Minutes of the Regular Meeting
Scripps Ranch Civic Association
November 8, 2012


The Agenda was published and e-mailed to all Board members.


Absent Excused: Fields

Absent: Mueller

President Ilko called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Ilko wanted to remind folks that if they want something in the newsletter it should be sent to Gloria Tran, Editor not Victoria Mazelli.

5th Council District

Tiffiany Leal reported:

The signals at Scripps Ranch Blvd and Scripps Lake Drive were damaged during current construction. Some adjustments have been made for the traffic flow but new sensors will need to be installed.

Spring Canyon & Spruce Run – City looking at bids for work to install new traffic signal. Work still scheduled to begin in December.

Park & Recreation Park Lighting – There have been thefts of the copper cable that feeds the sports lights at Spring Canyon and Community Park. Also theft of irrigation wiring at Spring Canyon and security lighting at Community Park.

City Clerk completed the official wording for the ballot measure on comprehensive pension reform that will be on next year’s ballot.

Assemblyman Fletcher

Ilko read a report from the Shea Benton

Assemblyman currently putting together legislative package for the 2012 session with wide spread of bills ranging from public safety to tax reform to regulatory reform.

Season of Service – teamed up with Embrace San Diego to collect warm clothing and blankets that will be distributed this coming Saturday. Also doing a toy drive and canned food drive for the holidays that will run until December 17th. Information is on their website.

Fundraising Drive

Braunstein reported that the first committee meeting will be held on November 9th at 6:30 pm at the Coldwell Banker offices next to Chili’s. Anyone is welcome to attend. Indicated that Dennis Engler had prepared a graph which clearly illustrated the decline in membership we have had over the past few years. Will be looking to prepare a packet to be given to new residents coming into the area and have the District Representative deliver this and introduce themselves. Asked if we could prepare an “elevator” speech for use by District Representatives.

There was a discussion on various aspects of why fundraising has gone down and some ideas how to increase. It was suggested we might want to look into having a fundraising activity.


Todd Phillips Chairperson reported:

Their regular monthly meeting was previous Thursday night and they had standing room only in attendance due to the subject of Kaiser considering purchasing the Aliant property. Kaiser made a presentation that was primarily concerning the traffic issue. They are considering expanding Pomerado Road from Hwy 15 to Scripps Ranch Blvd. They are planning on two access to the site – Avenue of Nations and Chabad.

There were several community members that spoke and generally their message was that a hospital was not a fit for our community. Traffic is a key issue. There was a second community presentation that dealt strictly on traffic issues. There was a question and answer session at the end. A SRPG ad hock sub-committee has been established and they requested to meet with Kaiser before the meeting to discuss the issues that might come up at the meeting. Once Kaiser found out this would be an open meeting they declined to meet prior. Kaiser is simultaneously looking at a County owned property in Kearny Mesa. Kaiser has indicated they will be looking to make a decision on which site they want to pursue before the end of December.

The CLC group was looking to move forward with their senior housing project under the 1967 Conditional Use Permit instead of the Substantial Performance Review which is much more involved, takes more time and money. The CLC then made a decision that they would do the Substantial Performance Review.

Fairbrook Property – Been purchased by Ryland Homes.

Community Group

Ilko introduced Diane Strum and Gail Courtney from the newly formed group called RRUAS (Residents for Rational Use of Aliant Site). They indicated that they goal was to educate the Community and get the word out to everyone concerning the many issues involved . They contacted the Kearny Mesa Planning Group to find out their status and found out that Kaiser had contacted them 8-9 months ago about possible interest in the County property. They have contacted many politicians and groups to educate and hopefully obtain their support to fight Kaiser locating in Scripps Ranch. They received a response back from the Superintendent of City of San Diego School District. Gail requested for SRCA to take a stand concerning this issue.

Explanations were given as to why SRCA would not take a stand at this time and our job to educate the community with all facts so members of the community could make an informed intelligent decision on the matter. This issue is currently where it belongs and that is with the Planning Group.

Schools Committee

Barber reported:

Budget Issues – Assistant Superintendent indicated they are no longer considering closing any schools at this time. None were planned in Scripps Ranch.

A subcommittee has been set up to study traffic safety because of the many concerns around many schools.

Dingeman Scholarship

They have received 26 applications and are currently interviewing applicants. They will be giving our either 2 or 3 scholarships.

Congressman Filner

He spoke about himself – background and stance on various issues and that he is running for Mayor.


Allman reported:

Expenditures are down right now because we have no major events happening right now. The November newsletter was only 76 pages and the smallest we have had for a long time. The advertising goes up and down, no consistency. Small businesses that pay for business card ads are not doing so every month anymore. Some of the previous larger ads are now reducing the size of their ads. Suggestion was made to use interns for marketing by contacting businesses that advertise in the 92131 magazine.

Community Center

Still doing very well and making about $20,000 a year.


Cavanagh reported:

Website – Need updates from the Fundraising and Recognition Night Committees.

The number one topic right now on Facebook and e-mail blasts is the Kaiser issue. A reminder was made to Board members that if you discuss the Kaiser issue and take a stand that it is made clear you are doing so as an individual and not as a member of the SRCA Board or Committee Chair or member.

Drummond reported that 16 e-mail blasts have gone out this month. We have a 38% rate of them being opened versus an industry rate of 20-25%. Information on Neighborhood Watch is opened 43%, Kaiser 42% and Dingeman Scholarship is third.

Sustainable SR

Plutner reported:

They will be having a meeting on Wednesday with the Water Authority.

In December looking to increase membership and volunteers by having a Holiday Party with recyclable gift exchange. Date is December 14th at Community Center 6:30-8:00 pm.

Community Fair

McGinn reported:

They established a mission statement that provides for the cohesiveness of the entire community. Goal is to showcase business and groups of the community. Want more participation by adults without children in the household and singles. Date has been set for May 6th. Website will be updated.

A motion by Morrisey and seconded by Wurtzler was made to adjourn the meeting.

Jany Staley