Minutes of the Regular Meeting

Scripps Ranch Civic Association

October 12, 2010


The Agenda was published and e-mailed to all Board Members


Absent Excused: Barber, Staley, Wurtzler

Absent Unexcused: Morrisey

President Ilko called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm. Announced the new Business Outreach Program and introduced Dr. Goshtasbi who gave an overview of his practice. Bob Dingman recognized the support that local businesses provide to the community.

18 Boy Scouts working on community service merit badges attended the meeting and were invited to introduce themselves.

San Diego Police Department – Assistant Chief Zimmerman introduced Terry McManus, Northeast Division Captain. Chief Zimmerman reviewed proposed budget cuts including 108 sworn officers and 2 divisions (possibly the Northeast Division), and closing all storefronts. Discussion was opened up to the audience. Dingman objected to possible closing of Northeast Division. Field asked for explanation of how Scripps Ranch would continue to be covered. Chief Zimmerman said officers would be transferred to another division but still cover this area. Lichtenstein commented that more parking enforcement was needed around Miramar Lake.

Officer Steffen gave the incident report. Residential burglaries are down significantly. They are receiving requests to start up one new Neighborhood Watch group per week. Dingman thanked her for the success of the RSVP program and other services.

5th Council District – Jack Straw distributed the “DeMaio Dispatch”, pointing out that Councilman DeMaio was the lone NO vote on the recent water rate increase.

Spring Canyon Road (traffic signal at Spruce Run) – project plan pushed back to September-January 2011, with construction now set to begin August-September 2011. The councilman is trying to get this moved up.

Emergency Preparedness Forum – coming up Saturday October 16.

Potholes and other road hazards – call Jack Straw directly and a repair crew will be sent out relatively quickly to do repairs.

Supervisor Slater-Price – Jill Monroe distributed the “District 3 Slate”.

Emergency Preparedness Forum – discussed the supervisor’s involvement and fire season.

Recovery Month – announced the launch of a new program to reduce social stigma surrounding San Diego County residents with behavioral and mental health disorders.

Smart Start Program – working with the California Highway Patrol to encourage students to drive safely and responsibly.

Elder Care Alliance – commended the group for their work in Scripps Ranch.

Election year – reminder that voters have until October 18 to register to vote in San Diego County.

Helicopter – we now have an agreement with SDG&E for use of a helicopter.

Congressman Hunter – Ellen Malin distributed “Pledge to America” card and flyer with the congressman’s political agenda which she reviewed.

Homeowners Associations – Bob Ilko suggested a summit of local HOA board members, the purpose being to share ideas about streamlining service. Students to update HOA contact information.

Communications –Greg Minter distributed a website reorganization graphic and gave a presentation of the SRCA website reorganization and improvements to the front page, navigation, and content. Emphasized that up-to-date content is needed more than anything else. A sample “SRCA Request for Content” memo was distributed that committee chairs can use to provide the webmaster with content/information about upcoming events. It is possible this form will also be made available online. These enhancements should not increase ongoing maintenance costs.

40th Anniversary Walk/Run – Paul Vaughan reported:

12 people have registered so far, providing revenues of $350. Spending to date is at $1,560. Recognized Bob Ilko for generating excitement in the community for the program. Announced that Elizabeth Mayercine has now joined the volunteer coordination effort.

Emergency Preparedness Forum – Bob Cavanagh reported:

Welcomed the Boy Scouts in attendance. Distributed the “Are You Prepared” flyer and discussed the event in general. Asked for more volunteers to work the front tables on event day.

Calendar of Events 2011 – Bob Dingman distributed an “Annual Calendar of SRCA Sponsored Events” memo (Attachment 1) and requested that the board vote tonight on the slate of events, pointing out that a vote has been delayed from two previous meetings. A motion made by Bob Cavanagh and seconded by Jim Paterniti to approve the calendar of events carried unanimously.

SRPG, MRNPG, and Stonebridge – Jim Paterniti reported:

Mira Mesa multi-family housing development – developer has agreed to some work to mitigate potential traffic problems (i.e., widening the Mira Mesa Boulevard underpass at I-15).

