Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee (MRNPC)

Administration News

Please welcome George Pecoraro, our newly elected committee member. We appreciate George’s commitment to our Scripps Ranch community and for volunteering his time.

Nob Hill Improvements Project

At our December meeting the San Diego County Water Authority provided an update on the replacement of two sections of existing pipelines in the Nob Hill area. The status on the draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) schedule was shared, which is pending release in January, as well as the construction of a new access road from Scripps Lake Drive. Project information can be found at [http://sdcwa.org/nob-hill-pipeline-improvements].

MRN MAD Budget Approval

Jaime Diez, grounds maintenance manager, and Casey Smith, district manager, presented the Fiscal Year 2015 (FY15) version 11-22-13 Miramar Ranch North Maintenance Assessment District (MAD) budget for approval. Also presented were the replacement costs for the plants on the median at the intersection of Interstate 15 and Scripps Poway Parkway, as well as the December staff report.

The FY15 version 11-22-13 budget requested a 20% increase in assessment rates due to the prevailing wage ordinance increase, a 15% increase in water and electric costs, a backlog for tree trimming and park and recreation repairs, and an increase in administration costs.

Two acceptable approaches emerged: either increase the assessment by a modest 5–10%, or wait one year, with no increase, and observe expenditures. The second approach was viable due to sufficient operating cash reserves at this date.

The first motion, to increase the MRN MAD assessment by 5%, failed by a vote of 5-7. The second motion, to have no increase and evaluate expenditures and operating cash reserves next year at the FY 2016 review, passed by a vote of 7-5. The district administration reviewed the approved MRN budget proposal and deemed it acceptable. So the MRN MAD assessment rates will have no increase under the revised FY15 version 12-03-13 budget.

An archive of MRN MAD documents, such as the two versions of the budget—FY15 version 11-22-13 and FY15 version 12-03-13—the Scripps Poway Parkway median replacement costs, the past six months of MAD staff reports, and a chart of the assessment history from FY08 to FY15, are available online for your review at [www.scrippsranch.org/committees/advisory-committees/mrnpc.html].

MRNPC Meetings

The MRNPC meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 7 pm in the SRCA Community Center at 11885 Cypress Canyon Road. All meetings are open to the public. We encourage involvement and input from the community. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know at [[email protected]].

Lorayne Burley, MRNPC Chair

Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG)

Carroll Canyon Update

At the December meeting of the SRPG, we heard from concerned citizens about the proposed Carroll Canyon commercial center. As of this writing, there has been no change in status—the city’s final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is still in preparation. When it is complete, the planning group will vote on a recommendation to the City Council on the project.

There will be opportunity for public comment at the Planning Commission and City Council hearings. Please visit [www.scrippsranch.org] to complete the survey of residents’ opinions concerning this project and to keep up with news concerning meeting schedules.


The San Diego County treasurer/tax collector, Dan McAllister, reported to the SRPG the property tax collection process. Nearly one million—981,000—property tax bills were sent out, and as of Dec. 1, about 38% had been paid. He estimated that about $4.8 billion will be collected this year, up from $4.5 billion last year.

He commented that new residents sometimes do not know they need to pay their property taxes. There is still a delinquency rate of about 1.4%. After five years of nonpayment, a property is subject to auction. About 500 properties countywide will be auctioned this year, up from the usual rate of about 100 per year.

Scripps Ranch Pump Station

The construction project is underway. The planned completion date is in November, but the project may be ahead of schedule and may be finished by June.

City of San Diego Planning

The city has reorganized the planning function; it has been separated from the Development Services Department and is now a separate department. About 10 community plan updates are now in process, mostly in older sections of the city. A new California Building Code takes effect for projects in the city beginning in 2014.

The City Council will adopt a new revision to Council Policy 600-24 governing community planning groups. They now will be responsible for any items covered by the San Diego general plan in addition to their traditional coverage of land-use and zoning issues. This includes mobility and traffic, economic development, public facilities, and other issues.

Next Meeting

The SRPG meets on the first Thursday of each month at 7 pm at the Scripps Ranch Library. Because of the holidays, the SRPG did not meet on our normal day in January. If the Carroll Canyon EIR is released, we may have a special meeting on Thursday, Jan. 16. Otherwise our next meeting will be on Thursday, Feb. 6. Mark your calendars! Thanks to Scripps Ranch residents for staying involved with the community. Email me at [[email protected]] if you have any questions.

Wally Wulfeck, SRPG Chair