Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG)

The following are excerpts from minutes from the February meeting of the Scripps Ranch Planning Group. Elections will be held Thursday, March 2.

MCAS Miramar

The MCAS air show will be moved to October 13-15. General Bowden attended the meeting and indicated that noise complaints are decreasing. So far they have made 29 operational changes. The eastern route study is complete. The air-quality evaluation, which was required as part of a lawsuit settlement, has been finished.


A master plan is being developed for the entire site. The proposed construction will be in phases. Any permit for preschool at Chabad must be agreed to by USIU. Approximately 30 units of faculty housing are proposed for the first phase.

Rancho Encantada

The Rancho Encantada development, which includes the Montecito and Sycamore Estates developments in the Beeler Canyon future urbanizing area, submitted an overall land use plan. A first draft of a comprehensive plan involving the entire area–as requested by SRPG, MRNPC, and SRCA–is back from the city and is deemed incomplete. The applicants are working with a joint subcommittee of SRPG and MRNPC to resolve land use, biology, habitat, and traffic issues.

The overall plan includes 248 acres with 277 dwelling units. The Poway Unified School District proposed that the plan include an elementary school on 16 acres with a 4 to 6 acre park with picnic area and restrooms. A standard elementary school in the San Diego Unified School District would be a total of 10 acres.

The applicants suggest the park have a joint use agreement with San Diego Park and Recreation, which the city has done with similar facilities in Rancho Penasquitos, Rancho Bernardo, and Sabre Springs. The size of the school would be 60-70% of a current elementary school. SRPG strongly recommended that the Scripps Ranch Recreational Council have input as to the size, design, and joint-use agreement.

Montecito Development

The main access proposed for the Montecito development is on Pomerado Road approximately 1,200 feet east of the intersection of Pomerado and Spring Canyon Roads. Proposed lot sizes range from 5,000 to 9,000 square feet. The applicant has eliminated entry gates, but may request gates for the 9,000 square- foot lots. The Planned Residential Development (PRD) will be submitted by end of February.

Sycamore Development

The Sycamore Estates housing project will have about 80% open space or about 1,700 acres, with 10 miles of trails. Neighborhoods will have “street trail” asphalt paths, 8-foot wide adjacent to primary roads and 6-foot wide adjacent to residential streets. Trailhead access will be provided at cul-de-sacs in order to provide “loop” trails. No new grading will be required for trails, which will use existing utility access roads or firebreaks.

Segregated uses on trails will be pedestrians close to homes and horses on outlying trails. Horses will not be allowed on lots. Homes will be 3,000 to 6,000 square feet with some larger premier homes and lots.

SR Business Park, Phase III

SRPG received the first assessment letter for the age-restricted project by Avalon Bay in the Scripps Ranch business park. City planner Miriam Kirshner suggested responding to environmental and open space issues.

SRPG unanimously requested a full EIR be done for the proposed project, not a negative declaration, which would indicate minor effects. SRPG continues to be exceptionally concerned about any change in zoning, and the adverse affects on traffic, schools, parks, and other infrastructure.


The community has many challenges in the upcoming few years. The new Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary School will be ready in fall 2002, but in the intervening two years, many issues will still need to be addressed, including:

  • Jerabek Elementary will have approximately 140 students too many next fall;
  • Dingeman Elementary also is at capacity with no where to expand except onto the joint use playing fields;
  • How can we have kids voluntarily change schools to ease overcrowding?
  • Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary (EBS) plans need to be finalized;
  • A 3-way stop at Spring Canyon and the Aspire and Encore neighborhood is being investigated as part of the EBS design.
  • Should EBS be K-3, K-4, K-6, or 5-6?
  • Boundary changes will need to occur when EBS comes online;
  • How should joint use of Spring Canyon Park be done for EBS?
  • Use of the soon-to-open Scripps Ranch Recreation Center will need to be coordinated with Marshall Middle School that will use the buildings until noon;
  • Should the Fairbrook school site be used for a modular school so that it can be ready in 18 months?
  • What capacity and grade configuration should Fairbrook have if it is built?


The committee is looking at many options to relieve traffic congestion. Just some of the areas are:

  • Scripps Poway Parkway at Mercy Road;
  • Adding one more lane to Miramar Road;
  • Installing “tubes” for designated on-ramp lane(s); and
  • Issues near the EBS school site.