Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG)

The Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG) held its regular meeting on Oct. 4.

Change is Coming

Alliant International University has been a presence in Scripps Ranch since 1968. In 2015 it became a subsidiary of Bertelsmann, a German multinational corporation specializing in publishing, education, and services. Alliant has several campuses in California, Mexico, and Japan. Its headquarters, administrative functions, and some instructional opportunities are in Scripps Ranch on campus land owned by a separate foundation.

In recent years Alliant’s focus has shifted from undergraduate to graduate education. Now Alliant no longer needs a large campus with residential living facilities. Therefore, the university’s headquarter staff plan to move to more suitable facilities, and we hope these functions will stay nearby.

Meanwhile, the separately-owned campus property on Avenue of Nations has been for sale for some time. In the past the campus has split off several parcels, which became the Crown Pointe community, Chabad campus, The Glen, and Marshall Middle School.

At our October SRPG meeting KB Homes, a nationwide home builder, announced its intent to purchase the approximately 73-acre campus. The developer does not yet have firm plans for the number or type of homes that might be built on the site, and there are no plans yet for the existing buildings.

The community is obviously concerned about traffic on Pomerado Road. The university originally planned for up to 15,000 trips per day. This allocation has been split over time to accommodate the various developments. At present there are about 3,600 trips per day left for new development. At about 10 trips per day per household, this means that as many as 360 homes might be accommodated within the existing traffic allocation.

We commend KB Homes for engaging with the SRPG early in the development process. We have designated a subcommittee to work with KB, probably for at least the next year, to help craft a development plan that minimizes traffic and impacts on Marshall Middle School and provides amenities to Scripps Ranch. The SRPG and SRCA continue to work with Alliant, KB Homes, The Glen, the Technology Park, and the Carroll Canyon center to develop projects that are an asset to our community.

Repaving Pomerado Road

SDG&E has decided to resurface Pomerado Road between Avenida Magnifica and Interstate 15. The work should be completed during November. Meanwhile, slurry seal, installation of traffic sensor loops, and restriping mostly along Stonebridge Parkway, as well as restoration of the tunnel area near I-15, should be complete.

We thank Councilmember Mark Kersey and his staff for working with us and SDG&E to address this issue. We also thank SDG&E for restoring Pomerado Road. Check the SRCA website at and Facebook page— “Scripps Ranch Civic Association”—for updates between issues of the Newsletter.

Mesa Madera Resurfaced

Mesa Madera Drive has been in terrible condition for at least five years. Finally, the city fixed it! Now our problem is speeding. Please remember that Mesa Madera Drive is a residential street, with a 25 mph speed limit.

Next Meetings and Elections

The fall SRPG meetings are Thursday, Nov. 1, and Dec. 6. Winter meetings are Thursday, Jan. 3—this may be cancelled for the holidays—Feb. 7, and Mar. 7. We meet on the first Tuesday of the month at 7 pm at the Scripps Ranch Library.

At our March meeting the community will elect 10 members to the SRPG for two-year terms. Our bylaws require that candidates must attend at least two SRPG meetings in the previous year. If you are interested in serving on the SRPG, please let me know at [email protected]

Wally Wulfeck, SRPG Chair

Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee (MRNPC)

Watermark Project

The developers of the Watermark project will announce the tenants of the retail center at the November Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee (MRNPC) meeting. We also will review the latest project site and traffic plans.

As a reminder the Watermark project is located at the southeast corner of Scripps Poway Parkway and Interstate 15. The MRNPC meeting is on Tuesday, Nov. 6, at 7 pm at the Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA) Community Center at 11885 Cypress Canyon Road. Please join us to find out more about this much-anticipated project.

Accessible Transit

The MRPNC, SRPG, Scripps Ranch Civic Association, Councilmember Mark Kersey, and Congressmember Scott Peters all sent petition letters to request accessible transportation options for Scripps Ranch. There’s power in numbers! The letters were included in the minutes of the Sept. 17 Social Services Transportation Advisory Council meeting. We will bring you more information as we get it.

Maintaining Common Areas

The MRNPC Maintenance Assessment District (MAD) subcommittee continues to meet on a quarterly basis, one hour prior to our regular meeting. Members discuss issues and improvements to our common landscaped areas. The next MAD meeting is on Tuesday, Nov. 6, at 6 pm, and we will discuss the proposed budget for the next fiscal year. The meeting is open to all.

MRNPC Meetings

If you are interested in joining the MRNPC, please attend our next meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 6. We meet about eight times a year on the first Tuesday of the month. For questions, email me at [email protected] and visit

Michelle Abella-Shon, MRNPC Chair