Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG)

The SRPG held its regular meeting on Nov. 6. Here are the main items addressed.

Scripps Ranch Technology Park

As reported last month, the Murphy Development Company has purchased five lots in the Business Park from Intel Corporation. Mike Murphy, Murphy Development Company president, described plans to develop one- to three-story corporate headquarter buildings and research and development facilities. The plans conform to the existing zoning and entitlements in place for the Business Park.

The plans include preserving trees and hiking trails, with a goal to attract Fortune 500 tenants to a “best in region” Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)-certified and energy-efficient technology park. Mr. Murphy pledged to work with the community in addressing community issues, including the parking lot expansion need at the library. An ad hoc subcommittee, chaired by the SRPG’s Gordon Boerner, was established to work with Mr. Murphy on these community planning issues for the Technology Park.

Carroll Canyon Center

Colton Sudberry described his new proposal to build about 260 apartments plus 10,000- to 14,000-square-feet of retail space in lieu of his original “Big Box” proposal. The luxury garden-style apartments would vary in size from one to three bedrooms, averaging around 1,000-square-feet in buildings from two to four stories. Many of the apartments would have garages, with some having parking spaces around the perimeter of the property. The retail space would include restaurants and services for residents and employees.

Mr. Sudberry requested consideration of the first preliminary step in the approval process, known as “initiation.” According to the city’s General and Community Plan Amendment Manual, an initiation is “neither an approval nor denial of the plan amendment and development proposal.”

Rather it addresses more general questions: whether the proposed development is consistent with the goals and policies of the General and Community Plan, such as land use and economic development; ensures that adequate public utilities and health and safety services will keep pace with the proposed growth; and that the proposed development “provides additional public benefit to the community as compared to the existing land-use designation, density and intensity range, plan policy, or site design.” The SRPG voted 12-6 to allow initiation of this alternative plan feasibility.

Pomerado Road Speed Limit

Last month the SRPG voted to keep the speed limit at 45 mph along a segment of Pomerado Road. The city then identified more segments where the speed limit might be raised, because speed limit surveys indicated many drivers exceed 50 mph. Under California law, this can trigger an increase in the posted speed limit.

The SRPG can request a lower limit, but it is not radar enforceable. The planning group voted unanimously that the speed limit be kept at 45 mph everywhere in our planning area along Pomerado Road from Interstate 15 to Legacy Road.

Rancho Encantada/Stonebridge

Meetings have been held over the past several months among Rancho Encantada—also known as StoneBridge Estates—residents and both the SRPG and the Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee concerning representation in the city’s planning process. Among the options considered were: forming a Rancho Encantada Planning Group; joining one of the two existing planning groups; or continuing the present arrangement where Rancho Encantada remains separate, with its planning issues handled by the city’s Planning Commission. The StoneBridge Estates HOA conducted a survey of residents and they voted to join the SRPG.

The SRPG will vote formally on this issue in December. Discussion at our November meeting concerned issues of representation, such as whether members should be “at large” or represent locales, as well as a revision of the bylaws. An ad hoc subcommittee, including StoneBridge residents, will be formed to study the mechanics of enlarging the SRPG and recommend bylaw revisions. Several votes by the City Council will be necessary, and the entire process will take several months.

Planning Group Elections

In March of each year your SRPG elects members to two-year terms. Ten of the 20 members are elected each year. To vote in the election and to be a candidate for the SRPG, you must live, work, or own property in our area and attend at least two meetings during the previous year. Nominations for membership will be made at our February meeting. Since there will be no January meeting, your last chance for attendance will be in December.

Next Meeting

Please attend our next meeting on Thursday, Dec. 4, at 7 pm at the Scripps Ranch Library. Citizen input is always appreciated, and all meetings are open to the public. If you have any questions, please email me at [[email protected]].

Wally Wulfeck, SRPG Chair

Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee (MRNPC)

New Rapid Transit Service

The MRNPC was presented information by the Metropolitan Transit System’s (MTS) senior transportation planner, Denis Desmond, on the new Rapid Transit Service. Information on this new service is available in a short video presentation, which is posted on the MRNPC webpage at [].

T-Mobile Antennas

T-Mobile submitted an application to the city to amend the current permit for the wireless communication facility equipment at the water tank, just north of Scripps Ranch Boulevard at 11485 Weatherhill Way. The amended permit would allow for the installation of six antennas and associated equipment cabinets. The antennas are to be mounted to three new 29.5-foot-high light standards. The equipment cabinets are to be located in new 10-foot by 20-foot by 8-foot enclosures with chain link tops. A motion to approve failed to pass due to insufficient information and diagrams of the project. The agenda item was continued to the December meeting.

Development Agreement Funds

The MRNPC is identifying suitable project designations for the remaining development agreement funds. The committee is considering a new patio cover for the picnic table area at Butterfly Park—located around the SRCA Community Center—benches at that park, playground equipment options at Spring Canyon Park, and funding support for a community garden. Helen Plutner with the SRCA Sustainable Scripps Ranch (SSR) and Tom Meissner, a MRNPC member, shared that SSR is looking for sites to start a community garden, as well as residents to help.

Maintenance Assessment District (MAD)

The MRNPC is working to improve MAD sustainability and reduce water use. The Miramar Ranch North (MRN) MAD scored big with the appointment of the grounds maintenance manager, Mike Rasmusson, who started last January. Thank you, Mike, for your excellent work and for spending many hours meeting with committee members. The MRNPC held a MAD ad hoc subcommittee meeting in November to prepare for the annual review and will vote on the budget for next year at the December meeting.

Rancho Encantada Planning

The MRNPC hosted an ad hoc subcommittee meeting in early October to provide all Scripps Ranch residents the opportunity to discuss options for Rancho Encantada—also known as StoneBridge Estates—community planning area representation.

As an action item from the meeting, the StoneBridge Estates HOA president, Larry Parker, agreed to provide a survey to StoneBridge residents to determine the best option for their community planning area. It was determined, and then sent in a written letter, that “StoneBridge…members are most is favor of belonging to and being part of the Scripps Ranch Planning Group.” A copy of the letter is posted at [].

Possible Speed Limit Increase

The MRNPC received a letter from the city traffic engineering department regarding the posted speed limit on a segment of Spring Canyon Road between Scripps Ranch Boulevard and Scripps Poway Parkway. A recent road survey indicated the existing speed limit of 45 mph should be raised to 50 mph in order to remain radar enforceable. This topic will be on the December agenda. I encourage you to send me your comments at the email noted below or to attend the meeting.

MRNPC Meeting

The next meeting is on Tuesday, Dec. 2, at 7 pm at the SRCA Community Center. All residents are welcome. For questions, email [[email protected]].

Lorayne Burley, MRNPC Chair