November 13, 2018 @ 7:00pm

Scripps Ranch Library, Conference Room


  1. WELCOME:   Call to order at 7:06pm
  1. Roll Call         Quorum failed – 1 short.
  1. Modifications to the Agenda:   Dennis Engler proposed discussion of committee membership and meeting notices. Added to closed session.
  1. Non-Agenda Public Comment:   Sandy Wetzel-Smith noted that the Fire Safe Council has received a $20K donation from the Glen for evacuation preparation.
  1. Presentation of Community Acknowledgement – Pazzo’s Pizza E. Magee & R. Knudsen

David Vitale honored by US House of Representatrives proclamation recognizing Pazzo’s Pizza 25 years in the SR community, since Nov 6 1993.      .

  1. San Diego City Council (Councilmember Kersey) Q. Grounds:   Not present
  1. County of San Diego (Supervisor Gaspar) D. Steiner:     Not present. Email announced 2 new supervisors,   Sup. Gaspar hosted workshop on Behavioral Health
  1. CA State Assembly (Assemblyman Maienschein) R. Knudsen:   Not present
  1. U.S. Congress (Congressman Peters) E. Magee.       Honor Doc Jacobs Bronze Star for military service.   Congress back in session. REP Peters leading delegation to Japan.   Just a few more weeks in sessions.   Next session, in majority, Rep. Peters will probably continue to serve on the       Energy and Commerce committee
  1. San Diego Police Department Officer C. Santos:       Crime Statistics for last month:       1 Stolen vehicles.     11 car break-ins.     1 shoplift new Von’s     1 Break-in Softball sheds on Cypress Canyon park.     No residential burglaries,   1 garage break in.
  1. San Diego City Attorney (City Attorney Mara Elliott) DCA A. M. Council.   Not present
  1. Planning Groups (SRPG and MRNPC) Wulfeck and Abella-Shon:   Wulfeck reported both MRNPC on Nov. 6 and SRPG on Dec. 6 approve MAD budgets.       SRPG subcommittee on Alliant University meeting Thursday, Nov. 15.
  1. MCAS Miramar Citizen’s Advisory: Defense support for civil authorities — firefighting and interaction with CALFIRE.


