Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG)

The Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG) met on Thursday, March 2, at the Scripps Ranch Library. Meetings are generally held on the first Thursday of the month. The next meeting will be held at 7 pm on Thursday, April 6, in the community room of the Scripps Ranch Library when we will elected new officers.

Election of Members

Mike Baksh, Gordon Boerner, Anita Gomes, Craig Jones, Michael McCormick, and Linda Sloan were reelected to serve two-year terms. Harvey Rogoff was elected as a new member.


The SRPG has been actively following the latest school planning issues in Scripps Ranch, as detailed on pages 20-23 in this Newsletter. In April, the SRPG reached consensus via an electronic meeting to support the School District’s plan to construct a new middle school. We will be discussing school planning issues at future meetings.

SR Business Park, Phase 3

Brown Colarusso Lebeau and Avalon Bay have continued to process their application for a community plan amendment and zoning change to allow multi-family housing in the Scripps Ranch Business Park, Phase 3. The projects include 378 apartments, 166 assisted care and Alzheimer’s units, and 295 age-restricted apartments. The SRPG voted unanimously to oppose this zoning change in October 1999.

Residents in the area of the business park recently reported survey stakes located very close to Evans Pond, next to the library. A “field trip” was made on Monday, March 13, with the applicant, the SRPG business park sub-committee, and interested residents in attendance. Our goal was to find out where the proposed projects are located relative to the Library and Evans Pond. Our findings were very disturbing.

The southern wall of the library is set 15 feet from the Lot 3 property line. The Lot 3 and Lot 4 property line extends to the east roughly through the center of the eucalyptus grove that borders the south side of Evans Pond. There now is orange flagging at property corners and along this property line. We invite you to go out and see how close this line is to the pond.

The location of this property line had previously not been an issue because the existing pads were graded to protect the pond area and old stone wall left from the Nackey Scripps Meanley ranch house.

However, Aegis Assisted Care (Lot 3) and Pacific Gulf (age-restricted apartments on Lot 4) propose grading and improvements to the property line. This will result in the removal of nearly all of the mature eucalyptus trees on their property, as well as the stone wall. Parking spaces will be just 15 feet from the library building.

The existing Planned Industrial Development (PID) has a requirement to provide 25 acres of open-space corridors, which we presume includes this strip of open space along Evans Pond and the library, as well as the landscaped slopes. It has now appears that the proposed amendment to the PID will reduce or completely disregard that open space requirement. The SRPG will be addressing this issue at our meeting on Thursday, April 6. We invite you to attend that meeting, or to forward your questions and comments to Anita Pryor at [[email protected]].

There will be a City of San Diego Planning Commission workshop on Thursday, May 11, to discuss the proposed Scripps Ranch Business Park zoning change. The primary topic of the workshop is conversion of employment lands to multi-family residential, but a whole new element is added to that discussion if conversion is done at the expense of existing open space. The public is invited to attend this workshop. Contact Anna Shepherd, our Community Planner, at 619-235-5233 to obtain more information.

The SRPG and the Scripps Ranch Rec Council also are reviewing the applicants’ proposal to meet their park requirement. The City is requiring that they provide approximately 5 acres of usable park land. They are currently proposing to pay a rental fee to the Water Department for the right to use the site where the reclaimed water storage tank was built on Meanley Drive. We question whether this site provides adequate recreational opportunities to meet the needs of the proposed housing.

Rancho Encantada (Beeler Canyon Future Urbanizing Area)

An error was noted in last months Newsletter. The total size of the area in this precise plan is 2,658 acres, and 940 dwelling units are proposed.

The applicants have submitted a “Precise Plan” for the entire area, and applications for three Planned Residential Developments (PRDs): Montecito, Sycamore Estates, and Sycamore Estates affordable housing.

The Precise Plan is a planning document that the applicants have prepared in response to our community’s request for these developments to address issues in a “big-picture” fashion. It addresses land use, access, topography, schools, parks and open space, biological resources, utilities and other services, affordable housing, and architecture and landscape design in fairly general terms. The PRD for each development provides more detailed information about proposed streets and lots, grading and drainage, and architecture and landscape. The applicants also must prepare an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the entire project area.

The joint subcommittee with representatives from the SRPG, MRNPC, and the City of Poway are currently reviewing the Precise Plan. Important goals that the City and community have set for this Precise Plan include:

1. Preservation of significant open space;

2. Development of a rural character community;

3. Providing an effective circulation system;

4. Providing facilities concurrent with demand;

5. Sensitive grading;

6. Development of an affordable housing component; and

7. Providing pedestrian, equestrian, and bicycle linkages to surrounding neighborhoods.

There will be a City of San Diego Planning Commission workshop on the Precise Plan on either Thursday, April 13 or 20. Contact Miriam Kirshner at 619- 235-5212 to obtain more information.

The applicants have provided a preliminary project schedule for their approval process. City staff is currently reviewing the Precise Plan and PRDs. The applicants expect to have a Draft EIR prepared for public review in August of this year. They hope to have public hearings with approval by the Planning Commission and City Council by the end of 2000. This project will be discussed at future SRPG meetings. Please plan on attending if you would like more information, or forward your questions or comments to Robert Ilko at [[email protected]].

Miramar Water Filtration Plant

The City of San Diego presented an overview of the planned upgrade to the Miramar Water Filtration Plant on Scripps Lake Drive. The City has determined that the expansion is essential to the City’s water supply. The project will increase the existing plant capacity of 140 million gallons per day (mgd) to 240 mgd. Work on this project will take six to seven years to complete. It ultimately will improve access to the recreational area on Scripps Lake Drive and increase the parking area. The SRPG suggested that the City provide permanent pedestrian and bicycle access to the recreational area from the Red Cedar Drive area.

Monarch at Scripps Ranch (Old K-Mart Site)

The current commercial zoning allows the owners to develop up to 70 percent of the floor area as residential at a density of 29 units per acre. The applicants are proposing to build 60,000 square feet of office space and 266 multi-family units. It appears that because the project does not require a zoning change, it will not require a “discretionary permit,” which requires review and recommendation from the SRPG. We do, however, continue to follow this project, and will provide comments to the City.

Lakeview Park Restrooms

The SRPG voted to recommend use of $90,000 of special park funds for engineering and construction of restroom facilities at Lakeview Park. The Scripps Ranch Landscape Maintenance District will maintain the facilities.