minds, and a well-come to all!

...and the beat goes on. The steady beat of the heartfelt leadership heralded by Rich Cansdale continues by virtue of the character now infused throughout the entire school community. The staff was vigilant at the front gates that first morning of the transition, making sure that no face went without a smile and a hello for the traditional morning greeting. Instead of an empty space where Rich had stood, there was Roberta and J. J. reaching out to shake our hands; our hearts swelled with pride and hope sprung eternal. All was not fact something new was unfolding before our very eyes.

Rich, who bestowed upon us many riches, left us with a simple yet powerful phrase, "Compromise nothing!" As we began to call upon our own strengths and resources, we vowed to continue the quality of excellence that has become synonymous with EBS.

In both our academic and civic arenas we continue to "Educate the Whole Child" and to support our adult community in wholeness and health. In fact, the tenacity and fortitude of the school--our children, teachers, parents, staff, squirrels, penguins, etc.--is founded on this type of philosophy that values and respects the individual and the institution as living, viable, and vibrant entities.

Each month here at E. B. Scripps, we choose to consciously explore one of the character traits we have identified as being desirable. Although we do this through the lens of teaching our little penguins, if we are doing our jobs as educators, meaning all of us--parents, teachers, students, and staff--then we truly benefit.

No matter what our role here at EBS, we have the opportunity each month to review our own relationship to the character trait and how it pertains to us both personally and professionally. We are all teachers and all students, merely switching roles as each lesson arises.

So, as you can see, the beat does go on, and as we continue to support our students in the fundamental elements of whole child education, we reap the benefits as well. EBS will continue to grow and prosper by virtue of the respect we have for each other, and as we continue to assist our students in character development, we continue to develop our personal and community character as well!

Before- and After-School Programs

As we return to school after the winter break, we look back on the initial months and notice all the things our children have learned. EBS teachers are wonderful and fill our children's minds with math, science, history, reading, English, art, music, and so much more. To make the student's time at EBS even more special, there are several before- and after-school programs that are offered to enhance their learning and go beyond what they study in the classroom.

Spanish Enrichment Academy teaches a language that is so important to know in our part of the country. Mad Science reaches out to a child's curiosity and shows them why some things work the way they do. Chess Club teaches strategic planning and forward thinking. American Sign Language exposes children to a language and culture unknown to many. Gymnastics, Martial Arts, and Dance teach the basics of these arts and get the heart pumping. And, Orchestra opens their minds to music. Please support our school programs by enrolling your children and taking them beyond what they learn in the classroom.

Grandperson's Day

In November we celebrated Grandperson's Day at EBS. Grandparents, "adopted grandparents," and grand people were all invited to the school to tour the children's classrooms. Some only had a short drive, while others made a trek from distant locales to see how special their grandchildren's school really is. The children sang and performed. It was the perfect chance for the children to display their talents both in and out of the classroom and exhibit the many character traits EBS is so fond of teaching.

The EBS Penguins wish everyone a prosperous 2004!

Other Schools

Alliant International University (AIU)

California Conservation Corps Staying at AIU

California Conservation Corps (CCC) members are currently staying on the Alliant International University (AIU) campus. Approximately 90 members of the CCC are assisting with fire mitigation in the Scripps Ranch area. CCC members will be housed on campus through at least mid-January.

Some examples of the work performed by the CCC include residential debris cleanup and removal, chimney and block wall demolition, tree and vegetation removal and/or chipping, erosion control, and revegetation. The CCC works in cooperation with national, state, and municipal agencies during ongoing and post-emergency efforts.

The California Conservation Corps--comprised of men and women between the ages of 18 and 23--is the oldest and largest conservation corps in the world. The CCC's mission is to engage young people in public service and educational activities that assist them in becoming responsible citizens, while protecting and enhancing California's environment.

Through CCC activities, these men and women enhance their skills and education, learn important values like teamwork, commitment, ambition, and responsibility, and develop into active citizens who will make a difference.

Working hard and earning minimum wage, CCC members have worked more than 50 million hours to protect California's communities. They have provided 6 million hours of assistance with emergencies. After completing one year with the CCC and completing requirements in Conservation Awareness and Career Development, corps members are eligible for up to $2,000 in scholarships to continue their education. For details on the CCC, visit [].