October 9, 2018 @ 7:00pm

Scripps Ranch Library, Community Room

Present: B. Ilko, T. Philips, P. Honeycutt, G. Elliott, B. Cronk, W. wulfeck, T. Meissner, D. Engler, P. Lichtenstein, R. Buck, R. Holmes, L. Evenson, GH. Plutner, L. Peranich, G. Bandt

Convene: 7:04pm

  2. Roll Call – R. Holmes objects to holding a meeting with so many DR positions vacant (10)
  3. Modifications to the Agenda
  4. Non-Agenda Public Comment – Sandy W-S mentioned Fire Safe Council sponsoring Sat 10-2pm meet fireman; Oct. 20 annual golf tourney at Vineyard of Escondido at Via Rancho Pkwy.
  2. San Diego City Council (Councilmember Kersey) – upcoming re-pavements: Mesa Madera before Oct. 26 if not this week Pomerado should be re-paved and open by beginning of year.
  3. County of San Diego (Supervisor Gaspar) – none. D. Steiner
  4. CA State Assembly (Assemblyman Maienschein) – none. Knudsen
  5. S. Congress (Congressman Peters) – DTP read out emailed report   E. Magee
  6. San Diego Police Department – 4 stolen vehicles, 0 stolen vehicles recovered, 8 car break-ins; 0 commercial break-ins, 5 residential break-ins (4 in Stonebridge, and 1 on Spruce Run Dr.); Officer Santos gave details about timing of residential break-ins; Officer C. Santos
  7. San Diego City Attorney (City Attorney Mara Elliott) DCA A. M. Council – Oct is Domestic Violence Awareness Month – can come to Family Justice Ctr., 30 sec spot on several stations publicizing it; taking care of elders – fake elder care facility was investigated and money was put towards moving residents and pursuing operators/owners criminally under elder care abuse laws; will be here form here on out on even month evenings due to more evening meetings she will be attending.
  8. Planning Groups (SRPG and MRNPC) Wulfeck – KB Homes is purchasing Alliant property with plans to develop residential (~360 homes); will have density bonus, affordable housing components which will all bring a lot of traffic; Alliant has until Dec. 2019; it is unclear if they will keep Theater or Gym; Pomerado Rd. should begin being repaved in early Nov.

and Abella-Shon – dark.



  1. Approval of August 14, 2018 Minutes All
  2. Approval of September 11, 2018 Minutes All

Motion by P. Lichtenstein approve minutes both with Dennis’s changes, D. Engler 2nd. Passes – 10-0-4.


  2. Appointment of Qualified Residents to SRCA Board Vacancies – Gwen Bandt introduced herself; members of the Board asked questions of Ms. Bandt;

Motion by Tom 2nd by Wally appoint Gwen to DR1 passes 13-1-0.

  1. Election of SRCA Board Secretary – Wally will be acting Sec.; prominent article for NL? Write a story about volunteering.
  2. Community Fair – B. Ilko reported we do not have a Chair for the CF at this time, and with the pending sale of AIU, we may not be able to utilize it for more than one year, and other venues have question marks around them, but we are in need of a Chair to do the leg work on following up for the Fair. L. Peranich indicated his feeling that it is important to have the CF and it ties into the following item on the Agenda; D. Engler feels it is important too for a communication tool to the community and it brought in a lot of money and hates to see it go away from the budget; the Board indicated the importance of the CF and would like to see it continue; might prove fruitful to begin with B. Hoffman as well as looking for SR residents who may be interested in it or college students who are looking to get into event planning; perhaps we should just set a CF planning meeting and see what kind of volunteers will show up with their ideas

Motion by Wally to direct the Pres. to investigate the possibility of holding the CF in 2019 and if need be, hire someone to head up the effort and authorize the budget to allow the Pres to do so, L. Evenson 2nd; B. Ilko mentioned his inability; motion passes 14-0-1.

  1. Identification and Recruitment of a Volunteer Coordinator – we need someone who is better at outreach and not so much a coordinator; advertising is everything and interacting with the community; how can we leverage the NL in terms of identifying people who can and want to do this? T. Philips to begin a brainstorming email chain to identify other organizations (i.e. HOAs) where we can advertise for volunteers; Kiwanis and other orgs which help with Clean Up Day are perhaps orgs we can tap for ideas/volunteers; banner that we can move around asking for volunteers (budgetary component); can we send targeted emails to Districts? Yes; Wally – email box asking for volunteers (in windows? Next door?); will the Swim and Racquet Club post something for us? Each DR can join Next Door to get the idea out that we need volunteers
  • Need brainstorm email sent
  • Need draft email to Districts for DRs
  • Need draft email request for SRSRC and Library and have flyer ready
  • Need to design flyer asking for volunteers
  • Need to send Board list of DR vacancies and map
  • Need to investigate Next Door abilities
  1. Budget Continuing Resolution – D. Engler believes we need some authorization to spend money in the absence of an approved budget. Payments include: Comm Ctr rent, phone, janitorial, NL, CC, insurance, membership.

Motion Whereas current year budget has not been approved, be it resolved for the remainder of the calendar year expenditures are approves equal to amount of Nov 2018 expenditures; 2nd by G. Elliott 14-0-0.

  2. SRCA President’s Report (Ilko) – Recognition Night is B. Feather, 4th of July Chair, SSR, NW, 50+ Chairs all on board; no chair for Tree event – Dec. 9th, Girl Scouts do it all, but we need to get Kersey and Dingeman to head up (L. Peranich will check calendar); Constant Contact doing well; Pub131 launch went well and they are happy with SRCA; Chez Nous’2 25th anniversary; 15,000 people have come to our fb page and it is still growing…need content; Membership Cmte. wants to do ads…committee needs help; Cmte. Ctr. is being booked and shown and made $1,900 this year – $5,000 for security upgrade is being suggested as is $1,000 for wireless TV which will allow us to book it more; NW 2 block parties 3,100 people – they used about $700 of their $1,000 budget; SSR and 50+ have talked with Bob about budgets’; 130 people added to CC and now up to 11,000 people (1 in 3 in SR); looking into CRM program to replace CC but will be more per year but allow us to bill for Membership, Access data, and use one system ($1,500 vs. $4,000/yr.); SRCA is seen as a problem solver for the community – that’s our value; Treasurer search is ongoing…2 out of 7 interested responded…interviewing the candidates on 10/10/18; BRM is working on selling sponsorships, NL ads, and his 6-month is coming to an end soon, the next budget has it included for the year…we can decide if we want to continue on with having a BRM…we should contact everyone in SR News and 92131 and ask why not in NL as well as Dennis’s list?
  3. Operations Oversight Advisory Group – sent out Doodle survey and will be setting first meeting in the coming weeks.
  4. Budget Advisory Group – no update.




Adjourn: 9:03pm