Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG)

Carroll Canyon Project

At our August meeting developer Colton Sudberry gave an update on the proposed apartment and retail complex at Carroll Canyon Road and Interstate 15. As of press time the draft environmental impact report (DEIR) was expected to be released sometime in August. There is a 45-day comment period.

We will hold subcommittee meetings to analyze the DEIR. The full SRPG will develop a recommendation to the Planning Commission and City Council in October or November, and those groups will vote on the project in the winter. If approved, construction would be completed in 2019.

Colton also briefly described the Watermark Project at I-15 and Scripps Poway Parkway in the Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee area. Some grading may begin in the next several months. A second MedImpact office building and a shopping center are in the planning stage.

Citizens’ Plan

The Citizens’ Plan was described at our August meeting. Two different measures, the “Citizens’ Plan” and the “Citizens’ Initiative” have qualified for the November ballot. Both measures would raise the city’s Transit Occupancy Tax and affect plans for a new stadium.

The Citizens’ Plan also would transform the Mission Valley site to recreational and educational uses. The city attorney has stated that both initiatives would require a two-thirds majority to pass. Please visit for a complete description of the initiative. The SRPG will continue to provide information on measures that affect our residents.

Pure Water at Miramar Reservoir

The city held a public scoping meeting in August in preparation of an environmental impact report (EIR) for the first phase of the Pure Water San Diego Program. The SRPG will have a presentation at its Thursday, Sept. 1, meeting and we will include this in our October report.

The Pure Water Program will produce potable water from recycled water. It will expand the North City Pure Water Facility at Miramar Road and Interstate 805 and construct a pipeline to the Miramar Reservoir, where the water will be stored and get final treatment for distribution to residents. Please see for more details on the project, and for the announcement of the EIR and scoping process.

Traffic Issue

A proposal for stop signs at Stonebridge Parkway and Big Canyon Lane was sent to our Traffic Subcommittee for analysis.

Fire Safety

Last September the SRPG voted unanimously to support Council President Pro Tem Marti Emerald’s proposal for a bond issue and quarter-cent sales tax increase for fire stations, including a new one in the Scripps Ranch area. The City Council had a final vote in July on whether to certify the issue for the November ballot so that the people could vote on it. The measure required a two-thirds majority, but failed 5 to 4. Our councilmember, Mark Kersey, voted against the measure.

Next Meeting

Please attend our next meeting on Thursday Sept. 1, at 7 pm in the Scripps Ranch Library. The SRPG meets on the first Thursday of each month. It represents the interests of residents of southern Scripps Ranch and StoneBridge Estates to the city and other governmental bodies.

Please let us know of your concerns about planning and public safety so we can work with the Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee and Scripps Ranch Civic Association to keep our community great. Reach me at [email protected]

Wally Wulfeck, SRPG Chair