Scripps Ranch Planning Group

The Scripps Ranch Planning Group’s monthly meeting was held on Dec. 7, 2000, at the Scripps Ranch Library. Our new City of San Diego Councilperson Brian Maienschein attended, informing us that council district staff selections are now complete. Mr. Clint Carney was introduced as the new field representative for both planning areas in Scripps Ranch. Mr. Maienschein advised the audience that he also had chosen a local community planning group member as one of his field reps, and that should be considered indicative of his campaign promise that the community planning groups’ input would be represented and valued going forward.

Chair Bob Ilko reviewed the November events on the business park phase 3 and on designating the Meanley Wall as a historic site. A comment letter was sent to the Marine Corps regarding the Environmental Impact Statement regarding whether the MV-22 Osprey could be stationed at MCAS Miramar. Also, Bob gave a brief review of the Scripps Ranch Schools Committee meetings that have occurred over the past several months.

Banyon Tree Facility

The SRPG reviewed the city staff’s comments about the Banyan Tree Educational facility. A motion carried unanimously to reaffirm a previous vote supporting a learning center facility within the existing developed part of the Scripps Ranch business park on Treena Street, just north of Childrens’ World.

Water Department

SRPG heard presentations from Mr. Mike Gonzales from the City of San Diego Water Department. The department is processing a site development permit, for part of the underground passage to the treatment plant. Although the Environmental Impact Report is complete and already certified by Council, the development services department has requested SRPG’s approval. The project’s pathway is west on Scripps Lake Drive, traversing between Ahrens Field and the old Geico Bldg., and underneath I-15. A motion to support the proposal carried unanimously.

Cellular Antennas

Terina McCandless from Nextel Cellular reported that they had met with Jim Omsberg and Jim Paterniti of SRPG on-site, to discuss issues previously raised by SRPG. This on-site evaluation of existing cellular antennas found that all are “discrete.” Omsberg presented design guidelines recommended by SRPG, which Nextel had agreed to. A document from the City real estate assets department indicated that this would be the 6th and final cellular placement at the Spring Canyon water tower. Based on this document, the SRPG unanimously passed a motion supporting the project within the context of the design guidelines.

Cal Sun Rezone for SF Homes

An initial presentation was made by Cal Sun Development regarding a proposal to rezone the southeast corner of Pomerado and Spring Canyon Roads to accommodate 29 single-family homes.

Matt Peterson and Charlie Toupalotte of Cal Sun Development explained that the proposal, termed Scripps Pomerado, calls for rezoning the parcel from its current “agricultural” use to an RX1-2 residential. The applicants want 29 detached homes, ranging from 1,860 to 2,262 square feet, built with a CCR-controlled homeowner association. The proposal includes a 4,000-square-foot mini park, a 5-6 foot perimeter wall, and a main entrance from Pomerado Road, immediately east of the existing Missile Road. This is the same entrance that may be used to access one of the proposed Marine’s housing sites.

A community subcommittee was formed to review this project in detail. The assigned project contacts for our community are: Jim Omsberg at 549-4122 from SRPG and Alan Bokser at 586-0050 from the Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee.

Chabad Hebrew Academy

The Chabad subcommittee informed the SRPG that there has been progress toward a conditional use permit and a master plan for the Chabad site. Conceptual architectural drawings are now available for review.

Rancho Encantada

SRPG heard about the Rancho Encantada proposal for the future urbanizing area located directly east of Legacy and Pomerado Road, on property previously owned by General Dynamics. Jeff Brazel, Rita Mahoney, and Jim Hunter represented the McMillin portion of the proposal, and Ed Struskima provided comments from the other applicant, Pacific Land Development.

The applicants gave an updated report, reviewed the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for traffic impacts, and presented very preliminary thoughts regarding potential traffic mitigations at Pomerado Road and I-15. These mitigations include the possibility of increasing the number of lanes going westbound on Pomerado Road crossing toward Miramar Road to allow a more continuous flow to both I-15 north and south on-ramps in the morning.

Also discussed was an extension of the “funnel” effect on evening freeway off-loaded onto Miramar and Pomerado Roads. Mr. Brazel updated the types of calls they have received regarding the two available institutional use lots within the project, indicating that they’ve been from various houses of worship and private schools.

In answering questions regarding the EIR, Mr. Brazel stated that all the alternative projects evaluated within the EIR are deemed to be economically infeasible. The planning group heard about and discussed issues relating to lack of proposed homeowner retail amenities, and park, school, and road improvement phasing. There also was discussion as to whether the project is consistent with the City of San Diego General Plan traffic element and whether the traffic report took into consideration the cumulative impacts of other projects under development in Scripps Ranch.

In addition, discussion focused on SRPG’s recommendation to evaluate key residential streets, north-south project access points including Beeler Canyon and Sycamore Canyon Roads, visual impacts, biological impacts, alternative project feasibility, and whether the potential East Miramar Marine housing project proposal is adequately evaluated in the EIR.

It continues to be obvious that this project involves unresolved complexities impacting the entire Scripps Ranch and Miramar Ranch North planning areas, and will require coordination among the various groups.

Based on the Public Facilities Financing Plan not being ready by the deadline for public comments on the EIR which is Friday, Jan. 5, and the Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee not meeting until Tuesday, Jan. 21, the project representatives were asked for cooperative support in requesting the continuance of the EIR comment period. Neither applicant was willing to concur that a comment period extension was warranted. Therefore, an SRPG motion was passed by a vote of 12/2/2 to request the City extend the EIR public comment period to January 22, 2001.

SRPG Vacancies

The next meeting of the SRPG will be on the first Thursday of the New Year, Jan. 4, at 7 pm in the Library’s community room. At this meeting, the SRPG will consider applications from residents who are interested in filling the two open positions on the planning group.

If you are interested in serving in this important community position, please contact chair Bob Ilko at 586-1235. As you can tell from this article, there are several critical community issues that will be decided in the next few months. The time commitment is limited, but the personal satisfaction is substantial.