October 13, 2015


The Agenda was provided to all Board members.


Absent Excused: Cronk, Hern, Ilko, McGinn, Rohrer, Scelfo

Absent Unexcused: Suzara, Vinson

Vice President Paterniti called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm. Paterniti indicated that Natalie Barnes has resigned as VP of Communications and he wanted to thank her for all the work she put into getting the Newsletter on the website and working to update our website. If anyone is interested or knows of anyone interested in this position, please let Mary Drummond know.

5th Council District – Alex Vivona reported:

City Council on November 17th will vote on 17% water increase. Customers can come to public hearings. 619-236-7018. City of SD Environmental Services made decision that they would stop trash pickup at the SRCA Community Center. With a lot of help from Alex and going back to archives and we were able to get resolution and trash pickup will continue.

Fire Safe Council – Paterniti thanked those officials and volunteers that participated for the event held on September 26th.

County of San Diego – Councilman Dave Roberts reported:

He is now Vice Chair of the Board. County of SD just passed 5 year master fire plan and received third helicopter. City is certified to fly at night. The City and County work together. Working on a lot of improvements for foster care. Put more support into system for those parents that become foster parents. Working with State on current rule that you cannot have group care. State says can’t put foster children in group care. Group care works better for some foster children. Mental Health care put into emergency mental health care help. County currently does not have enough emergency health care workers to go along with police. Laura’s Law allows loved to be able to bring someone before a judge so they can get help. Working on an initiative that would allow 30 days of psychiatric care, allowing time for program has time to kick in.

County just received AAA credit rating from three agencies. This has been two years in a row and allows borrowing at low interest rate. Now have term limits for Supervisor position. Group of senior employees to work on continuing good fiscal practice.

SD County Water Authority cannot sell to other agencies in the County for water they capture and store. Looking at two more desalination plants with one in Baja and Pendleton. County office of Emergency Services has a plan how to provide water if earthquake broke up facilities, until those facilities could be repaired.

Assemblyman Maienschein – Rob Knudson reported:

Eleven pieces of legislature involved in preparing were signed by the Governor. AB494 extends protection to companion animals. Expansion of protection when domestic violence separate adults. Pets can be left behind but this allows they stay with one of the residents if safe situation. However allows them to take pet away if situation does not appear to be safe.

AB 778 Veterans allow veterans to request documents digitally whereas now only allowed through registered mail or in person. Applies to discharge papers or any other military papers.

AB 747 Mentally adult can remain in facilities beyond the age of 22.

October 19th 10:30 am dedication a section of Hwy 15, 5 mile stretch Tony Gwynn Memorial Highway.

Congressman Peters – Brian Elliott reported;

Scott voted for National Authorization Act.

Joined former Mayor Gerry Sanders at press conference to act on gun control. Supporting universal background checks.

Sally Jewel Secretary of Interior accompanied Peters on a tour of fire regions. Talked about previous fires. Preparedness and where funds come from. Right now if all the funds are used then overage comes out of next year’ bucket. Looking to change that practice.

SDPD – Shannan Oliveras reported:

September and part October stolen vehicles recovery 1. Stolen vehicles 1 in September and none October. Commercial burglaries 0 September and 1 in October. Residential burglaries were Sept. -5, October – 6. Over last month have arrested 10 individuals in northeast area. Hot prowls is when resident in the house when a burglary is attempted or taken place. Last two months have 30-40 in the eastern, north and northeast. Nine in Scripps Ranch area. Last week arrested 4 people involved in our area – 2 juveniles and 2 adults. Tomorrow at Northeastern Division have a lot of stolen property from past 4-6 weeks be available to retrieve between 10 am & 3:00 pm. Bring serial numbers, pictures etc. Any information contact Shannan or Next Door. Operation identification helps with writing down information on items and would assist in recovery. Take photos of house of all property including jewelry. Vacation house forms available. Good for vacation or to patrol if fumigating house. 858-538-8028 also in Newsletter.

Speed trailer received two units and getting a lot of requests. Want it on your street let Shannon know.

E-Mail Blasts – Drummond reported she had sent out information on how to provide information to request an e-mail blast be sent out. Document tells you how it works and how long it takes. Holmes asked what is the process to determine how something gets sent out. Will go out as Facebook and Twitter. Review is done to determine if info will be sent out in E-Blast. Person requesting needs response back if going to be used or not.

Sustainable SR – Plutner

City of SD overview on fees, Utilities has an Advocacy Program and will discuss on October 14th at SRCA Community Center from 6:30-8:00 pm

October 18th 8:00 am Mission Trails hike with Ranger Andrew Miller.

