Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG)

The Scripps Ranch Planning Group met March 1; the next meeting is Thursday April 5, at 7 pm in the Scripps Ranch Library. Clint Carney, Field Representative for Councilmember Brian Maienschein reported that the new Scripps Ranch Business Park owners have still not docketed an appeal for the Evans Pond and Meanley Wall historical designation. He also reported that city council voted unanimously to deny Shea’s appeal of the Planning Commission’s decision relating to the Scripps Gateway proposal.

MRNPC Chair Peggy Shirey thanked SRPG for supporting MRNPC’s position on Shea’s proposal. Unfortunately, there is still no news on the traffic signal installation planned for Spring Canyon Road at Scripps Creek Drive.


SRPG 2001-03 board elections were held and congratulations go out to new members Tom Cleary and John Lyons. We also are pleased to have returning on the board for another two years Jim Omsberg, John Gardner, Alan Green, Marvin Miles, Jim Paterniti, Bob Petering, Anita Pryor, Mark Russell, and Alex Segal. Special recognition was given and should continue to be given to retiring members Steve Doyle and Rodney Solenberger for all their time and interest in serving the community.

Although there are no available positions on SRPG, anyone interested in serving on the board in the future must attend at least two meetings and provide a written request of interest. No special skills or training necessary, just a desire to participate. SRPG Executive Board positions will be elected at the meeting on Thursday, April 5.

Chabad Expansion

Alan Green reported that Chabad will make a presentation to the Crown Pointe Homeowners Association in March to begin addressing individual concerns raised by Chabad’s proposed master plan and soon to be submitted Conditional Use Permit. The subcommittee was directed to ensure that any drawings, maps, and renderings are dated and the creator identified to avoid confusion over precedence of versions. This project has and will likely continue to change as the applicant refines the project and the community provides feedback.

Mrs. Chris O’Brien spoke as the Task Force leader for the Crown Pointe HOA and asked about the status of previous unpermitted grading in a site currently shown as an outdoor amphitheater. Mr. Green responded that as-built grading plans have been submitted for city staff evaluation and that the amphitheater was not planned at the time of the initial site grading. Mr. Green also responded that all the temporary classroom “trailers” would be removed after completion of Phase 1 which is the elementary school grades K-6.

Rancho Encantada

SRPG re-affirmed the empowerment of the Rancho Encantada subcommittee to continue monitoring and evaluating the project, as well as to continue participating in the Big 5 Unified Strategy Group, which includes the MRNPC, SRCA, Recreation Council, and SOS Ranch. The applicants are hoping to go before the Planning Commission in mid-May. This project as proposed will have impacts on the community such as traffic, fire-police safety, library, recreation, and aesthetics. The foot-thick EIR produced over two hundred comments from our joint subcommittee and anyone interested in learning more about this project may contact any member of SRPG.

Scripps Pomerado Development

Mr. Kevin Guy, City of San Diego Community Planner for Scripps Ranch, informed the community group that the developers of Scripps Pomerado recently resubmitted plans for residential homes. The proposed 28-home site is on the southeast corner of the Pomerado Road and Spring Canyon intersection. Cal-Sun Development must demonstrate that a commercial development is not feasible at the site; however, city staff cannot ask for a market study. City staff is saying that the proposed project is consistent with our Community Plan; however, there is discretionary review required because of the zoning change and potential significant environmental impacts. The City will issue an assessment letter by the end of March and the joint SRPG-MRNPC subcommittee will review the re-submittal.

School Sites

Linda Scott reported that the school district Prop MM department is preparing plans for the multi-purpose room at Marshall Middle School, apparently separately from consideration of a possible expansion of the school into the Community Park. The school district will attempt to circulate the final EIR for the Middle School relocation.

The school district is still performing alternative site evaluations for the middle school. The sites under consideration are the Davis Ranch, a western part of USIU, the Renzulli property adjacent to Cypress Canyon Park, and the two sites in the Scripps Ranch business park. Notice to the land-owners has been sent out, and appraisals have been made on the different parcels. Expansion of the existing Marshall Middle School into the community park also is being considered, though this option would require replacement of the park land somehow with the community.

SR-67/125 Corridor Study

The SANDAG SR-67/125 corridor study has reduced study alternatives to four alternatives, one of which includes a route through the south side of Scripps Ranch from Miramar Way to Pomerado Road near Spring Canyon. Gordon Boerner volunteered to be the SRPG representative on the SANDAG Technical Advisory Committee and Past Chair Linda Scott will be our alternate representative.

Water Plant Expansion

Habib Hariri and Rob Carty with the City Water Department announced that the open house for the Miramar Water Filtration Plant expansion EIR has been rescheduled to Wednesday, April 18, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at the library. The EIR is expected to be circulated on March 9, starting a 45-day public review period. Construction equipment and workforce staging areas for the project will be on-site. Bob Ilko asked that a pedestrian-only access be evaluated along the eastern edge of the filtration plant that would provide another access point along Scripps Lake Drive to the eastern portion of the public parking lot.

Water Pipeline

San Diego County Water Authority San Vicente pipeline scheduled presentation was postponed and will be heard at the March MRNPC meeting. The San Vicente pipeline is in the design phase and a public hearing will be held at the Rancho Penasquitos Library. The Environmental Impact Report (EIR) goes to the SDCWA board in March. Linda Scott will discuss City staff concerns with the water department and the subcommittee was authorized to review the EIR and testify before the board.

New Airport Idea

SRPG heard an interesting presentation about the Tijuana Rodriguez Field Expansion. Mr. Ralph Nieders with Casey Development provided information on the proposed expansion of Rodriguez Field to include new international service to the United States. The proposed cross-border terminal would cost approximately $60 million and all airport facilities would be south of the border except for a new terminal and parking on the U.S. side.

Mexico, unlike the United States, does not utilize all of its international landing rights in key global destinations, and thus has greater potential to expand than would Lindbergh Field or any other new airport built in San Diego.

It is conceptually possible to extend the existing light rail trolley line from San Ysidro to Rodriguez Field, some 2 miles away. The airport was privatized and the Spanish-government-owned project does need an MOU to receive FAA funding for acquiring the land for the proposed terminal. An MOU will not be signed until after SANDAG and Port Commission finishes their airport study.

Strategic Framework Meeting

The SRPG meeting on Thursday, May 3, is a one-of-a-kind joint meeting with both MRNPC and Mira Mesa Planning Group to host a City of San Diego presentation on the city’s evolving Strategic Framework, the City of Villages concept. Mayor Murphy is scheduled to attend, and this will be a great opportunity for residents to see and hear first hand the direction in which the city is moving for the next 20 years. We are expecting to have approximately 45 to 60 minutes of formal presentation and another 45 to 60 minutes for questions and answers.