Minutes of the Regular Meeting

Scripps Ranch Civic Association

October 14, 2014


The Agenda was published and e-mailed to all Board Members.


Absent Excused: Allman, C. Burciaga, Mueller

Absent Unexcused: Buck, Suzara

The meeting was called to order by President Ilko at 7:05 pm. All attendees were welcomed. Ilko re-enforcing that the SRCA’s mission is to bring information on significant projects in the community to residents through various communication outlets (e-mail, Website, Facebook, Twitter, Newsletter). Current working on putting digital version of Newsletter on the website. Newsletter Committee will be meeting at the end of the month to discuss a survey, advertising and various other subjects.

Digital Communications also looking at a survey in the future. Long Term had a survey 8 years ago and out of that came 50 Plus and Sustainable SR Committees.

Like to see a business directory in the 92131 zip codes. Easy to use and network with folks in the Scripps Ranch community .

SDPD – Shannah Oliveras reported:

Six car break-ins and 4 residential burglaries. Helicopter is used for various circumstances. Notify SRCA to put an e-blast out to communicate what is going on. Operation identification – information for laptops, tv’s, etc. with serial numbers. Help if an item is stolen, if have serial numbers etc. then recovery increases. Rancho Bernardo Recreation Center CPR and AED training, safety etc. this Saturday. Open to everyone.

5th Council District – Tiffany Vinson reported:

This Saturday SRCA doing clean-up day.

Mandatory Water restrictions passed by Council.

Thursday at 2:00 pm presenting proposal to rename SR Community to SRCA Community Center.

Supervisor Roberts – Evan Bollinger reported:

With the drought dealing with subject of Water delegate to SD County Water Authority. Any questions on what Water Authority is proposing call Supervisor’s office.

Environmental update on various items particularly West Nile Virus.

Water Park will be having a pumpkin event where kids can pick their own pumpkin on Sunday, October 19th from 11 am to 4 pm.

2014 Wellness Fair and Partner Showcase October 21st from 11:00 am to 2:30 pm at County

Administration Center.

Assemblyman Maienshein – Ron Knudsen reported:

New bill passed for Assisted Living facilities increasing penalty from $150 to $15,000 per day if injury results in death. Bill 185 provides temporary professional licenses for spouses of military to find work immediately after they move. Good for 12 months. Due to military spouses may transfer from one state to another, the process to obtain a new license can take many months.

Bill 1820 deals with animal euthanize. If an animal is picked up there is a 10 day period before it will be euthanized if no one claims the animal. Care facilities can transfer to Humane Social or other organization which prevents euthanizing.

Rob introduced three interns volunteering in the Assemblyman’s office. Ethan Anderson a senior at SR High School, Brandon Mitchell who lives in Stonebridge is a Senior at Carmel Mt. High School and Madison Tanner a Senior at UC San Diego.

Mira Mesa Transit Center – Julie Lightner with MTS and a SR resident informed everyone that the new Miramar Transit system was now open. Various new routes have opened to many surrounding areas making it much easier to use MTS.

Carroll Canyon Business Center – Draft EIR was prepared and community responded with numerous comments. Those were forwarded to City and Developer is to respond to those questions. EIR is now on hold and Colton Sudberry has an alternative proposal. Survey went out and received 1800 responses and 75% were against have it re-zoned to Commercial Retail. Sudberry now looking to have a mixed use residential and small retail.

Sudberry made a presentation which stated that PSA originally built the center, Horizon bought about 10 years ago because they thought they would lose their campus in Clairemont. They have been trying to sell the property and asked for help from Sudberry. Site zoned for Class A office space. With that zoning two 10 story buildings with parking could be built. Most of those types of tenants are looking to be more north. That type of project not very viable at this time. The Marketplace felt retail would be the best product, parking under building with restaurants. Became very evident that the community was not in favor of this type of project. Sudberry took a time out and met with some stakeholders in community to talk about an alternate proposal. Wanted a plan the community would like. Ron Kerr developed the business park and still owns a lot of property. Met with him and he would like to see more retail with restaurants. Right now we have about 30% vacancy rate in existing commercial buildings. He encouraged looking residential and more upscale.

Then met with some stakeholders and met at one of their residential projects. Some brainstorming of ideas was done. Looking at smaller density, amenities and upscale with retail facing Carroll Canyon Rd. Proposing two 4 story residential buildings with restaurants in front facing Carroll Canyon. Large pool &recreation center with 265 units. (no more). The retail would be 10-15,000 sq. ft. Don’t have architectural renderings yet, but would look to building something in character of community and make it more walkable. Apartments would not open for three years. Water and traffic two big issues. Total daily traffic for office projected at 8,300 trips per day and mixed used would reduce to 4,300. Water will be tapping into reclaimed water for site. Use water conservation for project and landscaping. Looking to get approval from Planning Group to make a proposal for the rezoning.

A discussion took place with questions and answers.

SRPG – Wulfeck reported

November meeting presentation will be made again on Carroll Canyon project. There will also be an article in Newsletter. At that time Planning Group intends to make a vote on recommendation or not.

Intel sold 5 lots to Murphy Development Corporation. Looking to build a corporate headquarters or RD facility. Build 2-3 story commercial facilities at cost of $200M and create many jobs.

