Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee (MRNPC)

The regular November meeting of the MRNPC was held on Tuesday, Nov. 16, 1999, at 7 pm at the Scripps Ranch Library.

New Members Needed

The MRNPC is looking for new community volunteers. The committee meets once a month and addresses community planning issues ranging from new parks and new schools to proposed developments, both within our planning area and in nearby areas that affect us. Our planning area is north of Miramar Lake within Scripps Ranch. A separate planning group, SRPG, functions similarly for the area south of the lake.

As a group chartered by the San Diego City Council, the MRNPC reviews quality-of-life issues that affect Scripps Ranch including traffic, schools, parks, and residential and commercial development, and we report our findings to public officials. Over the years, we have been influential in modifying the type, style, and amount of development that has occurred in our community.

We currently have openings for three new members and would welcome your participation. There currently is no one representing the neighborhoods north of Scripps Poway Parkway, and no one representing the new areas off Scripps Ranch Blvd. Please attend our next meeting, on Tuesday, Jan. 18, at 7 pm at the Scripps Ranch Library.

Shopping Center Expansion

Everyone has been wondering about the new construction seen in the Marketplace shopping center. We now have some news from the builder.

The new construction is comprised of three buildings. The first (Bldg. 13, see diagram below) is an extension west from Savon. The building will house North Island Federal Credit Union at its west end, and includes 17,300 square feet of shop space. A 3,400-square-foot day spa will be a tenant in this building, as well as a florist and an expanded space for McMillin Realty and Mortgage.

The next building (Bldg. 14) totals 6,600 square feet and will house up to four restaurants. Presently, a Greek restaurant and a smoothie shop, which will sell wraps and other foods, have leased space on either end in this building, and will have patio areas similar to those at Rubio’s and Sammy’s. A third tenant will likely be a 50’s style diner and will serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Washington Mutual will occupy the third stand-alone building (Bldg. 15) with a drive-through window.

Spring Fling

The Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA) would like to initiate a new community-wide event–a “Spring Fling”–this March or April. This event would be held on a Saturday or Sunday at the new Scripps Ranch Community Park and Recreation Center on Blue Cypress Drive.

As stated by SRCA President Wes Danskin, “Our goal is to celebrate the opening our new park and recreation center and to locate a community-wide event in the newer area of the Ranch. Hopefully, over time this would become yet another annual tradition like the 4th of July Parade, Symphony in the Park, Recognition Night, spring and fall cleanup days and garage sales, the Halloween Carnival, the Ranch Roundup, etc.”

The possibilities are endless. All we need are volunteer(s) to help organize this event. We’ll help you with funding, advice, and volunteer support. Any interested community members? Give Claudia a call at 549-8386 or Wes at 695-6835.

Gateway Multi-Family Site

The MRNPC had a final review of the Shea Homes’ multi-family site to be located along the north side of Scripps Poway Parkway, west of Scripps Summit Drive. The unit sizes are to be from 1,000 to 1,350 square feet.

The MRNPC voted unanimously to recommend favorable consideration of the project with the following conditions:

  • ensure use of concrete tile roofs;
  • enhance walls and elevations with detailed architecture;
  • add a lane for acceleration and deceleration; and
  • add a tot lot.

Traffic Issues on Blue Cypress

Luis Biaggi, MRNPC member and Chair of the SRCA Traffic and Transportation Subcommittee, reviewed some traffic issues on Blue Cypress Drive. For safety of drivers using Blue Cypress during church hours, the traffic committee recommended that red curbs be added: along Blue Cypress Drive for at least 10 feet adjacent to all access points on Blue Cypress, 50 feet uphill from the church entrance, and 1 foot on either side of the stairway to the park parking lot on the west side of the street.

The MRNPC expressed appreciation for Luis researching these important issues and encouraged further coordination with the St. Gregory’s Catholic Church.

Overlook Park

The proposed plans for the Overlook Park were presented at the November meeting. The park is to be located along Scripps Ranch Blvd., just west of the Waterford neighborhood. It features beautiful vistas of Lake Miramar and on clear days views extend to the Los Coronados Islands in Mexico. Features to be included are as follows:

  • playground equipment and swings with sand underneath,
  • small parking lot for 20 cars,
  • interpretive boards illustrating both present views and historic information, and
  • a small grassy area for free play.

Unresolved issues include:

  • adequate restrooms,
  • park access, and
  • shade structures.

The MRNPC will review the park plans once more before taking final action, following initial review by the Scripps Ranch Recreation Council.

Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG)

The “Old Kmart Site”

The “old Kmart site” at the intersection of Mira Mesa and Scripps Ranch Blvds. has closed escrow and is proposed to become a mixed-use project called “Monarch at Scripps Ranch.” The new owners, La Jolla Investments LLC, consist of Pat and Tim Kruer, Rod and Ryan Stone, and Simpson Housing LP (Luke and Don Simpson).

The proposed project is being designed for 262 multi-family apartment units with a maximum height of 36 feet, and two 3-story office buildings with a maximum height of 48 feet. The office buildings will be approximately 60,000 square feet each.

The south side of the existing property will be razed to accommodate this new development. Environmental concerns that were discussed at the SRPG meeting include traffic, design, schools, and improvements to Mira Mesa Blvd. and Scripps Ranch Blvd. An SRPG subcommittee chaired by Marvin Miles has been established to communicate with the project applicants.

