Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee (MRNPC)

4-Acre Parcel Subcommittee Report

In late December the Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee (MRNPC) received updated news about the San Vicente Pipeline project. Earlier, the San Diego County Water Authority (SDCWA) had proposed using the 4-acre parcel just west of the Scripps Ranch Marketplace as a mine shaft and staging area for their tunneling project.

After strong opposition from both planning groups, the SRCA, and the Joint 4-Acre Parcel Subcommittee–consisting of representatives from the two planning groups, the SRCA, and the Scripps Ranch Recreation Council–the SDCWA removed the 4-acre parcel from the possible sites to locate a mine shaft.

The MRNPC is pleased with this news, having cited concerns about traffic congestion, noise, traffic and safety for the nearby schools, visual impacts, and impacts to the Scripps Ranch Marketplace and other nearby businesses. Residents were particularly concerned about the affect of the project on the future recreational plans for the parcel. As one member stated, "The Scripps Ranch community was promised both an interim and long-term recreational use, not a mine shaft."

The proposed tunnel will connect the San Vicente Reservoir in Lakeside with a location on the west side of the intersection of Interstate 15 and Mercy Road. The 4-acre parcel was purchased last spring by the city with community funds to be used for community recreation. Community groups, with input from residents, recommended the city and the YMCA evaluate using the site for a Y.

One of the reasons the SDCWA cited for opting out of the 4-acre parcel site is that "the community intends to develop the site sooner than we anticipated."

Tunneling will take place beneath part of the Scripps Ranch community. The MRNPC is working with the SDCWA to try and minimize the project’s impact on residents. Another issue the MRNPC will address is the extra traffic and noise created by construction crews and trucks hauling away debris.

The next step in the process is for the SDCWA to issue a Notice of Preparation (NOP) for a Subsequent Environmental Impact Report early this month. The SDCWA will also send a notification letter to thousands of Scripps Ranch residents who live along the pipeline route.

The MRNPC will review the NOP and the Environmental Impact Report. We will also continue to follow the plans and progress on this tunneling project and report the latest in the SRCA Newsletter and on the SRCA website at [www.scrippsranch.org].

The SDCWA will hold meetings this month for you to voice your opinion and learn more about the project. Please see page 23 in the Newsletter for details and a map of the proposed tunneling route. The MRNPC encourages community members to participate in the meetings and express your ideas and opinions to the SDCWA.

Claudia Unhold, MRNPC Member

Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG)

Pipeline Project

The SRPG had recommended that the 4-acre parcel site not be considered as a mine shaft site for the San Vicente Pipeline project. The SRPG also recommends that the Sycamore site not be considered. The SRPG supports the Vulcan site located in the South Poway Industrial Park to be the preferred mine shaft site.

The Environmental Impact Report process should begin this month, at which time the SRPG will review the report and formulate comments that will be forwarded to the San Diego County Water Authority.

Traffic Problems

The SRPG heard a request from a resident who lives along Ironwood Road asking for support to recommend to the city to post a "No Right Turn from 6 am to 8 am" sign on Pomerado Road westbound at Avenida Magnifica. The request is premised on the idea to stop drivers from "shortcutting" on Tribuna Avenue and Ironwood Road in the morning when Pomerado is congested.

It was noted that access to Jerabek Elementary School from Pomerado Road would be restricted, forcing a significant number of parents to use Avenida Magnifica from Semillon Boulevard. This would shift traffic from one portion of the neighborhood to another.

The SRPG suggests improving the Miramar Road/Pomerado Road bridge efficiency, more enforcement of the speed limit on residential streets, and pursuing traffic calming methods.

Fairbrook Site

The San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) is seeking a two-year extension of its Fairbrook Vesting Tentative Map (VTM). The current VTM, which increases the value of the land, expires soon. The VTM includes a 3-acre park and 17 single-family homes, both of which have been approved for the site. If the SDUSD sells the land with the approved home sites–Fairbrook Estates–then they can use the revenue to assist funding the new middle school.

Because the community specifically requested this sale not occur until the new middle school opens, the SRPG requested the SDUSD return at the January SRPG meeting with more information regarding whether Fairbrook Estates is or is not targeted for sale. The SRPG passed a motion to draft a letter to the SDUSD Excess School Property Committee requesting that if the Fairbrook site is considered for any action that the SRPG be notified in advance.

Western Pacific Housing

Western Pacific Housing gave an update presentation to the SRPG about their project adjacent to Alliant International University (AIU). It includes up to 875 residential units that are age restricted–55+. The revised proposal will be a mix of age-restricted apartments–150 units–and condominiums–225-375 units.

The new plan shows senior assisted and skilled nursing housing, 1.2 acres active recreation space, 2.8 acres passive recreation space, and a private and public senior center. More information will be provided at the SRPG’s next meeting. The SRPG raised concerns such as an I-15 "fair share" contribution, similar to the Rancho Encantada project, revising the plan to accommodate a "loop road," traffic, and comprehensive planning with AIU, Chabad, and the SDUSD.

Alliant International University Plans

Representatives from Alliant International University (AIU) presented the initial concept planning for the AIU Master Plan. Preliminary concepts show AIU wants to replace its temporary facilities with permanent structures, upgrade existing sites, and achieve "green" environmental goals of less traffic by providing more on-campus housing and energy efficient technologies.

AIU also wishes to use reclaimed water. Where feasible, AIU wants to use natural landscaping and restore canyon habitat, and incorporate walking and bike paths. A new road to the south would tie into the new middle school site. Also, on-campus stores and other services could be added to reduce student vehicle trips.

Student enrollment is currently 2,300, and AIU is planning on a future enrollment of 5,200. It was requested that AIU provide answers to environmental impacts and hard numbers on traffic.

MCAS Miramar Rifle Range

The MCAS Miramar Rifle Range is open for tours on a limited basis. Please contact Jim Paterniti at 695-9980 or Bob Ilko at [[email protected]].

SRPG Meetings

Due to the holidays, the next SRPG meeting will be on Thursday, Jan. 9, at 7 pm at the Scripps Ranch Library. For information, contact SRPG Chair Bob Ilko at [[email protected]].

Bob Ilko, SRPG Chair