Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG)

The Scripps Ranch Planning Group held its regular meeting on Dec. 6.

Maintenance Assessment Districts

Each year the SRPG works with the city to approve budgets for the open space and some park maintenance in the Scripps Ranch and Rancho Encantada—Stonebridge Estates—areas. This is funded by an assessment on your property tax bill.

In Scripps Ranch this funds tree maintenance, water for Hendrix and Evans ponds, repairs to recreation equipment, and many smaller efforts. Rancho Encantada does maintenance through its homeowners’ association, so the budget covers limited work at Sycamore Canyon Park and in some open space.

We approved Fiscal Year 2020 budgets of $1,830,307 for Scripps Ranch and $184,414 for Rancho Encantada. This will not raise your assessment except for an automatic 2% cost of living increase.

Repaving Pomerado Road

As of press time, SDG&E had not yet begun repaving Pomerado Road. They gave us the following statement: “We currently do not have a schedule for road restoration activities between Avenida Magnifica and the Caltrans right of way. The city is requiring this work to be completed during weekend hours. Given the recent weather and more rain anticipated…plus the pending holidays, we are currently in a holding pattern. With that said, we will get it done. I apologize for all the delays and thank you and the community for your patience.”

Alliant Property Redevelopment

The planning group voted to have a special meeting in January to examine various proposals for the Alliant International University site. At present KB Homes has an active offer to build about 360 single-family homes. The Sisu Academy is proposing a tuition-free girls boarding school for about 350 students and staff. In addition, The Glen retirement community might consider expanding its senior housing.

We hope to have several of the interested developers help educate Scripps Ranch residents about their plans. The SRPG and Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA) continue to work with Alliant, KB homes, The Glen, and Sisu Academy to develop projects that are an asset to our community. Please see for specific meeting information.

Proposed Stop Signs

There were requests for stop signs at Stonebridge Parkway and Brookside Lane. The city transportation department took traffic counts and evaluated sight lines, speeds, and other criteria, and concluded that stop signs were not warranted.

The SRCA then conducted a survey of Stonebridge Estates residents to determine whether to pursue stop signs under the city’s alternative process. About 85% of the 200+ respondents were opposed to new stop signs, so at this time we will not ask the city for further planning.

Library Parking Lot

The city design team will discuss plans at our February meeting.

Join the SRPG

At our March meeting the community will elect 10 members to the SRPG for two-year terms. Our bylaws require that candidates must have attended at least two SRPG meetings in the previous year.

If you are interested in serving on the SRPG, please let me know as soon as possible at [email protected] and be sure to attend meetings.

Next Meetings and Elections

The winter SRPG meetings are on Thursdays on the following dates: Jan. 3, which may be cancelled for the holidays; Feb. 7; Mar. 7, when we will hold elections; and Apr. 4. As stated above we may have a special meeting in mid-January. Please check the SRPG website at for updates between issues of the SRCA Newsletter.

Wally Wulfeck, SRPG Chair