As group exploring to expand library parking and maybe trying to work with developer about assisting that expansion to the south. Need to make sure it meets community plan. Plan will be known as Scripps Ranch Business Park. Hope to begin construction within a year.

Voted on proposal to raise the speed limit to 50 mph on Pomerado Road and there was a unanimous vote to retain the current 45 mph.

AT&T Wireless Telecommunications Facilities at the Sycamore site on Stonebridge Parkway. The City Council heard Rancho Encantada residents’ appeal of the previous Planning Commission approve. The Council voted 6-2 to deny the appeal and approve the project.

Verizon Cell Tower Relocation at the Chabad Educational Complex – Rabbi Fradkin informed the group that Verizon will not be relocating the cell tower.

Continuing Life Communities (The Glenn at Scripps Ranch Senior Living Project). Planning group will review the Draft EIR when it is released by the City. CLC has opened an information office at 9903 Businesspark Avenue, Suite 104.

MRNPC – Burley reported:

MRNPC hosted an ad hock Subcommittee meeting on Tuesday, October 7thj to provide SR residents the opportunity to discuss options for Ranch Encantada community planning area representation. There was a discussion from: RE residents, RE HOA, City of SD Planning, City Council, SRCA, SMR, CPG, and MRN residents and CPG members. Group recommendations were:

*Have both MRNPC & SRPG continue the RE discussion at CPG meetings.

*Larry Parker, The Stonebridge HOA President volunteered to e-mail out a survey to all RE residents on the HOA mailing list to determine what RE residents want to do.

*Someone from RE will be designated to present to both SRPG and MRNPC.

SD Unified School District Property Re-development Workshop to be held November 12th. SDUSD is hosting this community meeting from 5:30 to 7:00 pm at the Scripps Mesa Conference Center located at 10380 Spring Canyon Road – location of Innovations Academy. SDUSD is seeking ideas on potential development of the site and inviting SR residents to join and be part of the process.

MRN 20th Anniversary 5K Fun Run/Walk is scheduled for Saturday, December 6th. More details to come.

Long Term Planning Committee – Paterniti Chairperson said the committee will meet on November 21st to look at new goals and objectives. Has received all the job descriptions. Those outstanding standing committee descriptions need to be turned in by November 3rd.

50 Plus – Drummond reported:

Resource pages are now on the SR 50 Plus website.

Aging Successfully lectures. Next one Wednesday, November 5th from 10 to 11:30 am at the SR Library. Subject “Water in San Diego” by speaker Linda Canada on behalf of the SD History Center. JoEllen Jacoby of the SD Public Utilities Department, Water Conservation Section will also give an update about the current drought and share some water saving tips.

Wednesday, December 3rd 10-11:30 am at the SR Library the subject will be “Crime Prevention for the 50 Plus Crowd”. Katie Wilson, Office of the District Attorney San Diego Elder Abuse Unit will give tips to reduce the risk of becoming the next victim.

Senior Living Tour: The Glen at SR with a presentation at the Ranch Bernardo Inn on Wednesday, December 10th.

Blues & Folk Music Group – now meeting from 7:00 – 10:00 pm the second Monday of every month at the SRCA Community Center.

PAWS – October 25th having a Halloween party.

SR Sustainable – Plutner reported:

Tomorrow night water department lecture on water conservation and new restrictions.

November 12 at 6:30 pm at the SRCA Community MTS will attend and make a presentation on the two new express buses available to SR residents.

Membership – McGinn reported:

November meeting will present campaign for 2015. Already starting receiving money.

Schools Committee – Barber reported

Meeting tomorrow. Last month representative from La Jolla Schools Committee shared their Memo of Understanding. Would like to have more flexibility on hiring teachers, choices on which school books they use etc. Would like more autonomy in School District through a MOU.

Clean Up date Saturday at Community Center parking lot and Business park. Kiwanis helping out.

SRCA Scholarship Committee (Dingeman, Barber, Paterniti) will be reviewing applications and submittals.

Jerabek may go to modified traditional schedule in 2015. Will be more like other schools.

Digital Communications – Barnes reported

Schools – website now has a schools page . List Principals, news, articles.

Fire Safe Council chairperson Jerry Mitchell moving. Christine Rader had 20 sign up for gold tournament and SRCA sent out e-blast on their behalf to get more attendees. This is the only fundraising event they have.

Big promotion was Facebook photo contest with 48 entries. Some had several submittals with total number of 15 people. Voting ends October 19th. From that promotion have 75 votes as of tonight. This event brought in 150 new followers for this event.

July 4th event had a 70% increase in new visitors.

Constant Contact cleanup takes a lot of work.

Bob Cavanagh past VP of SRCA lived in SR 24 years and on SRCA board 15 years. He and his wife moved to New York, but he comes back every 3 months for a visit.. Bob talked about differences between his experiences with volunteerism in San Diego compared to New York.

Recognition Night – Petrucci stated setting 180 day mark for the event. Looking to set a date for February or March and moving forward with a kick off meeting.

Motion by Colmenero and seconded by Meissner was made to adjourn the meeting.

Jany Staley

SRCA Secretary