Olivenhain Water Tour on Thursday, October 8th from 8:00 am till noon.

Monthly Garden Share on Sunday, October 11th at SRCA Community Center from 4-5:00 pm

Looking for ideas on topic group could cover in future, please let Plutner know.

SRPG – Wulfeck reported:

Speeding in Scripps Ranch especially on Avenida Magnifica and City is proposing to up the speed limit to 30 mph. Only for collector streets with yellow center line. Can ask signs not be changed but have not been successful in having them not change speed limit. Only way to change this practice is to change the State Law. Write Brian Maienschein and Joel Anderson if you think this should be changed.

SDG&E planning to install a 36 inch gas transmission pipe in Pomerado Road. Public Utilities and SDG&E are also proposing a draft for EIR for a transmission line and that proposal would go underground in Stonebridge and Pomerado. This installation would require a 6 ft. by 6 ft. trench with manholes. Would take 1 year to install. Planning Group has subcommittee working on response to EIR. 1800 pages of EIR. Only get 45 days to respond. Asked for a 2 week extension have till November 15th.

City may shortly come out with final EIR for The Glenn. If that is the case then Planning group may vote on plan at the November meeting. About 8 residents are against and everyone else wants it. Recommendation will go to Planning Committee.

Elections to Planning Group are held in March each year. Must attend 2 meetings previous year to vote or be a candidate. Designating two seats for Stonebridge residents since been added to Planning Group. Ten positions will be open.

MRNPC – Meissner and Boerner reported: No meeting in October but next meeting November 3th.

Colton Sudberry will be coming with status update on Watermark Project. At SRPG will talk about the Carroll Canyon site and 240 unit apartments and retail. Zoning change for Watermark may increase the process through City 6-9 months.

Miramar Ranch Elemenetary School marque sign was in process of being replaced. Some residents unhappy. Task force was established with parents, SRPG, SRCA and School District to come up with some recommendations on what would be allowed on the signage. New LED sign. Contractor went bankrupt but was able to get the sign installed. Had a challenging first month at the school. Unable to comply with the original MOU. School District will continue to work to become compliant. Grant pilot program and relook at it December 1st and if no problems would modify MOU. Agreed to adding trees.

Membership – Peranich reported:

Changing the membership drive timeframe. Starting e-mails solicitations in November. Mail out in January. About ½ income came from e-mails in 2015. Look at rebranding this year and refreshing it. New logo “Get Connected SRCA”. Broaden out the message to show actual impacts SRCA has made for residents. Looking for testimonials use for marketing. Looking to get more than the target amount.

50 Plus – Holmes reported:

The Glenn tour at Las Costa Glenn had 45 people attend. There was a presentation on the Glenn to be built in SR. Might have another presentation or go on tour.

Sr. Aging Successfully Lecture on October 16th in the Library at 10 am on Medicare. Advises about the all the programs available. This is open enrollment period.

Tour Sr. Living dementia facility in Escondido.

Looking at new opportunities and activities. Talking to Oasis and Community College District and individuals who provide different training to activities. Looking for someone to handle coordinating.

Walk for Alzeheimer’s is this Saturday in Balboa Park.

Silver Sneakers does physical fitness and interested.

Financials – Allman reported:

Slow right now except our insurance payments happen at this time. Insurance levels are set by the City of San Diego. This year had to provide auto insurance for 4th of July parade. Newsletter profitable for month of September and added 7 new advertisers this month. Community Center had a loss this month due to the insurance premium. The new bridge club is slowly coming along. Matt usually ran 12-14 tables. Joe running right now about 8 tables. Bridge provided 52% of revenue last year for Community center.

Long Term Planning – Peranich reported:

Over course of several meetings had two broad themes – Looking at how to reach those that we do not reach through Newsletter and other methods. Gotten good input from surveys from limited group but how do we get input from others. Plan is to begin working on plan. Need to engage with people. Comment from visitor at Board meeting, was it took awhile to find information on website on where the meeting was held. This will be looked into.

Job descriptions needed to be put where anyone can view. Need to work that out.

Schools Committee – Barber reported:

20% students are from military families. Dingeman has best attendance, Miramar had best test scores. Clean up day is this Saturday at Business Park and at SRCA Community Center. Need volunteers for the Community Center location. Residents will need to unload their own car.

Recognition Night – April 5th 7:00-9:00 pm at the Library.

Motion by Meissner seconded by Wulfeck to adjourn the meeting.

Jany Staley
SRCA Secretary