October 9, 2017

Attendance: B. Ilko, T. Philips, J. Borja, J. Kim, P. Lichtenstein, L. Peranich, E. Barber, D. Engler, W. Wulfeck, G. Elliott, G. Clark, R. Buck, R. Holmes, B. Feather, T. Meissner, B. Cronk, L. Evenson, H. Plutner

  1. Call to Order at 7:01pm by B. Ilko
  1. Report to the SRCA
    1. President’s Report
      • Ilko asked for volunteers to assist with the unloading of the survival kits which will be dropped off at his house
      • Two volunteers have agreed to share the responsibilities of the Volunteer Coordinator position; B. ilko is still in discussions with them about it
      • There was a complaint on Spring Cyn. Rd. and Riesling about overgrowth blocking the sidewalk; B. Ilko fixed it himself and the resident wrote a letter of thanks to the SRCA
    2. Non-Agenda Public Comment – None
  • Elected Officials/Public Service Reports
    1. CA State Assemblymember Maienschein – Rob Knudsen and Jared Ellis passed out a packet to the group and discussed AB1495 and AB1137
    2. Congressman Peters – T. Philips read aloud the highlights from J. Sosa’s emailed report
    3. San Diego Police Department – Officer S. Oliveras gave Sept. statistics: 13 car break-ins, 1 stolen car, 3 residential burglaries, zero commercial burglaries, zero recovered vehicles
    4. San Diego City Attorney – DCA AM Council reported out on the SMART program and how she is utilizing it to address chronic homeless and drug users


  1. Committee Reports
    1. Membership – “We [heart] Scripps Ranch” is the slogan; came up with a calendar of themes and a calendar of mailings; in the process of getting estimates for mailings; looking at high propensity voters as a new target; goal is Nov. 1 for a mailing by Dec. 5
    2. Newsletter – now meeting on a regular basis; Western Press reps gave SRCA new ideas; still waiting for a cost estimate; committee also met with another printer; details are still to be worked out but looking for a decision in time for Jan. NL printing
    3. Schools – there is a push to move start times at MMS and SRHS to later times; someone from the District is coming in Oct. to discuss the budget; Cluster agreements may decide on behalf of local communities
    4. Digital Communications – working on the business directory
    5. Clean-Up Day – Sat. Oct. 21 dumpsters at Community Center and Business Park; need volunteers
    6. Recognition Night – 1st meeting is on Sun. Oct. 8; nomination form is active on the website; looking for volunteers; Date of Recog. Night: Apr. 2, 2018
    7. Budget – Net zero budget being presented tonight; D. Engler couldn’t find meeting minutes from last approval from Budget 2016
    8. 50+ – Oct. 13 is disaster preparedness meeting to be led by Fire Safety Council
    9. Long Term Planning – Membership used LTP’s September meeting; no update
    10. Sustainable SR – No update
    11. SRPG – there will be helicopters moving trees south of Pomerado at Avenida Magnifica on Oct. 14; voted to approve Verizon generator at the water tank; voted approval of a subdivision of Lot 4 in Business Park; Pure Water Pipeline is subject to legal action and SRPG is submitting comments to the EIR; SDG&E EIR allowed for two alternatives to get line across I-15 – originally Caltrans decided to allow lines to go through the bridge but now want it to go over the bridge necessitating two 200’ power poles – talks have resumed about going through the bridge
  1. Presentations/Action Items
  2. Engler presented the 2018 Budget. Motion by D. Engler:

Approve budget as proposed and approve recommendations contained therein for disposition regarding how and when to implement (to be reported monthly until completion) and approve maintaining two funds (operations and grants) where approval in advance is required for spending additional grant funds not pre-approved within the budget.

Second by W. Wulfeck (passed 16-1-1).

  1. Open Discussion
    • Borja wants to get Volunteer Committee scheduled ASAP;
    • Candidate Forum – need a big turnout or candidates won’t come; possible joining with Mira Mesa group; T. Vinson is in charge for SRCA
    • Clark needs to schedule a 4th of July debrief before December
  2. Adjournment – 8:13pm