Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG)

Speeding Leads to Higher Speed Limit

People drive too fast in Scripps Ranch. On the basis of a recent survey on Avenida Magnifica—where many drivers significantly exceeded the current limit of 25 miles per hour—the city is required to raise the speed limit on Avenida Magnifica between Pomerado Road and Semillon Boulevard (map at right) to 30 mph. The SRPG can recommend that the posted speed limit not be changed, but then, because of the speed trap law in the California Vehicle Code (Section 40802), the lower limit cannot be enforced using radar or other measurement devices.

Personally, I believe raising the limit on Avenida Magnifica is a terrible idea because of Jerabek Elementary School and Jerabek Park. But here is our dilemma: Should we recommend keeping the posted speed limit at 25 mph knowing that it cannot legally be enforced? Or should we recommend the 30 mph limit, hoping that our understaffed police department might occasionally enforce it? Please attend our Thursday, Nov. 5, meeting and tell us what you want. If you are opposed to these automatic speed increases, please write Assemblymember Brian Maienschein and State Senator Joel Anderson and ask them to amend the California Vehicle Code to stop automatic limit increases on residential collector streets.

SDG&E/SOCAL Electrical Line and Gas Pipeline

There is a new proposal to install an electrical transmission line in Scripps Ranch. One of the proposed alternative routes for the Sycamore-Penasquitos 230 KV Transmission Line (Alternative 5 below) would be under Pomerado Road, with construction beginning in 2016.

The line had first been proposed through StoneBridge near the existing lines along Scripps Poway Parkway last year. However, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) just released a draft environmental impact report (DEIR) for the transmission line. The DEIR is available at The DEIR includes a new alternative route from Stonebridge Parkway under Pomerado Road into Mira Mesa (Alternative 5). The CPUC concluded this is the “environmentally preferred alternative.” This came as a complete surprise as there has been no public discussion or analysis of this alternative since the scoping meeting a year ago.

Referring to the map on page 19:

  • Alternative 1 is the original route proposed last year
  • Alternatives 2 and 4 are not shown, as they are minor changes to 1 or 3
  • Alternative 3 has some of the original route but includes an underground segment north of Pensasquitos Preserve
  • Alternative 5 would go under Pomerado Road and much of Mira Mesa and would affect our community more than any other one

This underground power line would require permanent splice vaults every 1,800 feet, each measuring 24 feet long by 10 feet wide by 8 feet deep. There would be 12 or more of these vaults along Pomerado Road and many more in the Miramar area of Mira Mesa. So this proposal would involve major disruptions for at least a year.

As a reminder, last month we reported on a new 47-mile main 36-inch pipeline for natural gas from Riverside County down to Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Miramar. One proposed route for the pipeline also would be under Pomerado Road. More information is at

Representatives from SDG&E will describe these proposals at our meeting on Thursday, Nov. 5. This is now an urgent issue, since SDG&E hopes to begin construction in June 2016 and complete the project about a year later. Comments on the DEIR are due to the CPUC before Sunday, Nov. 15, so we will vote on them at our November meeting.

The Glen at Scripps Ranch

As of this writing it appeared the final environmental impact report for The Glen may be released in October. If so, the SRPG will vote on its recommendations to the City Planning Commission and City Council at our November meeting.

Meetings and Elections

SRPG members are elected volunteers, with elections held annually in March. To be a candidate for membership or vote in the election you must live or work in Scripps Ranch or StoneBridge and attend at least two meetings in 2015. The SRPG meets on the first Thursday of each month at 7 pm at the Scripps Ranch Library. Our next meetings are on Nov. 5 and Dec. 3.

This year two seats are reserved for StoneBridge Estates residents. We encourage prospective members or voters to attend our meetings. For questions, please email me at [email protected]

Wally Wulfeck, SRPG Chair