Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG)

Angled Parking on Old Grove

Representatives from the city’s Office of Economic Growth and the owners of Ballast Point Brewery appeared in front of the SRPG in November. They requested approval for the installation of angled parking along the south side of Old Grove Road between Willow Creek Road and Business Park Avenue. The installation of angled parking would create an additional 30 parking spaces along the street. This would create more parking for the increasing number of patrons visiting Ballast Point Brewery’s retail portion of their business.

All business owners along the south side of Old Grove Road unanimously supported the request for the angled parking. Questions and concerns of the group included the speed of traffic along the stretch of road and what kind of danger cars backing out of the angled spaces would present for passing cars in the street. Ultimately, the SRPG supported the request. It will now be processed at the city, and crews will be sent out to restripe the road.

San Diego County Water Authority Relining Update

San Diego County Water Authority (SDCWA) representatives appeared in front of the SRPG to update the community on the pipe relining project going on near the Nob Hill community and the western edge of Miramar Lake. There is about an 800-foot section that is not being relined at this time. The SDCWA has determined they need to re-align the stretch of pipe to avoid the potential for future surges if and when the water would need to be cut off downstream.

In order to reconfigure the alignment of the pipe, the SDCWA will conduct geotechnical assessments beginning in December. Whether they use a trench or keep the pipe submerged underground will be determined from the results of the assessments. Because of the density and amount of rock in the slope, the SDCWA is certain they will need to blast in the area. They will inform the community on any plans to do so.

Finally, in an effort to lessen the impacts on the Nob Hill community’s roads, the SDCWA is looking to build an access road off the current one that runs between Scripps Lake Drive and the Miramar Lake dam just west of the library. This project is scheduled to begin in late 2014 and will likely last about one year. The SDCWA has committed to keeping the community continually updated before any work begins.

Forestview Lane Update

As reported in last month’s Newsletter, the SRPG approved the installation of a V-Calm sign–a sign that flashes a digital readout of your speed as you drive by it–on the downward slope of Forestview Lane near the small tot lot. Additionally, the SRPG requested more information on the installation from the city Traffic Engineering Department.

To date, no new information has been provided by the city. Once we receive the data, we will revisit this issue to assess whether or not to take further action.

SRPG Vacancies and Meetings

The SRPG has two vacancies. We encourage anyone interested in land-use issues within the Scripps Ranch area to become our newest member.

The SRPG meets on the first Thursday of each month at 7 pm at the Scripps Ranch Library. The next meeting is on Thursday, Dec. 6. For information, email me at [[email protected]].

D. Todd Philips, SRPG Chair