Chabad Scripps Ranch Center

Safdie Rabines Architects presented a master plan for the Chabad site located on Pomerado Road. The proposal includes a preschool, elementary school, high school, playing field, synagogue, and housing for faculty and students. Faculty housing of 60 townhomes with underground parking was suggested. The Chabad school would have a maximum total of 500 students. The proposal includes a goal of sensitivity to hillsides such that any new facilities would be minimally disrupting.

The currently operating preschool and day care center is not allowed under the existing Conditional Use Permit (CUP), and a CUP amendment is required. The SRPG subcommittee that has addressed previous Chabad issues was expanded and will continue to meet with Chabad regarding the new proposal and regarding compliance with City codes for the existing day care center.

Scripps Ranch Business Park

Avalon Bay, a nationwide public corporation REIT, specializing in luxury apartment facilities, disclosed that they had gone forward with purchase of lots 6, 7, and 8 from existing owner BCL. The lots are located on the southern part of the business park, which is located just east of Scripps Ranch High School.

The purchase was completed despite a letter from the City of San Diego that strongly recommended preservation of the existing industrial zoning of the business park. During discussions, Avalon Bay indicated that they still intend to pursue City approval of a plan amendment to allow medium-high-density residential zoning.

They indicated that failure to obtain this approval from the San Diego City Council would result in exploring industrial alternatives and (or) ultimate resale of the property. In addition to purchase of the three lots, Avalon Bay still possesses an option to purchase lot 2, directly west of the library from BCL.

Avalon Bay acknowledged that the San Diego Fire Department has mandated an emergency access to lot 6 be added based on their proposed number of apartment units. SRPG previously voted against supporting this housing project.

The evaluation of the proposed multi-family project by City of San Diego is expected to be completed by June 2000, at which time a hearing by the San Diego Planning Commission will be scheduled as a precursor to any City Council action. All Planning Commission and City Council hearings will be open to the public. The SRPG understands that residents are very concerned about the negative effects of this proposed project and will keep you up to date on its status.

Aegis’s assisted-care project proposed for lot 3, located directly south of the Library, is still being evaluated by City staff as to what specific conditions will be required due to the existing industrial zoning. SRPG has not yet received any environmental documents and, therefore, has not taken any formal action on this proposed assisted-care project.

Property owner BCL indicated that Pacific Gulf’s proposed senior-housing project application for lot 4, located in the northeast corner of business park, is deemed complete and will be submitted. This action will initiate City staff review of this project. Potential issues with these two senior housing projects include the permanent loss of industrial jobs within the Scripps Ranch community, “exclusivity rights” limiting future senior housing and care opportunities within the business park, strain on existing City services, and cumulative impacts with the Avalon Bay apartment proposal.

Special Park Fund Expenditures

The SRPG voted concurrence with requests from the Scripps Ranch Rec Council and the City Park and Recreation Department to use the Scripps Ranch Special Park Fund to purchase batting cages, soccer goals, and equipment storage containers for our parks. In addition, funding was approved for an additional swing set and to augment City funds for lighting the outdoor basketball courts at the community park.

MCAS Miramar–Noise and Housing

The SRPG liaison noted that recent reductions in noise from MCAS Miramar have resulted from the temporary shutdown of a runway. When the runway reopens, noise levels are expected to rise again.

In response to questions about the proposed Marine Corps housing, the MCAS representative indicated that the Marine Corps is evaluating all of the public comments received prior to the deadline, including those from our public forum in November at Scripps Ranch High School. No specific timetable was indicated relative to environmental impacts analysis and (or) presentation of the “preferred site” from the four housing sites presented at the community forums. The Environmental Impact Study, however, is scheduled to begin soon.

Miramar Water Treatment Plant

The Scripps Ranch committee advising expansion of the Miramar Treatment Plant is still meeting regularly with the City Water Department to evaluate alternative pipeline routes. We will begin to see impacts to Scripps Lake Blvd. as this process evolves, regardless of the alternative chosen.

New SR Post Office

The U.S. Postal Service is planning to construct a post office in Scripps Ranch, zip code 92131. A public forum was held in Scripps Ranch in December to help identify possible sites for the full-service community post office. Representatives indicated that the Mira Mesa facility is too small and that federal funding for a long-planned Scripps Ranch facility has been allocated already. Bob Petering of SRPG will chair the SRPG “New Post Office” sub-committee, in preparation for further discussion of proposed sites.

SR Boulevard Improvements

The SRPG Facilities Subcommittee met with the Timberlane HOA Board regarding alternatives for the long-planned improvements to the stretch of Scripps Ranch Blvd. between Carroll Canyon Road and the Vons center at Aviary Drive. These improvements have been delayed for several years awaiting finalization of various San Diego City Water Department initiatives that could have had negative impacts on the project.

As an initial step, SRPG approved funding to add capability for left-hand and U-turn access at the Caminito Rio Branco intersection, effectively doubling access from the Timberlane project onto Scripps Ranch Blvd.

Antennas on the Geico Bldg.

The SRPG voted approval of a Conditional Use Permit to install telecommunications antennas on the roof of the old Geico building, which has been renamed Rincon Towers by the new owners BCL. The new antennas replace existing ones, with the maximum height reduced from 14 feet to 8 feet.