Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee (MRNPC)

SDUSD Joint Occupancy Proposal

The school board voted on Jan. 26 “to authorize staff to continue negotiations with Monarch Scripps Mesa, LLC., consistent with the term sheet, begin the environmental review process, and develop agreements necessary to implement the proposed project at the Scripps Mesa Conference Center (Scripps Mesa) site.” This vote passed 3-1. (Voting in favor: McQuary, Barrera, Evans; against: Beiser; absent: Foster, prior to her resignation). The term sheet and district presentation are available for review on the MRNPC webpage at www.scrippsranch.org/mrnpc.

The school district’s Facilities Planning and Construction Division will begin an environmental review process. The public will be informed by notices of intent, and the district could hold public meetings to collect input. Areas typically analyzed as part of the environmental impact report (EIR) include traffic, air quality and greenhouse gas, cultural resources, noise, and lighting. See the district’s facilities webpage at www.sandiegounified.org/environmental-reviews for information.

The proposed project will proceed as a ministerial permit “by right” and only requires approval of building permits. The permits will be reviewed for compliance by the Development Services Department.

Verizon Wireless at SpringHill Suites Hotel

The city requested an advisory recommendation for a planned development permit to install 12 panel antennas, 24 remote radio units, and four raycaps to be concealed within a new cupola extension at 12031 Scripps Highlands Drive, on the roof of the SpringHill Suites hotel. The wireless equipment will be located within the existing building.

A MRNPC motion to recommend approval of the project application as presented carried 7-0-0. The project drawings and simulation photos are posted at www.scrippsranch.org/mrnpc.

Left Turn at Angelique and Scripps Poway Parkway

The MRNPC heard from residents who expressed safety concerns at the intersection of Angelique Street/Springbrook Drive and Scripps Poway Parkway. The volume of cross traffic has increased over the years making left turns from Angelique Street or Springbrook Drive dangerous. The city’s Transportation Engineering Operations Division will evaluate the intersection for a possible left turn arrow at the stoplight or other safety measures.

Speed Limit Increase for Scripps Poway Parkway

A letter from the city’s Transportation Engineering Operations Division was received about the speed limit on Scripps Poway Parkway (SPP) between Spring Canyon Road and the Poway city limit for eastbound and westbound traffic. A recent road survey indicated the existing speed of 45 miles per hour must be raised to 50 mph in order to remain radar enforceable.

The speed limit on SPP from I-15 to Spring Canyon Road is already posted for 50 mph. The speed limit increase for SPP will be placed on the March agenda for review and recommendation.

March Elections

We have one new member candidate and two returning members on the March ballot. There are four open seats for this election. If you own property or a business within the Miramar Ranch North boundaries and have attended two MRNPC meetings in the past year, you are eligible for election. Please email me at [email protected] if you are interested.

MRNPC Meetings

The next regular meeting is on Tuesday, Mar. 1, at 7 pm at the SRCA Community Center. All meetings are open to the public, and we encourage involvement and input from the community. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know at [email protected]

Lorayne Burley, MRNPC Chair

Scripps Ranch Planning Group

The SRPG held its regular meeting on Feb. 4. Here is a report of that meeting.

Trespassing at MCAS Miramar

Juan Lias from the Community Plans and Liaison Office requested our community’s help to eliminate trespassing on federal property in the eastern parts of Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Miramar. By direction of the commanding officer, base security is being stepped up in order to protect trespassers from the rifle and pistol ranges, training areas, and live ordnance. Over the long weekend of Jan. 16–18, 57 citations were issued, and 52 bicycles and three motorcycles were confiscated.

If cited, offenders will have their case heard by a federal magistrate and are subject to up to six months in federal prison and/or a $500 fine. At present, the exact boundaries of the federal property are not well marked. Juan requests that community members help identify areas where signs need to be posted.

He is working with mountain bike and community associations to inform members of the prohibitions on entering MCAS property. Questions may be addressed to Juan at 577-6603.

City Council Vote on The Glen

The City Council hearing on The Glen at Scripps Ranch—the proposed senior living community—was postponed to Feb. 9, then to Tuesday, Feb. 23. As this was past the press deadline, results, if any, will be posted at www.scrippsranch.org.

The city is apparently considering what additional information is necessary to comply with a recent California State Supreme Court decision concerning analyses of greenhouse gas emissions. The Residents for the Rational Use of the Alliant Site (RRUAS) have filed a letter with the City Council claiming that the environmental impact report needs revision and recirculation for public comment in light of the court decision. If their argument is accepted by the city, this would add several months more delay before the City Council acts.

Traffic Issues

The city’s Transportation Engineering Operations Division proposed a speed limit increase on Stonebridge Parkway from 35 to 45 miles per hour between Pomerado Road and Stockwood Cove. The SRPG will address this at our Thursday, Mar. 3, meeting.

Proposed Senior Living Project

The Oakmont Senior Living proposal seeks to initiate a community plan amendment to change the zoning of Lot 12 in the Scripps Ranch Business Park from IP-2-1 to IP-3-1 so that a residential care facility could be permitted. The SRPG voted (16-2-0) to recommend denial of initiation, according to the criteria in LU-D.10 of the San Diego general plan. That’s because the proposal contradicts the general plan objective to preserve industrial property and contradicts our community plan to encourage the development of a prestigious industrial park and protect it from encroachment by incompatible land uses. Also, the proposed change does not provide additional public benefit to the community as compared to the existing land use designation.

Further, should the Planning Commission approve initiation in spite of our recommendation, the SRPG requested that the following analyses and investigations be made part of the approval resolution:

  • Analyze the economic impact of encroachment on the prime industrial property;
  • Analyze the impact of a new sensitive receptor on prospective uses of the prime industrial property in the industrial park; and,
  • Investigate whether the use of a community plan implementation overlay zone can permit only residential care but absolutely prevent any other future residential conversion of the property, with no possible future waiver except by City Council action.

SRPG Election and Meeting

The election will be held at our next meeting on Thursday, Mar. 3, at 7 pm at the Scripps Ranch Library. If you have attended at least two meetings of the SRPG in 2015, you are eligible to vote at the election or be a candidate.

All meetings are open to the public, and Scripps Ranch residents are encouraged to attend. If you have questions or concerns, please email me at [email protected]

Wally Wulfeck, SRPG Chair