The following link contains all the documents for the Nighthawk Battery Storage Conditional Use Permit in the City of San Diego.  Here are the initial submittal (10/31/2022) and subsequent cure submittal (12/15/2022), with any revised cure materials replacing the originals.  There is a Conditional Use Permit and Conditional Use Permit Amendment for the same project that is within the City of Poway.  Two jurisdictions, one project.

Citrix Attachments Expires February 15, 2024
01_Nighthawk_DS3035.pdf 625.6 KB
03_Nighthawk Form_DS-560.pdf 243.9 KB
06_Nighthawk CAP Consistency Checklist.pdf 584.4 KB
08_Nighthawk Project Description.pdf 617.7 KB
1. Nighthawk Form_DS-3242_Signed.pdf 149 KB
10_Nighthawk_Biological_Resources_Report.pdf 16.6 MB
11_Nighthawk_Cultural_Resources_Report.pdf 5.4 MB
12_Nighthawk_Paleo_Resources_Report.pdf 1.6 MB
2. Nighthawk Grant Deeds.pdf 1.2 MB
3. Nighthawk Photo Survey and Key Map.pdf 3.8 MB
4. Nighthawk Development Plans_.pdf 2.6 MB
EXCEL_300 Owner Occcupant List_Green V…dge.pdf 121.4 KB
Proof of Ownership.PNG 324.9 KB

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City of Poway link

April 4, 2023 City of Poway City Council hearing re Granite Construction Amended Conditional Use Permit approval