November 12, 2019 @ 7:00pm

Scripps Ranch Library, Conference Room

  2. Roll Call   7:00   call to order   18 members present.
  3. Modifications to the Agenda — None
  4. Non-Agenda Public Comment – Welcome Club advises that a lot of pathway lighting are not working due to wear/tear or vandalized. Bob advises that the city is not responsible for replacement/repair of the pathway lighting. Only option is to repair ourselves.

Roberta Winston. She is running for the vacant Superior Court Judge.   A Scripps Ranch resident for over 27 years and a lawyer for 32 years in Civil & Litigations services. Asking for SRCA’s support.

  2. S. Congress (Congressman Peters) – E. Magee (Congressman guest) – Not Present
  3. CA State Assembly (Assemblyman Mainenshien) – Not Present
  4. County of San Diego (Supervisor Gaspar), Anthony P. Geoge (Policy Advisor)

*Energy Exercise (Chula Vista/Carlsbad) held this year on Terrorist Attacks for first responders. It was a great success.

* Reminder to register cellphone to get emergency update in Scripps Ranch Area.


* Reminder to get you Flu Shots.

*A budget of 900k for Voting Center Satellite voted in 32 -0 against. Voted second time with approval. SRCA member asked if Supervisor Gaspar voted for or against the bill. Anthony advise that Supervisor Gaspar did not attend the second voting of bill.

  1. Monthly criminal activities will no longer be reports at SRCA meeting. This is due to

growing concerns and complaints of inaccuracies of criminal actives and reports in the

area. Official reports can be view on the following website:

http://www.arjis.org and www.sandiego.gov.

Unofficial reports:

2 – Home break in

3 – Vehicle thefts (one vehicle recovered)

3 – Commercial thefts

Juvenile Service provided at schools per request.

  1. San Diego City Attorney (City Attorney Mara Elliott) –Not present
  2. Planning Groups (SRPG and MRNPC)


Fire Safety in Stonebridge:   Recently Stonebridge residents have been told that the gate emergency roads that extend into Beeler Canyon are intended for fire equipment access into the community, but are not intended as evacuation routes for vehicles to leave. Both SRPG and SRCA are consulting with our City Council Office. We’ll address the issues at our December meeting.

Marshall Middle School Robotics Team: At our November meeting, the MMS Robotics Team described their idea for using an autonomous vehicle report infrastructure issues to the City Their presentation won first place in the San Diego Regional Science Fair competition. Next is the statewide competition in December. Good luck MMS!

Climate Action in Scripps Ranch: Dr. Beth McNeil, a Scripps Ranch Resident, described the necessity for our community to think about how best to position Scripps Ranch for the future. How do we adapt to a warmer, dryer future environment so that we build awareness, maintain property values, assure that fire insurance will be available, and avoid worse fires and lost lives? She advocates an action plan for SR and the city.

Updates to the Land Development Code and general Plan: The city periodically updates individual ordinances in the Municipal Code. The section on land use is the Land Development Code, and it contains all of the City’s rules on allowable uses of land, including zoning and permitting. We reviewed the current update, particularly a controversial prosed change to the way distances are measured that determine how close a Cannabis facility may be located to schools, residences, churches, etc. We voted unanimously to recommend that the City retain its current rule of 1000 feet measured simply from property line to property line.

In December, we will begin considering proposed updates to the Housing Element of the City’s General Plan. This plan will help set policy for the 2021 to 2029 time-frame. We expect this to be controversial because it will involve issues like population growth, density, transit and parking availability, and housing for all income levels.

Task Force on Community Planning Groups: Councilmember Scott Sherman previously had requested an investigation by both the County Grand Jury and the City Auditor into Community Planning Groups. The Auditor and Grand Jury produced reports over a year ago, which were answered, with specific action plans, by both the City’s Planning Director and the Mayor. Nonetheless, Mr. Sherman established a
Task Force” to review the recommendations, to consider recommendation from outside lobbying groups, and to produce a new report. All 42 of the CPGs in the city are working on responses this month for consideration at the November 26 meeting of the Community Planners Committee. The SRPG held a special meeting on November 13 to address the Task Forced draft report.

Planning Group Member Election in March 2020. It is recognized by the City Council to provide advice on the City’s General Plan and our Community Plan. This includes: Land Use and Community Planning, Mobility, Urban Design, Economic Prosperity, Public Facilities, Services and Safety, Recreation, Conservation, Historic Preservation, Noise, and Housing. The next election for SRPG membership is at our March 5, 2020 meeting. Candidates must have attended at least two meetings of group in the previous 12 months. Please note that we often dark in December and /or January for the holidays.

Next Meetings. The nexp Planning Group meeting are December 5, 2019 and February 6, 2010. Please see the Planning Group’s website at www.scrippsranch.org/srpg and the City’s Scripps Ranch website: https://www.sandiego.gov/planning/community/profiles/scrippsmiramarranch


  2. September 10, 2019 SRCA Minutes approval: 17 yes and 1 abstained, 730pm
  3. Tree lighting, December 1, 2019 at 1pm t0 6pm. There will be crafts, bake sale, singing by the Girl Scouts and finally the tree lighting.
  4. Proposed next Car Show at Scripps Ranch High School. July 2020.
  5. A PowerPoint presentation given by Beth McNeil, a Scripps Ranch Resident, the current Climate Change in Scripps Ranch and also on a Global level.   She also discussed the implementation of San Diego City Climate Control 2045 and SRCA support for Climate Action Campaign”. SRCA member voted 15 yes and 3 no to support San Diego City Climate Control 2045 and Climate Action Campaign.
  6. Flag Posting for Veteran day was a great success and greatly appreciated.
  7. Cleaning Day was a success. Only issue is the disposal of 500lbs of batteries and the cost to dispose of them. The next on will be in April 2020.


Meeting Closed at 8:30pm

VII. President’s Report: None at this time