Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG)

Capital Improvement Projects

You can help decide what public projects get done in Scripps Ranch. The city wants more community involvement in planning capital improvements. I’ll describe the new process and explain your opportunity to propose new projects.

This year the city of San Diego will allocate more than $200 million to capital improvements. Those include construction or replacement projects for items having a useful life of more than one year, such as roads, parks, recreation centers, fire stations, and libraries. Funds for these projects come from bonds, water and sewer fees, a one-half cent local sales tax for transportation improvements (TransNet), grants, and developer impact fees. These projects do not use operating funds that pay for day-to-day city services.

Many capital improvement projects (CIP) are proposed by city departments that develop and maintain infrastructure. In the past local communities have not had much input into the process. Last year we had less than a month to propose new efforts. This year we have a new city administration and City Council who support increased community involvement.

From now into September, city residents can propose projects to their planning groups. CIPs can be proposed for: storm drains, flood control; water, sewer, and reclaimed water facilities; bicycle facilities, bridges, roads, sidewalks, guardrails, traffic signals, lighting, libraries, park and recreational facilities, community centers, public arts, community gardens; and, other similar projects.

Each planning group will prioritize and recommend projects to the Community Planners Committee (CPC), which in turn recommends them to the City Council. Approved projects go to the CIP Review and Advisory Committee for citywide prioritization and for recommendations on funding. For example, a project might be eligible for a federal grant.

They then go to the mayor for final prioritization and budget execution. See [] for much more information. The process is complicated because lots of money and jobs are involved, and because there are widely varying needs across the city.

Each planning group will have at least two public meetings during August and September during which anyone from the community can propose projects. For the SRPG, a regularly scheduled meeting was held on Aug. 1, and the next meeting is on Thursday, Sept. 5. We meet at the Scripps Ranch Library at 7 pm. A portion of the agenda will be set aside for citizen input. Other meetings may be announced on the SRCA website at [].

Proposals for projects should provide:

  1. A project description including the general features of the project, such as sidewalk, street light, and so forth, and whether the project is new or will repair, replace, or expand existing infrastructure;
  2. A statement of the project purpose or need including its benefits; and,
  3. A statement of project urgency including risks if not built or threats to safety.

Proposals are due to the SRPG no later than Friday, Sept. 13, to give us time to prepare them for submission to the CPC by its deadline.

There will be a lot of competition citywide for project funding. It might be best to propose only a few high-priority projects that we strongly support rather than many nice-to-have things that will receive only a little enthusiasm. The mayor’s goals include addressing urgent underserved needs citywide, so our projects will need to compare favorably with proposals from other communities.

Not every project will be funded, but if we do not propose a project it is guaranteed not to get done. Consult with your neighbors, homeowners associations, and the SRCA. Come to the meetings, propose projects, and take advantage of this chance to improve Scripps Ranch. For questions, please email me at [[email protected]].

Wally Wulfeck, SRPG Chair

Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee (MRNPC)

Miramar Ranch North residents, please see MRN Planning Committee chair Lorayne Burley’s column below and watch the SRCA website. StoneBridge Estates’ residents may attend either the SRPG or MRNPC meetings.

Neighborhood Infrastructure

Chris Todd, our MRNPC secretary, and I attended the Infrastructure Committee workshop in June, hosted by Councilmember Mark Kersey. The goal was to provide input and priorities for Capital Improvement Projects (CIP). Councilmember Kersey is the chair of the city’s newly created Infrastructure Committee that will begin to tackle the backlog of maintenance and repairs. Infrastructure includes the basic physical structures, systems, and facilities needed to provide services to residents and for the functioning of a community and its economy, such as sidewalks, streets, parks, fire stations, police facilities, and water and sewer systems. The new process and the opportunity this presents is discussed in Wally Wulfeck’s SRPG article above.

Planning group members, as well as community residents, will be encouraged to submit input needs over the next few months to the planning groups. For the MRNPC, the next regularly scheduled meetings are on Tuesday, Aug. 6, and Sept. 3. A portion of the agenda at each meeting will be set aside for citizen input. New information will be posted to the MRNPC webpage on the SRCA website at [] as we receive it. Stay tuned and look around your community for infrastructure improvements.

Message from the Chair

I would like to thank everyone for their support and encouragement in my new role as chair. I will strive to engage citizens and work hard to make Scripps Ranch a strong community that folks are proud to be part of. Thanks again to Dustin Steiner for his leadership and service to the community as past chair of the MRNPC. To assist with communication, I will utilize a more active MRNPC webpage. Check out the new information posted at [].

Looking for New Members

We recently added one new member but are always looking for new ones too! If you own property or a business within the Miramar Ranch North boundaries and have been to at least two committee meetings in the past year, you are eligible for election to the MRNPC. Please contact me at the email address below if interested.

Watermark Development

The Watermark project is the regional shopping center development planned for the southeast corner of Scripps Poway Parkway and Interstate 15. The final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) was pending release in early July. After the release, the final EIR will be reviewed by an ad hoc subcommittee followed by final discussions and actions at the MRNPC meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 6, at 7 pm at the SRCA Community Center. If you have comments or concerns, let me know.

Area Roadway Improvements

Many areas within Scripps Ranch have been scheduled for paving, slurry seal, and repaint work during June and July. These roadway repairs are due to the city’s Capital Improvement Program, and it’s a good thing to see results being put back into our community. You can read more about slurry seal repairs and other roadway projects at the city’s Street Division website at [].

MRNPC Meetings

The MRNPC usually meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 7 pm in the SRCA Community Center on 11885 Cypress Canyon Road. The next meeting is on Tuesday, Aug. 6. We encourage your involvement. If you have questions, email me at [[email protected]].

Lorayne Burley, MRNPC Chair