The Minutes of the Regular Meeting
Scripps Ranch Civic Association
October 8, 2013

The Agenda was published and e-mailed to all Board members.

ATTENDANCE: Burciaga, C, Downs

Meeting called to order by President Ilko at 7:05 pm.

State Assembly 77th District – Brian Maiensheim spoke October 27th about spending time with community on 10th anniversary of fire disaster. Working with community and city for early warning system. Finished first year in Assembly with 42 of 80 new Assembly members. Largest freshman class in history of California. Focused on jobs, education and public safety. AB465 bill signed by Governor which allows sports Leagues to perform background checks on all youth coaches. Background checks are free. AB868 passed prisoners released due to medical reasons the County and City where prisoner released will be notified. AB216 Foster child currently who transfers school to school has to meet that school’s requirement. Now as long as you meet State of California requirements student can graduate.

Opening remarks – Ilko thanked Tran and Mazelli for the work they did on the October issue of Newsletter. Inside is booklet on evacuation plan with a map. Fire Safe Council and SRCA helped fund the map. Sent reminders out for volunteers for October 19th walk your district drop off fire prevention information, meet at SR Community Center. Passed out sign-up sheet for volunteers. Sunday, October 27th lunch 1-4:00 pm 10th Anniversary of Cedar Fire. There will be guest speakers, present some thank yous. Need some board members from 4:00-5:00. Lunch will be at Recreation Center. County grant through Dave Roberts donated $2,000 for event.

5th Council District – Tiffany Vinson reported:
Evacuation map was big hit in their office. New interim Mayor Todd Gloria and everyone excited about the stability and how open he is with everyone. Approving new MOU with the Red Cross where they can use City facilities during disaster. Hopefully approved end of month.

Fire Department was ready during recent red warning. Reduced number of mutual use so still had enough resources locally. Kersey’s Newsletter is spotlighting Ilko. She passed out copies.

Construction on new bike path in Sabre Springs starting before end of year. Five year plan hope to have a draft of infrastructure report by early next year. Ivy Hill Drive dark spot on street, asked to have it evaluated to see if it meet standards.

Mayor’s Office reported by Molly Chase
Wants to make sure any questions or help we need that things keep moving during interim mayor timeframe. Mayor’s e-blast goes out twice a month. Submitted potentials candidates to be on commission and it is now being re-looked at to try to fill these spots. Over 150 vacancies on Boards and Commissions.

County of San Diego – Evan Bollinger reported
Education, fire and prescription drug abuse items Supervisor will be working on.
Bridge digital divide between more affluent and less affluent and those that don’t have access to broadband internet. Committee formed to look ways to provide broadband internet to all areas of San Diego.
Fire – Board passed unanimously today have Navy planes that are excess and are not being used be purchased for use to fight fires.
Prescription drug task force have next “Take back” day on October 26th Dave Roberts, Sheriff Gore have set up 40 locations throughout County where you can drop off old drugs. Evan gave first info on Pendleton fire to Ilko via a phone call.

SDPD – Officer Shana Kanoa reported:
Month September call for service on 3 commercial burglary and one residential open garage. Keep garages shut and when not home make sure everything closed. Car break-ins happening throughout the City and keep valuables out of car. If parked vehicle in driveway or in front of house, thieves taking garage door opener. They steal and can then open garage.

Concerning internet, mail and telephone scams, contact police if anything that appears to be a scam.
Neighborhood watch increasing and Sgt. Wade telling SRCA about burglaries right away so SRCA can be proactive and send to Neighborhood Watch members.
Northeastern now has safe prescription drop off box in main lobby Monday thru Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm no questions asked. No needles or sharp items. Northwestern has 24/7 drop off 7 days a week.

Fire Safe Council – Jerry Mitchel
No one in County has prepared a specific evacuation map for a community. We are the first. Thought of it and brought to fruition. Evacuation process 2-3 years ago was 3 phase project. Map is phase 1. Phase 2 will be traffic control. Already worked with Homeland Security, Fire and Police started work in establishing traffic control. Within next 6 months may have trial on Pomerado Road. Surrounding cities will also need to be involved which means Poway Police, City Police and Highway Patrol. Golf Tournament on October 12th – usually have 40-50 people participate. Starts at 8:am at Vineyard $125 per golfer and most goes towards Fire Safe Council.

District Representative – Resident Vicky Nelson has volunteered to be District Representative for Cypress Canyon Park District 19. Provided some information on her living in SR and why she wants to volunteer. Motion by Ernie Burciaga, seconded by Wulfeck. Vote was unanimous in favor of Vicky as new Representative.

