Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee (MRNPC)

Administration News

Officers were elected at the May meeting: Lorayne Burley, chair; Michelle Abella-Shon, vice chair; and Chuck Mitchell, secretary-treasurer. Dustin Steiner tendered his resignation due to relocation out of the Miramar Ranch North (MRN) area. He served as a MRNPC resident member for six years, including two as chair. Thank you, Dustin, for your commitment to our city and for volunteering your time to make it a better place.

Our group is looking for new members. If you live in the MRN area of Scripps Ranch and would like to join us, email me at [email protected]

MAD Update

Mike Rasmusson, the MRN Maintenance Assessment District (MAD) manager, provided an update on projects and discussed several of the MRN fund designations. Mike stressed that he is actively working to comply with the new state emergency drought regulations that aim to slash water use in urban areas by 25%.

The MAD is reducing watering times, checking irrigation equipment, and doing more research into future use of smart irrigation controllers. The MAD continues to work toward increasing drought-tolerant plants and materials. Renovations are in progress at several areas and mini-parks.

On the fund designations, the committee plans to vote on specific items at the June meeting. The designations require City Council approval. Discussion has included the replacement patio cover over the picnic table and adding new benches at Butterfly Park, and now includes white cement fencing—rails and posts.

New playground equipment at Spring Canyon Park was removed as an option since it was not cost effective. The MAD monthly reports are on the MRN webpage at www.scrippsranch.org/mrnpc.

MRNPC Bylaw Updates

City Planning suggested a few changes to the recently submitted MRNPC draft bylaws. The committee agreed, recommended approval with an 8-0-0 vote, and the revised draft was resubmitted to City Planning on May 6. The revision of the draft bylaws is posted on our webpage.

City Draft Climate Action Plan

The MRNPC heard a presentation on the Climate Action Plan (CAP) that defines future goals for: energy- and water- efficient buildings; clean and renewable energy; biking, walking, and transit; zero waste; and climate resiliency. The draft CAP is on the MRNPC webpage. The final CAP release date is yet to be determined.

Tivyan Site Development Permit

The MRNPC was asked to make a recommendation on a Site Development Permit (SDP) (process 3, project #412254) for construction of a 2,800-sq.-ft. residence on the vacant lot at 11275 Beeler Canyon Road. The group did not find any issues or neighborhood concerns regarding the request. A motion to recommend approval passed with an 8-0-0 vote.

YMCA Update

Mark Thompson, Rancho Family YMCA director, will give an update on activities and future plans to the Scripps Ranch community at our June meeting. If interested, please plan to attend.

MRNPC Meetings

Our next meeting is on Tuesday, June 2, at 7 pm at the SRCA Community Center. All meetings are open to the public. If you have questions or concerns, please email me at [email protected]

Lorayne Burley, MRNPC Chair

Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG)

The Scripps Ranch Planning Group held its regular meeting on May 7.

San Diego Water Department–Miramar Clearwell Project

Two existing clearwells provide storage for drinking water to distribute to customers. These wells are old and need replacement. Construction of new wells begins in early 2016 and will take about four years. Each well will be built separately, since the plant must continue in service during construction. More information is on the Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee webpage at www.scrippsranch.org/mrnpc. The SRPG noted more parking for Miramar Lake could be built near the wells. We will explore this with the city.

Rue Chantemar Storm Drain

The existing 54-inch corrugated metal pipe drain failed two years ago and caused erosion of the slope. Plans are to replace it with an RTV pipe, adding a headwall and cleanouts, restore the slope, and extend the pipe and basin farther into the canyon. There will be a proposed staging area for contractor parking along Rue Chantemar. The project is scheduled to begin in January 2016 and will take several months.

Chabad Campus

Permits are expected within 60 days to begin grading. Construction of the first housing building, closest to Pomerado Road, will begin within six months after the permits are granted.

The Glen Senior Project

The SRPG approved submission of our comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Report to the city. Comments include Chabad campus traffic, renewable energy, slopes, signage, and minor corrections.

Traffic on Semillon Boulevard

We voted unanimously to recommend a V-calm device and restrictive striping on Semillon between Spring Canyon and Scripps Trail, and to replace the 25 mph speed limit signs that were changed to 30 mph without our consultation.

Scripps Ranch Maintenance Assessment District

Water issues are impacting us. Jerabek Park is overused and cannot be kept green. The Evan’s Pond project is continuing, and Hendrix Pond gets water. But rationing may limit what is provided to ponds.

Next Meeting

Please attend our next meeting on Thursday, Sept. 4, at 7 pm at the Scripps Ranch Library. For questions or concerns, please email me at [email protected]

Wally Wulfeck, SRPG Chair