Stonebridge has asked for a stop sign at Scripps Poway Parkway and the 8-acre park. SRPG supported

this idea, but city traffic engineers have rejected it based on insufficient need.

Alliant International University (AIU) wants to expand using proceeds from the sale of 54 acres to a senior housing developer (Continuing Life) who is planning 450 units, plus 60 assisted living units, 40 skilled nursing units, and an Alzheimer’s unit. There was a discussion of zoning and other potential obstacles.

SRPG is monitoring the height and other aspects of the Chabad dormitory site plan for development of up to 280 units for continuing education.

City of San Diego is now looking at revised plans for the Erma Road condominium development.

Jack Straw of Councilman DeMaio’s office is working with the SRPG regarding removal of the Elderwood Lane median.

Financials – Allman reporting:

Distributed the financial report for September 2010. Noted that September is typically a low-spending month; two insurance items were the only large expenditures. The newsletter saw a slight profit, but the November issue will be reduced to 76 pages to break even. Lichtenstein suggested saving money by asking for those who want an electronic version of the newsletter only. Allman noted that could actually increase our print rates, making the newsletter even less profitable. Noted that the Community Center continues to be profitable.

Membership Committee – Braunstein reported:

Members recently met with the Executive Committee to discuss a number of ideas, including a dues increase, re-designing the application form, online dues payment, and increasing public awareness of the SRCA. Announced the next membership campaign launches in November.

Schools Committee – Ilko suggested that SRCA pick up the tab for 6 public school principals to discuss matters of mutual interest over dinner. Will take this issue up again at a later meeting.

Elder Care Alliance – Randall reported:

There are nine upcoming workshops on various topics, starting October 27, offered through the American Red Cross; interested parties can sign up at the Preparedness Forum. Thanked the SRCA for promotional e-blasts, and noted they will be teaming up with Sustainable Scripps Ranch to look at non-vehicular transportation alternatives for seniors.

New Business – Rancho Penasquitos resident, Reagan Savalla, distributed Proposition B literature and argued for Yes on Proposition D. There was no further comment by the board.

A motion was made by Gordon Boerner and seconded by Jim Paterniti to adjourn the meeting at 9:13pm.

Cathy Burciaga for Jany Staley, SRCA Secretary


TO: Bob Ilko

FROM: Bob Dingman

SUBJECT: Annual Calendar of SRCA Sponsored Events

DATE: 15 July 2010

For the newsletter we need to Draft and publish the expanded EVENTS CALENDAR for Planning for the coming year. It is especially important as we at the last SRCA meeting established two items on the same day Dec 12 – the Run Walk Idea and the Traditional Christmas Tree Lighting. Residents need to see this in the calendar so no surprises also on Clean up Days and Garage sale.

Here are recommendations for the calendar which we should have for the next SRCA meeting as a handout for comments before going into the Newsletter – what we have done in the past and it works reasonably well in keeping people informed. I have expanded it to include more activities and we can add as needed.


Fall Clean-up Day (all of Ranch) – Saturday, October 16, 2010, 8:00am-noon

40th Anniversary Walk/Run Celebration – Sunday, Dec. 12, 2010, 7:30am

Holiday Celebration (Tree Lighting, Toys for Tots) – Sunday, Dec. 12, 2010, 5:00pm, Jerabek

Garage Sale (all of Ranch) – Saturday, April 16, 2011, 8:00-noon

Spring Clean-up Day (all of Ranch) – Saturday, April 23, 2011, 8:00am-noon

Recognition Night – date and time to be determined, April or May

Community Fair – Sunday, May 15, 2011, noon-6:00pm, Community Park

4th of July Parade & Celebration – Monday, July 4, 2011

SRCA General Meeting – 2nd Tuesday of each month, 7:00-8:30pm, Library Auditorium

SR/Mira Mesa RSVP Foundation Board – 1st Wednesday ea month, 8:00am, Library Seminar Rm

School Committee – 3rd Tuesday of each month, 4:30pm, Library Auditorium

Candidate Forums – as scheduled

Community Leaders Forum – as scheduled

Neighborhood Watch Committee – as scheduled

SRECA – as scheduled

Dedication of New Water Treatment Facility – to be announced