  1. Approval of October 9, 2018 Minutes All:         Cannot approve without Quorum.       See below.
  1. Appointment of Qualified Residents to SRCA Board Vacancies All:   Cannot vote without Quorum. See below.
  1. SRCA President’s Report Ilko: Steve Wendroff:   volunteer CPA for audit review for end of year
  1. The perception of the SRCA in the community is healthy and robust. I am encouraged by what residents and agency staff say.
  2. No report from 50+
  3. No report from SSR
  4. Membership needs to draft a letter to past members and select which non-members to send the letter to. The letter really should go out December 1st. Emails to follow. We have two new business supporters since last month.
  5. SRCANW had one block party on Luxembourg in MRN. Tom M. attended as well as about 20 residents. Well organized group. They have a refresher meeting once a year. They will send us the updated contact list to upload into CC database. Every board member should either host or find someone in their immediate neighborhood to host a block party. It is an excellent opportunity to get in front of concerned and interested residents. We get to talk about the SRCA and how relevant we are to their lives. Nearly 3100 in our NW program!
  6. Spoke to Boy Scout troop about the rule of law and we talked about how every decision we make follows the concept of the rule of law. Parents had me stay for another 20 minutes to ask questions about Innovations, The Watermark, repaving vs slurry coat, Fairbrook Park, the value of the newsletter, etc. I pushed membership.
  7. Hope you all had an opportunity to read the email this morning about threat made against students at SRHS. Our NL Editor using her relationships was in close contact with the Principal and VP throughout the night. I helped out early this morning when Gloria was not available. One of the things we do is update the community with reliable, verified information rather than rumors on social media. It is not easy to get information timely. SDUSD and SDPD found the threat not credible and were on campus today as a precaution. It is this type of responsible professional reporting is why residents look to the SRCA. Which leads me to our social media update.
  1. Social media update:
    1. We are asked to post events by residents and other organizations to our FB page. Nearly daily we get private messages asking for help or to answer a question. This I believe is a result of having a good reputation.
    2. In the past 180 days, our Facebook page had 7500 people click on the page.
    3. More dramatically is the number of times any content from the SRCA FB page or about our page is seen on people’s screens was 203,691 times in September alone!
    4. Number of followers grows every day. We just passed 4800! We have added nearly 900 followers since January 1st. Since Aug. 18th we added 140 followers which is 1.5 per day. This says that residents trust us, they like what we do, and they want to connect for various reasons. By the way, it is difficult keep 4800 people interested let alone grow the number of followers. Really could again use some help by sending us photos, stories, issues to post on our FB page. Pretty much anything SR related is good.
    5. We have 11,690 emails in CC which is roughly 1 out of every 3 residents in SR are subscribers.
      1. Although 194 have unsubscribed this year, we added 727 of which 524 of them were added by the SRCA and the remaining 203 were added by residents using our website. We are adding more than 2 people per day! We should thank Rob Holmes for working hard to grow the numbers interested in 50+. He continues to send us names and emails. I add everyone into CC who contacts us.
      2. We still are dealing with not getting our emails out to residents due to CC saying a percentage of our residents’ emails are suspended.
  • We pre-pay CC in Feb. for the entire year. I want us to consider switching email services to a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) service for non-profits to tie in membership, website, emails and social media. It is more per month but may save us time and money in the long run.
  • We were very successful in adding residents to CC by creating special interest groups like we did for SDGE, Renzulli and Monarch projects. We recently opened a special interest list for the AIU property. 16 were added in one evening after posting something about KB Homes on our FB page. SSR has 1589 and 50+ has 1534.
    1. Still need a Chair
    2. People are looking and booking. Had an appointment today.
    3. Booked a Chinese interest group recently. SR Villages signed up for 11 months for 2019. We have more GS troops than ever before (we don’t charge them).
    4. We made $1900 in 2018 and can make more than that if we all encourage people to use the community center for meetings, parties, events.
  2. 4th of July and RN planning should begin in January.
  3. Clean Up Day #2 was last month. Led by Barbara Perkins and assisted by Elyssa, Jan, Rene and Bob Cronk. By the end of the day, Barbara was pumped up and ready to plan for April’s Clean Up Day. Handed out membership fliers to every resident.
  4. Holiday Tree Lighting is Sunday, Dec. 9th at 3 pm. Not having a Tree Lighting Chair hurt us a bit as there was a break down in communications with us, GS and SitP. The lesson learned is to have a face to face meeting of all 3 organizations to outline responsibilities and timeline. SitP were fantastic and enthusiastically wants to improve both events. Considering to have just one combined event next year hosted by all 3 organizations. Larry agreed to be there to welcome the Girl Scouts, Col. D and Mark Kersey. Larry will also plug in the Eileen Rodriguez Holiday Tree which will be ready to go per Eileen. She is just a wee bit motivated to do a great job!
  5. LTPC met last week and I believe Larry is out of town, so I like to hear from him what was discussed and recommended.
  6. Community Fair update
    1. Talked with Bryan Hoffman. He committed to help us with sponsorships.
    2. I put out job postings. 3 people said they were interested however 1 failed to respond to emails from us. Of the 2 that did respond, 1 wanted the job to be full time job so she backed out. The one that did call back when called, emailed back when emailed gave us a fixed price of $4000. She valued the job at $5000-$7000 but gave us a break for being a non-profit. I think that it is also a potential year to year gig too. She came recommended by former SRCA DR Debbie Lowery who just took a job at Rancho Santa Fee Inn otherwise she was interested.
  7. Volunteer Coordinator update
    1. Instructed our webmaster to create a Volunteer Coordination page under Committees. It went up last month. It has the duties and responsibilities that we saw last month with no objections. Also, there is a link for residents to volunteer as well on the new page in addition to a link under the Support tile. Posted an announcement on our FB page about being a VC or a volunteer. The post was shared but so far, no responses.
  8. I want to remind board members of the communications policy that if you are on a committee or needs something about or from a committee that you cc the committee chair on all email correspondence. It is the committee chair’s responsibility to know what their committee members are doing and what is being asked of them. Please be respectful of the committee chair’s leadership.
  9. A few odds and ends to tell you about.
    1. Continue to have a great relationship with both MAD Supervisors. We got a call about forts and a broken water sprinkler in MRN. Mike R responded.
    2. SRMAD called us twice about a duck was found at the library with large fishing hooks which had to be cut free. The library reached out to us to ask residents not to leave fishing hooks at the lake or pond. Eileen called us as a resident used the GiD app to report a water leak in open space off Semillon. The city investigated it and said not theirs, but Eileen didn’t want it to be considered closed without doing something about it, so she gave me an address for us to contact the nearest property owner to let them know they may have a leak. We both work every day go the extra mile where the GiD app doesn’t. I called and exchanged emails with the resident who at first was taken back but became very appreciative of us caring about their home and possible wasting of water.
    3. SRHS Grad Night 2019 emailed looking for us to help them again with a $250 grant. It should fund 3 students who can’t afford to go to Disneyland to go.

Questions: Gwen Bandt asked about support for the farmers market.     President Ilko reviewed why it went away.

  1. Operations Oversight Advisory Group Philips:       Todd will schedule meeting.
  2. Budget Advisory Group Wulfeck:       Todd will schedule meeting.
  3. Dingeman/SRCA Scholarship Report Barber:   Committee met last Thursday to recommend candidates for award.                 2 recipients selected;  will receive awards in may or june..

Quorum achieved:  


             MOTION TO APPOINT Treasurer and new Board member: Chris McFarland    


Open session Adjourned at 7:56.


State of the SRCA All: President will update committee list and membership   Board needs to appoint.

  1. Membership summary distributed.       Income from individual, business and community fair memberships is down 20K from last year.             President is committed to fixing this.           Losing membership.   Last 4 years. 870 drops, 170 new.     500+       constant members.    
  1. Communication Committee meetings are open, but not announced to the public.     Todd wants to put announcements agendas on web site.
  1. Volunteers
  1. d. BRM

Adjourn at 8:45.