MCAS – Dorothy Mildice announced that she is retiring being primary representative for past 9-10 years. Recently was informed that someone was interested in taking over as Representative. Lt. Colonel Tolliver retired but very active on base and easily can handle calls. Matt Tolliver cannot attend all meeting and Dorothy will be the backup. He lives above new Vons, is a Block Captain Neighborhood Watch and an Old Pro. Dorothy passed out a report.. Cancellation of air show hit the vendors the hardest. MCAS is hoping to reschedule.

SRCA/Fundraising – Bob covered the bullet points I wrote up. Need to change our direction. Officer’s and Chairperson of Fundraising received a proposal from professional Consultant. Proposing to hire Fish/ Lewis to work with SRCA to develop a Strategic Plan for next 3-5 years. We are recommending to eliminate $7,300 of proposed budgeted donations and remainder from reserves to pay Consultant. There would be two workshops open to everyone to shape future of SRCA. What we have done before, what do we do now, and how to we move forward. Be active participant in shaping our future. One meeting would be on a Saturday for 6 hrs. and one night for 3-4 hrs. If we can find revenues to fund 4th of July then will have the event. Try to answer questions tonight but give till Saturday to submit your vote. We need to get this done now so we can move forward on redirecting SRCA and rebranding.

Good discussion along with questions from everyone on the Board. SRCA is over 40 years old and need to determine what is our purpose in the community now and rebrand and communicate this.

Motion by Braunstein was made to hire the consulting firm to provide direction creating a strategic plan and to eliminate previously approved funds as listed.. Seconded by Paterniti. Question was asked if there was some evidence of track record and references. Can continually view and see if we are moving in the right direction. Some concern not enough time to get other proposals because of short timeframe before start of fundraising year. Ilko went over process in order to get in January Newsletter must have it all ready by December 6th. Could move off start to beginning of February.

It was decided we should gather information on previous groups Consultant has worked with and any additional information if available. When information obtained will send out e-mail vote.

Sustainable SR – Plutner reported
Water and Energy Fair – 11 different supporters and 4 non profits . Good feedback from event. Brought in a little over $2.000 from event.

Tomorrow night usual Wednesday meeting – Waterwise irrigation and how to retain water.

SR 50 Plus – At the PAWS meeting owners and pets having Halloween costume contest on October 25th at 4:00 pm at Community Park on Blue Cypress.

Financials – Allman reported that his computer crashed and will send out electronically once fixed. Typically in September only insurance is due this month. No big spending and not much income. $9500 check received last week from County.

Schools Committee – Barber stated meeting next Wednesday and will be first meeting of new school year.

MRNPC – Lorayne reported Ernie Burciaga and Tom Meissner new members. Watermark project got amended approval with some traffic mitigation. It goes to Planning commission on October 24th. Draft EIR went out. SRCA sent out info and received comments and developer has agreed to many items outside of EIR along with MRNPC . Developer will do 9 items not in EIR. Two groups worked together to get this done.

SRPG – Wulfeck indicated there was standing room only last week for monthly meeting.
Median Mira Mesa Blvd and Hibert – construction starts in 2 weeks and will take 6 months. All work at night which includes traffic signal and new median.
Presentation by Sudberry on Carroll Canyon commercial center. Everyone that wanted to ask question had opportunity to do so. Thanks to SRCA for publicizing meeting. Draft EIR released and have till October 21st submit comments. Sub-committee meeting Friday at 4:00 pm to discuss our responses to draft EIR. Then another meeting following Thursday at 3:00 pm to finalize the response and then vote on it and submit. Draft response as of Friday on SRCA website. Several other events that take place Planning Commision and City Council review. This would require a zoning change and amendment to SR Community Plan and Regional plan. Planning Group can have opinions on all. SRCA agreed to do a survey of residents of area electronically asking opinions on this type of development. Special November issue in Newsletter will highlight issues and proposal on project.

Specific proposal on the table Recommendation from Planning Group then goes to Planning Commission then their recommendation goes to City Council. Comments on EIR have to be specific to accuracies of EIR not that don’t like project.

Spring Canyon Road – Reservoir when it is cleaned it drains and goes underneath road to drain at bottom of canyon east side of road. 8-9 ft. craters because of amount of water that goes down in the canyon. MAD called SRCA asking what do we could do about it. City has environmental review and plan and now going to move forward to perform repairs to hillside that has been neglected for 20 years. Took about 5 years to get to point of repairing.

Cleanup Day this weekend.

Motion by Wulfeck and seconded by Mueller to adjourn meeting .

Jany Staley